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> Essential Tips for the Game, A collection of good game play tips
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post Sep 1 2004, 04:36 PM
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I have moved this over to the new Forums. For your enjoyment.

Again, if you want to add to this, please do so. I am looking for tips that are learned from experiences in the game I.E. Tips that make you say, "I wish I had known that before"

General Game Play Tips:


Use the search function here at the forums. It is not that we do not want to help you, but every question about the game has been asked already and you can find most answers faster than posting and waiting for a reply. The Ultimate Answer Post and the other pinned threads contain a wealth of information.

However, if you can not find your answer, then post and we will be glad to help.

General Game Tips

1. Get a Map.

The in game world map only shows major locations that you have visited or quest givers or Scouts have marked for you. The detailed map will only show doors to places that you have looked at.

In game directions are not good.

An interactive searchable map will help you find the obscure places that you will be sent to.

You can get some from UESP, I recommend the Hi Res version that is about 2.6MB.

Click------------------> UESP(CCNA)

2. Don't steal from merchants. If you steal, say a diamond from a merchant, then any diamond that you try to sell that merchant will be considered stolen. Also, do not steal from the Guilds you want to join or are in. (CCNA)

3. Sell to Creeper items like weapons, armor, booze and potions, scrolls, enchanted clothes and jewelry, bottles, plates, silverware, dwemer coins and the like. And, repair any damaged weapons or armor before you sell it. (CCNA)

4. Don't go on killing sprees, the NPC you eliminate today, will be the one you need tomorrow. Good rule of thumb, only kill those that attack you first or are directed to as a quest. (CCNA)

5. In Tel Fyr, do not kill, harm or attack anyone, even if attacked. You can steal most things in there, but do not harm anyone. (CCNA)

6. Saves, lots and lots of saves. Running through Morrowind on one save is an invitation to frustration. There are many ways to screw things up if you do not pay attention. I have about a dozen different saves along the way for each character. So that if something gets messed up, I can go back a day or two and not have to start over from the beginning. (CCNA)

7. Join some guilds and factions and do some quests. You will get your feet wet and gain experience before tackling the Main Quest. Drop off your papers with the Caius Cosades at first, join the blades so you can get cheap training, but then ignore him for a while. When you feel that you are ready, go back to him and start the Main Quest. (CCNA)

8. If you are holding off on joining a great house, find one location in Morrowind to have as a house. Hlaalu Manor in Balmora is good since you can use the corpse for storage (Don't harm the maid upstairs). The containers in Hlaalu Manor do not respawn so you can put stuff in there and it will be there when you get back. There are other places to hang your hat, but you need one place to put stuff that you find. There are an amazing amount of artifacts, armor and weapons that you will find that someone at some point will ask you for. (CCNA)

9. Read books, some will give you skill boosts, some will provide you valuable information. The more you read, the more you know. (CCNA)

10. Train your skills if you need to. Some skills are useless until they are at level 30 or above. Guilds and factions have certain skill requirements for advancement and it is no crime to buy training to get the skills you need for advancement. (CCNA)

11. Talk to everyone. use bribery or admiration if needed. Ask about latest rumors, little secrets, Morrowind lore, trades and backgrounds. Lots of good information can be uncovered that way. (CCNA)

12. When using benign magic, like recall or intervention or the like, turn away from NPC's as it is easy to select the wrong spell or forget that you have a fire damage spell selected from before. (CCNA)

13. If you are a magic user, eliminate the spells you never use, having a lot of spells its confusing, so just keep the spells you are using... (Andrue_DLT)

14. If you are on the PC version..

Bind weapons/spells/enchantments to the 1-9 keys for quick "in-battle" control.

Bind "Quickload" to F12 or something else far away from the part of the keyboard that you donít use much. You will soon learn the pain of accidentally nudging quickload while doing something important. (felix)

15. While we're re-mapping the keyboard, change the Sneak key to X, so that you use your thumb instead of your little finger to sneak with. It can really help if you are getting repetitive stress pain in your hand from playing the game. (shiva7663)

16. Pick an armor class and stay with it. As you wear the armor and have battles, your skill will go up. Glass Light Armor with a high (>80) Light Armor Skill is sufficient protection to take into any battle, even the boss battles. Heavy armor does offer more ultimate protection, but weighs more, so less looting. Medium is a good compromise between weight and protection. It is all a matter of style, but pick one and stay with it and you will be OK as the game progresses.

What is bad is if you spend the whole game building up one class and then switch to another, you could end up with half the overall protection that you had with your original armor because of the governing skill not being very high.

If you want to have all 3 skills built up at the same time, wear a mixture. (CCNA)

17. A good Sword for a newbie.. but you should have a good Sneak Skill. Go to Balmora. On the northeast Guard tower (the one near Caius Cosades house) and walk upstairs. At the top there is a guard standing Itís on the top of the closet behind him is a sword, its called sword of the white woe. Pretty good for newbies Go behind the guard, donít let him turn around and watch you. and then steal the sword. He shouldnít detect it, but an invisibility potion or Chameleon Potion will help. You can get those at an Alchemist. The same sword is in a guard tower in Suran, under a bed, but it isn't easy to obtain like the one in Balmora (NeverNax)

18. No need for sneak. Go to the closet and look at the sword, so you can take it quickly without hesitating. Look, don't touch. Not yet
Then right in front of that stupid Hlaalu guard steal the cheapest item and RUN downstairs. He'll come after you and you pay the bounty.
Rush upstairs (the guard is kind of slow) and take the Sword of the White Woe. I do this first thing when getting to Balmora.
There is another way some said the guard has a "blind spot" if you are on the bed. Still I wouldn't risk this. And 30 or some GPs for a sword that's 17000 GPs guess it's a fair price (dojo)

19. Some guards that you kill will get you expelled from houses (vezmus)

20. Donít wear Ordinator Armor in Vivec or High Ordinator Armor in Mournhold unless you want a fight every time you are spotted by one (vezmus)

21. Try to play the game cautiously, yet efficiently (not like me) (vezmus)

22. One tip for everyone is to think ahead. For instance, save before you enter an unexplored place or having the right spells to survive a tough encounter. Mysticism is great for reflect/absorb spells and absorb stats to cripple the enemy while making yourself stronger. Invisibility does have its uses, getting away or fist strike plus it's great fro traveling. (moving target)

23. Home made potions weigh considerably less than bought ones and have a larger/longer effect as well. The ones you don't want to use (drain xx potions etc) you can sell for much needed cash. (Noir)

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Game Play Tips Cont.

24. In the beginning... after getting your release papers, but before you leave the first building, in which it says to take the dagger, there's a lot of stuff you can take. Practically everything in that room, and the room down the hall, is take-able without consequences. And it's good to do in order to have some starting money. Buckets, plates, bottles, goblets, knives, forks, paper... take it all. What you can't use, you can sell.

At the very low levels, to get the most money out of your scavenging, you'll want to use this little trick. Choose a merchant and sell, one at a time, items worth 1 or 2 gp each. Don't try to barter. Each time you offer without trying to barter, the merchant's opinion of you goes up one point. You can easily sell a few dozen 1 or 2 gp items, get it up to 100, and then get to selling the real good stuff. Not only will you be offered about 60% of the value, instead of 40% or 50% otherwise, but you can expect to be able to up the offer by between 1 and 3% on top of that, depending on your Mercantile skill. This method takes some time, but it gets you a lot more money for those more valuable items. Unfortunately, merchants seem to have short memories, and it has to be done every time. I use it when I have a lot of fairly valuable items I want to sell. Also useful for selling very valuable items.

Water seems to cause problems for attackers... especially pursuers. In the area of Seyda Neen, you can wade into a bog and pick off stuff if you would be too weak to face otherwise. And I have yet to find an assassin surprising me in my sleep when I have water-walked over to a rock out in the ocean to rest.

Assassins like to sneak up behind you, and they also like to attack along with something else to keep you distracted. You can sleep with your back to a tree or wall to make it easier to see them faster.

There's a lot of interesting things to be found underwater. Dungeon entrances, crates, and other goodies. (RexFelis)

25. If you want to make money faster and sell your stuff for a higher price, then choose an imperials as your race (and take personality as major/ favored skill)

Grab the Merchants Mod, because if you ever sell precious stuff like dwarven weapons or whatever, most merchants can't pay you (in fact only Creeper and the Mudcrab merchant can). So with this mod the merchants will have 10 times more barter-gold Also, there is the Rich Creeper Mod(Asfaloth)

26. When training or building a weapon skill ( long blade, short blade, etc. ) Carry a really bad weapon that does like 2 damage for those lesser monsters. ( cuz you will get more hits in making your skill go up more (MerKaBa)

27. Do not feel that you have to kill Divyth Fyr for Deadric Armour, because not only can you find an entire suit spread out over Morrowind, but you can also use Bound Armour.

Simply get the Soul of a Golden Saint (or any other 400 pt Soul), an Exquisite Piece of Jewelery and all the spells for Bound Armour you can find(I'm not sure if there's one for Pauldrons or Greaves). Then when you have all of that go to an Enchanter and make Constant Effect Bound Armour! It will way nothing where as the real Deadric Armour ways over 300 units and you'll never have to pay for repairs(simply un-equip it then equip it again)! (MerKaBa)

28. For a new player remember you are weak, very very weak. Stay on the road (if you can find it) and stay out of caves. You will run into fewer uber-critters this why. After a few levels you can look around but for the first 5 or 6 levels play is safe till you can get some good armor and weapons. (JL Sheshly)

29. Always try to start out with ranged damage, especially spells. And learn what races are better equipped to deal with what damage (ie don't go casting frost spells on nords)

30. Don't get attacked by more than one fighter at a time, unless you're much stronger than them. Try to use the terrain to your advantage, such as luring them to narrow areas so they have to fight you one on one.

Try to get the general rhythm of the weapons and attacks. Don't just stand in front of them and swing over and over; Move out of range, dart in and attack, strafe around them, maneuver around objects, and don't forget to "charge" up your weapon (hold down attack) before you release, that way you'll do more damage. (Galley)

another thing i found that helped me was that when you are fighting a group, always attack the mage first, they are usually physically weak, and they help out the fighting part of the team a lot if you donít kill them quickly. (DarkElf_OwnsYou)

A lot of people say, when fighting mages, to close in fast and hit them hard; I've had less than great success with this tactic. If you're out in the open, and can dodge left and right easily, then yes, this tactic is good - but, in a narrow corridor, where you're hampered from avoiding their spells, it's not so good; the mage will backpeddle, pelting you as you try to close the distance, and luring you into unexplored territory at the same time. This equals Pain For You.

As much as possible, especially in the early levels, you want to face only one opponent at a time. Stealth and Chameleon are great for ensuring no one but your intended target see you, but barring those, always advance cautiously when in unexplored territory. If you see an enemy ahead and aren't sure if he has help around a corner, use a ranged attack to get his attention and backpeddle yourself; with luck no one else will see you and you can keep your fights one on one. A low magicka spell for getting their attention is suggested; you just need to hurt them a little for them to come after you ^_^

When facing ranged attackers, hide behind whatever cover you can find; the AI in this game is ... predisposed towards wasting ammo and magicka on blasting solid objects between you and them. If you have good speed and jumping ability, you can try closing in what zig-zagging and leaping; until then, be patient and make the bad guys come to you, hopefully after they've exhausted their ranged options.

When using ranged attacks, first-person view helps a lot; if you've been using third-person view for melee and exploring, switch back to first for shooting people. It's a lot easier to aim

And remember - there's always going to be a chance that you'll stumble into a fight you're not powerful enough to survive; keep potions of Recall and scrolls of Interventions handy for quick exits. Later on, you can incorporate Mark and Recall into combat strategy, by setting Mark just outside a dungeon and using Recall to leap out of a three on one fight, to let you heal up and come back in the dungeon to stealthily approach the enemies, and lure them off one by one. (Loranna)

When you cast a spell, say Bound Longsword 60sec, you'll get a get a Daedric Longsword, enchanted with Fortify Longblade skill for one minute. It's weightless so it doesn't load you with heavy weight of a real Daedric Longsword. When the 60sec pass, the sword will disappear. It's good to have some Bound armor and Bound weapon spells, so when you have a challenge, you just cast a spell and have yourself armor with great defense and/or weapon with a great damage, without any weight (Mute)

31. Closing in on mages works better when you have lots of points and some resist magicka ability.

When you have to fight several at once, try to pick your terrain:
- back up to a narrow space where they can't get at you at once.
- summon a monster to fight with you and get behind that monster.

Also consider casting mark and Almsivi, resting up and coming back.

If you have health potions to quaff in mid-battle, drink invisibility too so you won't get hit while a few HP come back.

In Morrowind, you don't have to fight a lot of battles against multiple opponents, be prepared to use a lot of potions on those occasions.

Consider backing your game up a bit; you may be fighting multiple opponents because you approached a bad place TOO SLOWLY. Approach faster and you may get a chance to fight each before the next shows up.

Can you levitate? You may become harder to hit.

Playing on a PC? Consider lowering gme difficulty for one battle. (Pat_RoseInBlume)

32. Upstairs from Creeper in Ghorak Manor, Caldera, is a nearly complete set of Orc Armor. It is easy to steal. Most people go ahead and sell it to Creeper but you can keep all or part it if you wish. (Anais)

33. The Tab key controls your view; tap the Tab key to switch from first-person to third-person, or hold the Tab key down to allow you to pan the camera around your character.

Third-person view, I find, is helpful for dealing with multiple opponents, as it's easier to see where everyone is in third-person view. I also find third to be helpful for Sneaking, again because I can see more clearly where monsters are in relation to me and the surrounding terrain.

Hot keying scrolls of intervention is - usually - fast enough to save you; make sure you choose magic rather than inventory when selecting the hotkey, however ... I made that mistake when I first started out and found that magic items don't do anything magical if you attach the hotkey to the inventory option The quickest effects to take effect are potion effects; these you can use directly from the inventory screen, which effectively pauses the action, and they'll take effect as soon as you leave the inventory screen. Potions can also be used when you're knocked off your feet, paralyzed, or otherwise unable to act; for this reason, I always carry a couple Potions of Recall for absolute emergencies, and they have saved my character's hide more than once.

As for High Elves ... remember, they have weaknesses to many forms of magical attack; High Elves have something of a love/hate relationship with magic, IMO

Well, if you want to use Stealth at all in the future, I'd suggest paying for training to get the skill up to thirty or forty first; at that point, you can train on your own b y sneaking around mudcrabs and scribs, and work your way up to sneaking around actual dangerous people The Amulet of Shadows is also a powerful tool for stealth, I'm told; I have it but rarely use it since by the time I got around to getting it, I had 100 Stealth already and a ring with CE Chameleon, so I can effectively become invisible anyway

Regarding training spells, like the one you mentioned: I've found that using training spells while walking around town doing errands or walking to a quest dungeon/tower to be a useful way to train my magic skills; if you're going to do this, though, I'd suggest making training spells that don't hurt others, so as to not accidentlally commit a crime while in town. I use weakness to shock of 0 magnitude on self for my destruction training; believe it or not it works just as well as any other destruction spell

Bound weapons are good, even for the late game; I fought Dagoth Ur and his Ash Vampires with a Bound Spear and had little complaints. The trader Ra'virr (sp) in Balmora sells some weapons with Bound Weapon effects; you may want to look into his selection. Bound Weapons are also, if I recall, fairly cheap to create through enchantments; when you get far enough along to have a Grand Soul Gem with a Golden Saint or Ascended Sleeper, you can even make items with permanent Bound Weapons or armor, so you can have weightless weapons and armor on hand that will never need repairing (to 'fix' them when their durability runs low, unequip and re-equip the item with the effect, or simply recast the effect if it isn't a Constant Effect item) You still need to provide your own arrows for a bound bow, though (Loranna)

34. The first one is very stupid sounding, but it happens, I did it plenty.
If you are in stealth mode, once the battle has started (assuming you didn't score a critical hit) make sure you get yourself out of stealth mode. It's an easy noobie mistake to make.

If you haven't discovered it, the less stuff you are carrying, the faster you move. So heavy armor, while supplying more protection, is also going to slow you down some meaning you'll potentially get him more.

Find some conjuration charms or belts. I believe on is available early on in the game in the Sedya Neen Store, a conjure scamp belt. Conjured critters are very helpful.

Those are the few things I can think of beyond some of the other great suggestions made earlier. (Ziptoo)

35. If you're in an area where other monsters could potentially see you, then staying in stealth mode while fighting reduces the chances that those other monsters will see you; thus, staying in stealth mode can reduce your chances of getting mobbed.

The drawback is, you can neither run nor jump while in stealth mode, so you're not going to avoid any ranged attacks and you're going to have trouble retreating to get off a healing spell, so if you're getting whomped, you're better off abandoning stealth mode and beating feet. Chances are, in the early game, you'll be more worried about the guy beating on you than the guy waiting around the corner anyway.

Ziptoo's point about encumberance is also very valid; assuming you're going to stick with heavy armor, you can either invest in feather effects or fortify strength effects to counter the weight. Fortify strength is usually considered the better of the two, as it offers more overall benefit; once you start getting high enough level to get Grand Soul Gems and meet Golden Saints, consider enchanting your most-favored armor with CE Fortify Strength, along with other useful effects.

But for the early game ... worry more about building up the Strength stat and all the other tips offered (Loranna)

36. EDIT: Hmm, one extra little tip I can add, I think ... the notorious Ninja Dash and Ninja Leap

To best use this tip, you'll need a high Sneak and some amount of Chameleon active; these requirements make the tip more suitable for intermediate and advanced characters.

For Ninja Dash: While some level of Chameleon is active, enter Sneak Mode and toggle the Run option; you'll be wakling in Sneak Mode despite the Run toggle. Then, let go of the Sneak button and run for a few steps; from my experiments, it will take most enemies at least a second or three to notice you. Every few steps, re-enter Sneak Mode and walk in Sneak Mode for a few steps, then run for a few, and repeat.

Benefits: For times when you need to get through an area quickly but don't wish to fight all the Cliff Racers and Nix Hounds littering the area, or for times when you're trying to sneak up on someone to Critical Hit them, but they're moving away from you as quickly as you're moving in Sneak Mode. The higher your Sneak skill, the lower the amount of Chameleon you need to make this trick effective; at 100 Sneak, I've found 24% Chameleon - the amount a CE enchanted ring can offer - is enough; the tip thus also allows you to get away with less Chameleon to effectively become invisible, freeing up space for other enchantments.

Ninja Leap: Less a tip and more a fun trick; again, with high Sneak and some Chameleon active, run up to a monster until they see you. Once seen, leap towards the monster and hit Sneak while in mid-air; the monster will lose sight of you, and if you timed the leap just right, you can land and immediately do a Critical Hit. Great for Monks and Ninjas who wish to show off their Mad Ninja Skills(Loranna)

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Magic and Enchanting

Essential Spells to Have:

Almsivi Intervention
Divine Intervention
Restore Health
Restore Strength
And before a certain part of the Main Quest
Cure Disease and Blight

Useful, but not necessary, spells to have:

Night Eye
Calm Humanoid
Water Walking
Water Breathing

Of course there are other spells and not everyone in the useful list is required to be successful. It depends on your character and how you play the game. However, no character should explore the Island without the Essential Spells.

Battlemages and Spellswords and the like will certainly have and use more spells

All of these spells can also be found as Enchanted Items, Scrolls and or Potions. So you do not need to cast them from your magicka pool. If your Magicka skills are low, you will have a hard time successfully casting magicka. Once it gets above 30, you will succeed more times than you fail.

Hello my 10 cents is to not carry a lot of enchanted (non ce) items because when you are cycling through you magic it takes for ever (rabid_cat)

2. To summon permanent Creatures.. very easy!!

To permanently summon any creature, first you need to have the summon spell for whichever creature you want to permanently summon, and soul trap. Next, you must find someone who makes spells, and make a spell with:

Summon *Creature* (Any type) on self for 1 second

Soul trap on target for 2 seconds

Now you need to point straight down, and cast. The creature should appear in front of you, and stay and follow you around until you kill it and dispose of it's corpse. This can be used multiple times to summon multiple creatures. Also, unlike ordinary summons, you will be able to collect items from the creature's body. (Never Nax)

3. When enchanting a weapon, use this combination: Cast When Strikes, Spell effect, On Touch.

If you use on Touch, you will get more magnitude of an effect. On Target spells that are cast when strike, are very difficult to trigger for some reason. On touch spells almost always trigger because if you are close enough to hit them, then your weapon is touching them.

And, like a previous tip, get your enchant skill leveled up so you get more uses from a weapon before you have to recharge it. You can do this by trapping souls and recharging the weapon, or buy training. (CCNA)

4. I have taking to making a spell that includes similar effects for "storage purposes", like for instance I group all "weakness to ___"
together with no magnitude or duration to cut 5-6 spells down to one
for enchanting or making other more powerful spells, because who makes a spell thatís only weakness to ____? (unless you want to vampire or something) (Jizumarai)

5. Oh yeah, and another tip which is a tiny bit cheeky and quite boring but works is to make practice spells that only cost 1 magicka to cast and then just cast them over and over. It is very dull but its faster than wandering around the world actually using the spells (Happy Camper)

6. When paying for an Expensive Enchantment always go to an Enchanter that also Barters, and that you've bartered with before. This way all the money that you give him/her for the enchantment will be in their inventory, and you can get it all back from them by selling them expensive items you can not really sell anywhere else anyway; such as, Powerful Soul Gems, and Legendary Items(you may get more then 30,000 Septiums. with this process).

This is also true for Trainers who barter. (MerKaBa)

7. To eliminate spells:

If you are on the PC, hold down the shift button and click on the spell and it will ask you if you want to get rid of it.

If you are on the X-Box, in the magic window, select the spell and press the White Button and you can delete it.

Once you delete a spell, the Spell Merchant that you got it from will have to sell to you again. (CCNA)

8. When Enchanting items with more then one effect always change the order of the effects around every way possible before completing the enchantment; because there is a glitch that changes the number of enchant points used when you switch the order of the effects. So always switch them around to be sure you're getting the most out of your Enchantment (MerKaBa)

9. It is an orderly problem, so you don't have to "switch them around every which way".
When using two effects the first effect is doubled.
It is (A + (A + B) + (A + B + C)....etc.....so just always apply the effects from lowest to highest EP requirement to get the best/cheapest EP combo. RandomThoughts)

10. If into collecting filled soul gems and no reservations about game glitches:
Create multiple (3 or 4 or 5 or whatever) soul trap spells. When wanting to fill a soul gem, cast all the spells on one creature, and kill it before any of them run out.....you will get as many filled gems as soul trap spells you cast.
Cheating indeed, but wonderfully efficient. (RandomThoughts)

11. Get your enchant skill up as quickly as you can, not only can you make better enchantments yourself, but it costs less to have them made. And, most importantly, you can get a lot more uses out of items you find in the game. Enchanted items are great but if you only get 3 uses out of them it's not really worth it is it? When you reach 100 enchant pts you can get about 50 uses out of the same item! (ZeroOne)

12. The soultrap glitch isnít as fun as it sounds (being able to carry 2000+ pounds is nice though) (vezmus)

13. Enchanted items can save lots of magicka; however it can clutter up your inventory screen.

I suggest nameing the items with a prefix to "group" them, say prefix "o." for offensive spells:

"o.Shock 50 target 50 ft"
"o.Fireball 35 touch"
"o.Frostball 100 target"

Then assign a quickkey to the first spells in that list, which would be "o.Fireball 35 touch". Now you can quickly scroll through the offensive spells (with "next spell") and unleash hell on your enemies.

I suggest doing the same with open/close spells. i.e. Door.Open, Door.Lock then assigning first enchantment to another quickey. (felix)

14. When you go to cast mark, make sure you don't select recall by mistake if you have marked before. You will end up where you last cast mark, and you will probably get angry and bang your head on your keyboard or controller. Just be careful. (Tripod)

15. If you are a magic user, eliminate the spells you never use, having a lot of spells its confusing, so just keep the spells you are using. .(Andrue_DLT)

To Delete Spells on the PC version, hold down the Shift Key and select a spell in your list

To Delete a spell on the X-Box, select a spell and press the White Button

You can always re-learn a spell you deleted by going back to the spell maker or teacher you bought it from

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Stealing, Bounty and Mayhem

1. If you get a crime reported its always best if you drop everything but your gold and talk to guard since you never know if you stole the thing or not after a while. (me1369)

2. If you have to steal from a Merchant and the Crime gets reported. Drop the item anywhere, go and pay the bounty, and when you come back, the merchant will forget that you stole from him or her. Unless of course you try and sell the same item back to him. (CCNA)

3. If you're using stolen gear and have come to rely on it (I lost an Orc Cuirass, my pride and joy) check your bounty constantly so you can pay it off at the Thieves Guild without losing the gear. (anais)

4. They don't want you to know this, but items that the guards confiscate are not 'removed from existence'. They are moved to the closest Evidence Chest to the place where you were arrested. All items that guards take will be in one of these. They are located in all the major cities, I don't know exactly where but you can find a list. There's one in the Census and Excise Office, one in Ebonheart (I think) and one in the Fighter's Guild in Sadrith Mora. If you ever leave a confrontation with a guard to find yourself butt naked, waste no time in getting a powerful Chameleon spell, a powerful Open spell (because the chests have high level locks) and go to the nearest Evidence Chest location to reclaim your gear. (Frosted_Gamepad)

5. The Amulet of Shadows gives Chameleon 80% for 60 seconds. Combine this with any decent sneak (over 30) and you can steal the game blind. The amulet can be found along the road from Gnisis to Ald Velothi. There is a woman who asks you to find her ring in a pond. Finding the ring is not necessary, but you can try if you want. If you find it, she and her companion attack you. You can always attack them first. The one you can not see very well and is an Archer has the Amulet of Shadows. He is a Dark Elf, so if you are going to lob spells, use frost, shock or poison. (CCNA)

6. Here's a good tip for increasing Sneak:

Go to a library or bookstore and Sneak around the Guards and other NPC's while picking up books and then placing them back down. This will increase your Sneak skill without forcing you to break the law in any way(as long as you don't accidently steal a book), and you may even pick up a book with a good lesson in another skill (MerKaBa)

7. Ok, sick and possibly psychotic tip, but don't forget to loot the dead. Iíve never bought a weapon in this game, but looted caves and ruins and acquired my sweet weapons. I stole my full glass armor in sneak mode from the Hlaalu vaults in Vivec (without violence). so....loot the dead and steal from the living. if you save often what's the worst thing that could happen? (gokatgo68)

8. Always carry around lock picks. It doesn't have to be master lock picks (though those are preferable for their increased efficiency) Trust me, you get really, really frustrated when you go to open a lock that you really need to open and you find you don't have a lock pick on your person, and you have to go back to the nearest town then walk to where you were again. Seriously frustrating. Another tip is always to carry probes. Very often traps can kill you. Thatís never good. Trust me, its happened to me several times. (Black_Dove)

9. Donít kill someone over money or a nice item. later in the game that item or money will be so trivial, that the thought of taking a life over it will bother you (vezmus)

10. If you just can't help yourself, keep a separate "destruction reigns" save dedicated to bouts of mass murder, glitch experiments, etc.
Another option is to check this list:
It lists every NPC in Morrowind, their location and their significance. (RandomThoughts)

11. If you are a member or the Thieves Guild, when you have a bounty, the Guild will remove it for half price, and you keep your stolen loot. See, the Thieves guild is good for something, you get this service at any rank. (CCNA)

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Duplicate Sorry

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Storage and Houses

No Containers in the game that you can put things in are programmed to respawn.

1. Another good tip is if you kill someone and don't take all their possessions, at least leave them lying on the floor next to the body. I've had it happen a few times where something seemed insignificant so I didn't take it(sanguine items, someone's locket) and then needed them later on. Because I didn't loot the body, the items disappeared when the body decomposed. (jkaulback)

2. Tips that i used before i got stronghold was to use the house in first town Sedya den (i think the name is) You will find a dead body and you have to investigate that when you find where the murderer lives you can store your items and sleep there. (KalDurenik)

3. My favorite place to use as a base is the little side room in the AldíRuhn mages guild which has quite a bit of storage, you have to get past some traps to get in at first (Happy Camper)

4. Because corpses can hold unlimited items, you can use them for temporary storage when looting a dungeon. Transfer all of the items that you wish to loot to one of the corpses. When you have transferred everything you want to take, "Take All" from the corpse (which will probably over encumber you) and cast an intervention or recall spell to reach civilization.

If you want to further exercise your mysticism when doing this. cast "Mark" next to the corpse and "Recall" to it when you have collected a lot of loot from another part of the dungeon. Transfer the loot to the corpse and go to another part of the dungeon to collect more loot. Use an intervention spell to reach civilization. This technique will also allow you to return to the dungeon (because of the Mark) and continue your travels from there.

Remember that corpses persist for only three days, so don't try to spread this procedure out over time. (Athelstan)

5. When storing items in a house or you can use containers. It is much better to set your items down on shelves, tables, on top of boxes, and the floor. Most crates do not re-spawn, but it's best to avoid using them for the more important items just in case.

When exploring, all items that are tagged as unique, or uniquely named, should either be left where they are or kept safe when you pick them up. Chances are these items are related to a misc. quest or even the MQ in some situations, and you don't want to lose or sell them off just in case you find you do need them later on. Store them somewhere safe. (Anghardel67)

6. When you start getting lots of armour and weapons and potions etc try selling it to one group of traders in one place, this way you can always come back to it and buy it back if you need it later on, for example because you want to collect, or because it was quite useful after all. This also really pays off when you come to do a quest only to realize you sold the stuff you need to someone and cant remember where. The ones I use for this are:

Ra'vir: Balmora 600 gold isnít bad as he buys all illegal substances and has a replenishing supply of arrows

Smith: Balmora 1500 gold means he can buy almost anything of you at early levels when you have nothing any good, and for more expensive goods you just buy stuff back

Bookseller: Balmora 1200 gold i think but useful to sell all the books you collect and notes etc as many quest involve them (i.e. package for Casius)

Alchemist: Balmora 3000 (I think) gold she is the only person you should ever sell alchemy things to especially as she has the most money for an alchemist and a replenishing supply of exclusive restore potions

Clothes seller: Balmora 800 gold not really necessary I just use her for continuity

by using all these people in one easy to get too town it is now paying dividends as i am starting collections and its become easy to find the stuff i want

edit: nearly forgot make sure all the stuff you sell weapon and armour wise is always fully repaired and charged if enchanted that way it will stack and take up less room in the merchants inventory, and if you repair yourself (advised) it will help improve your armorer skill which believe me is invaluable even if it is a misc. skill (deadulus)

7. I find it useful to have an "operational base", when first starting out on a new game I used the cave just outside Seyda Neen to store excess gear. I cast MARK there and if I end up over encumbered or am in deep "mire" just Recall to my place of safety where I can heal dump any excess loot, and then go off to continue with the rampage! As long as you have given Fargoth his ring back then trading with Arille is reasonably lucrative, plus you are increasing your mercantile skills. Whereas trading with Mudcrab or Creeper gets you money but doesnít help your skills as they just offer the full price, no real scope to barter there. (swordsman5)

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Exploring and Quests

1. When exploring a new dungeon, cast MARK outside the door, draw a weapon, enter the dungeon and use invisibility if you got it. This makes it possible to get that perfect "first strike" opportunity - take them out one by one(!). Use RECALL to get out if needed (Almsivi/Divine is more PITA than Recall) So, wander around first with invisibility and check that it is safe to knock the enemy out. Attack, then cast invisibility again and go for the next one. Grab the loot and exit (recall)

2. When you put the mark spell at entrance, you can use Divine or Almsivi Intervention zap back to a fort or temple and drop off your loot when you are over-encumbered. Then you can recall back to the cave or area if there is more loot or places nearby to dungeon dive. (felix)

3. If you want to move a lot of loot back to a town to sell it, Just pick up all the loot and teleport (recall or one of the interventions). You might not be able to walk, but teleportation still works. Then you can drop your stuff and sell it piece by piece. (Ratwar)

4. If you think someone gave you a quest, make sure it appears in the journal. Several times I have thought I had a quest only to get somewhere and realize I didn't go far enough into the dialogue to trigger the quest. Check your journal! (quaan)

5. Escort Missions

Escort missions are a pain, and there are quite a few that you have to do.

The AI of the NPC's is dumb, they fall into the water a lot, they get stuck in between rocks and trees, they go the wrong way sometimes, bridges just confuse the heck out of them. Plus, the ones you have to escort are slow and, and can die quickly if attacked by a critter.

It helps when escorting to walk, if you run, you will generally lose them. Also, look behind you from time to time to see if they are close behind you, if not wait for them to catch up. If you have to go through a door, wait until they get close to you and stop walking, save before you activate the door as they sometimes dissapear, and then go through the door.

Take advantage of fast travel services like boats, gondolas and silt riders. I have heard, but never tried that the Mage Guild can transport companions. This will save a bunch of slow walking. Remember to save before you travel.

In fact, as you travel across the land with your escort, make sure they have caught up with you and save frequently while escorting. This is so you can reload if something goes wrong. (CCNA)

6. If there's an enemy coming, tell the person your escorting to wait where they are, so they won't get hurt. (Happy Camper)

7. Escorting a brainless NPC is pretty frustrating. The following spells can help you: Chameleon, if the enemy can not see you, then they will not attack you or the one you are escorting. You could also do Chameleon on Touch and make them harder to see, in case you do get into a fight.
If enemies are in close proximity I give them a touch of chameleon (100%) and enemies will not attack (right away).
Levitation and/or waterbreathing and/or swiftswim on touch.
If a brainless NPC gets stuck, of even before it gets stuck. (Claudio)

8. In addition to that; make sure you have a "cure companion" and a Restore Health on Touch spell, it really helps to be able to patch up your escort after he's been beaten up again by yet another mouse...(Sprankerl)

9. Get your mysticism skill up!!! The amount of times iv been over encumbered in sum barren stretch of Morrowind or Mournhold desperate 2 b back home in Balmora I have been so happy to look in my spell list and see either Divine or Almsivi intervention or my trusty recall!!!!!

my mark is always on top of an adamantium claymore at the outer wall of balmora!! (Neo_The_One)

10. NPC's who give guests, can sometimes be stationed at very difficult to reach places, like a labyrinth, or a tower (like Wolverine Hall, or the Grand Council Chambers in Ebonheart). How many times I forgot where they where. So I bought (and stole) a lot of tavern lamps. And once in a while I dropped a lamp when searching my ways. When the correct line was made, the next time I just followed the light. (Claudio)

11. When looting a cave with a good amount of loot there's almost always too much to carry out in one load, even if you have Maxed Out and Fortified Strength. In order to get everything out without having to pick and choose (or make multiple trips) simply grab as much as you can and drop it in a pile somewhere in the cave; then repeat this process again and again until you have everything in the cave in one neat pile, then simply pick it all up and Recall. Needless to say beforehand you should cast a Mark Spell right in front of your Favorite Merchant (which, if you're like me, is probably in your house), but even if you just use an Intervention Spell it's better then leaving everything in some cavern you may never go to again. (MerKaBa)

One thing I do when starting out, is to get enough cash from looting the Census and Excise Warehouse, then go to Ariell's Tradehouse and buy the Jack of Trades Spell, it fortifies your Luck, and gives you access to all the other fortify attributes spells thru enchanting and spellmaking (RedGaurd Slayer)

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Saves Ignore at your own Risk!!!

1. Playing this game off of one save is an invitation to disaster. You may make a mistake, kill the wrong NPC, or make the wrong choice. Also, saves can and do get corrupted and glitches will occur. Sometimes, the only way to get around a glitch is to reload an earlier save. (CCNA)

What I do is have a save for just off the boat. Then one for each Milestone in the Main Quest. Then I will have a save for each faction I join when I join it and then another one for finishing that faction. Then, I keep a daily and weekly save as I am playing. While I am playing, I use the Quicksave function. You can always delete the extra saves when you are done with a Character, or the Main Quest or a bunch of factions. (CCNA)

2. I maintain nine "running saves" xxx01 through xxx09 and , thus, always have eight plus the one I'm writing over - and STILL got in trouble 'cause a problem was not evident until I had recycled all nine saves.
So it's a good idea to keep some semi-permanent saves - like at decision points/events - so you don't have to go back to square one due to a bad decision or a bug of some kind.
I did not want to do Tribunal over due to a glitch half way through Bloodmoon.
red strider (red_strider)

3. I do the same thing but with locations instead of numbers (Balmora, Caldera, Vivec, etc.) and use a more general one (cave, dwemer, daedric) for ruins, mines, tombs etc. Then when I end up back at a location, I save over the old game. Quicksave often helps with random crashes too. (raheli)

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Training and Leveling

There are 3 categories of skills in the game. Major, Minor and Miscellaneous

Major Skills have a starting level of 30, and build up the fastest with use or practice.

Minor Skills have a starting point of 15, and build up slower than the Major Skills with use or practice.

Misc Skills have a starting point of 5 and build up the slowest with use or practice.

Each Race has a bonus for certain skills and those bonuses are added to the initial skill level.

All skills build up one point for each Training Session you purchase. You can only train a skill up to the level of the Governing Attribute for that skill. For example, if your Strength is 60, you can only train your Longblade up to 60. You can use Longblade and kill enemies and critters and increase it above your Strength Attribute.

Major and Minor Skills are the only ones that count towards character Leveling. For Each 10 skill increases in these categories, you get one Level for your character. At each level up, you can apply Attribute Multipliers to increase your Attributes. Increase in any skill categories count towards your Attribute Multipliers. The Attribute Multipliers are applied at a 2 to 1 ratio. Increase Longblade 10 skill points, you get a Attribute Multiplier of 5 for Strength.

Building Up Speechcraft

If you are successful in Admiring/Intimidating/Taunting/Bribing, then it goes up. Depending on whether it is a Major or Minor or Misc Skill depends on how fast. Check the status towards skill increase, then go and get a couple of successful Persuasions and see how much it increases Then you can figure it out how many times you need to Persuade someone for a skill increase.

Admire, they have the same disposition towards you later on.

Intimidating, they will like you until the next time they talk to you, then the disposition drops about 50%

Bribe, ironically, the success is determined in part by your Mercantile, if successful, builds up Speechcraft

Taunt, well, if you are successful enough times, take out your weapon. If you are having problems Taunting, because the initial Disposition is low, then bribe them a few times. This will raise it and you can Taunt them again. You get the money back after they attack.

Things to help are having a good Reputation and or a good Personality. If either are not up to snuff, and you feel like getting into a fight, go to Dagon Fell, Sorkvilds Tower and have a chat with Sorkvild. After you are done, you can take the Mask of Clavicus Vile which boosts your Personality 30 points, Constant Effect.

The cheapest early training is your friend Caius Cosades, Skink in Tree Shades in the Sadrith Mora Mages Guild (Wolverine Hall) is the Master Trainer for Speechcraft. (CCNA)

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Hints for beginners:Starting out Tips

1. Before leaving for Balmora, cross the bridge out of Seyda Neen and turn left, walk along the path between the ponds and pick some mushrooms (4 kinds, on ground and on tree trunks. These will be needed for the first Mages Guild quest. You can raise a few Drakes by selling the rest. While you are doing this, you will hear a blood-curding scream and a body will fall from the sky nearby. Dispose of the body and you will be in posession of a decent weapon (for that level) and some things you can sell in Balmora.
2. During the first few levels, gather as many potion ingredients as you can and sell them to the alchemists at the Mages Guilds. You can buy them back later when you start making your own potions and donít have time to go searching for ingredients. (Keep a few to try out on yourself as you progress.)
The ingredients I find most useful are: Wickwheat, Saltrice, Comberries, Corkbulb, Marshmerrow, Willow Anther, Scamp skin, Racer plumes, Trama root, Emeralds, Diamonds, Bittergreen leaves, Stoneflower petals, Dreugh wax.
The most useful potions (for me): Restore Health, Restore Magicka, Restore Strength, (restore anything, but the first three are essential at the beginning) Invisibility, Water Walking, Levitate, Water Breathing, Nighteye, Cure Paralyzation, Fortify Health, Fortify Strength, Fortify Magicka, Fortify Willpower, and the other Fortifies. For the first ten or so levels, youíll need some Resist and Cure various diseases.
3. The safest way to do the Ghost Gate pilgrimage is to leave a Mark spell at Ald Ruhn, Fort Buckmoth, or Ghost Gate, (Ald Ruhn is the most convenient) then do the Vivec Temple Shrine pilgrimage. This will give you many hours of Levitate. Recall yourself to the Mark point, and Levitate over to Ghost Gate, with a soulgem. Go through the gate to the shrine which is located the first turn to the right. Once you have finished, levitate safely back to the gate, or Recall again to your Mark point. (Ayita)

Ok, this is a guide to getting, lords mail, fists of randagulf, left and right,helm of oreyn bearclaw, eleidons ward, and goldbrand... the easy way.

Ok, start out in vivec, then go to jobasha's rare books, and get bothia's (sp?) glory. Next, go to ebonheart and use the secret tunnel in the water, which is northwest of the tip of the castle ebonheart. To get to the guy with lords mail, head down the path and kill him.

After, go to hla oad, and go to the shrine of bothia, which is east of the shrine to the north. The statue is in the water, talk to the head, the body won't listen. And then go to the orc sculpturer in caldera, ghorak manor, and give him 2000 godl and the book, bothia's glory.

Then go to dagon fell, and go to the shrine place that has the statue guy who gives u the helm of oreyn bearclaw, the shrine is on the south-eastern tip of the island of the sanctus shrine. Then go south and follow the coast west until u get to the other shrine just past the urshilaku (sp?) camp and head southwest to get to ibar-dad. Next read elante's notes and find out where to get eleidons ward, get it then go to gnarr mok.

Go south of town and u will find two dead bull netches and 3 guys. Kill favyn oreyn or whoever he is with his guards (the 3 guys), and make sure u mark gnaar mok. Next, go to the shrine again and get the helm, then recall to gnaar mok, and go in illinubi, which is north, and go get the fists of randagulf,which is right past the blackend heart section. Then come out and wait until the sculptor is done with the staue across from the lake at kartag point. Then get goldbrand from the statue. There. (iwasavampireonce)

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Slaves and Slave Locations, both ones you can free and ones you can not. Once you free 30 Slaves, talk to a recently freed slave about the topic "Go Free". You will get the Twin Lamps password and you can then do some work for Ilmeni Dren in Vivec (Vivec, St. Delyn Canal South-One). Also, Jobasha will give you some skill books.

If you use a Command Humanoid Spell (only needs to be Level 3 or so) you can lead slaves to a location that you have a key for.

Here's a list (INCLUDES KEY LOCATIONS) that someone here on the forums compiled a while back, but I can't recall who. All credit goes to the original author!


Dahleena, Kiseena, Gilm, Inorra, Khazura, Neesha
in the two huts of the Caldera Mining Company and in the Mine southwest of Caldera; the key to their bracers is at the top of the Mining Guard Tower. Freeing Dahleena is part of a quest for the House Redoran

Ra'Sava, Adharanji, Heedul, Oleen-Gei, Ah-Meesei
in Kudanat, a cave west of Caldera, near the road leading from Caldera to Hla Oad; their key is on a table in the room opposite to them

Ahaht, Milah, Weer, Ahndahra, Ahdri, Harassa
in Yakanalit, a cave on the small island northeast of Bal Fell; the key is on a table in the last room of the cave

On-Wazei, Wusha, Am-Ra, J'Jarsha, Kaasha, Ahdni
in Sinsibadon, a cave on the island of Mzahnch, east of Ald Sotha, at the west coast of the island; the key is in possession of Borug gro-Lazgarn

Ahjara, Meen-Sa, Beekatan, Jeed-Ei, S'Raverr, Shaba
in the Bandits Hideout of Minabi, a cave at the Azura Coast north of Mzahnch; the key is in possession of Chrelm

Eleedal-Lei, Ahnarra, Seen-Rei, Dan-Ru, Dro'Zah, J'Dato
in the Abebaal Eggmine, on the large island northwest of Tel Branora; the key is in a locked chest in the chamber of the Kwama Queen; freeing Eleedal-Lei automatically frees the other slaves, too; this is part of a quest from the House Telvanni

Anjari, Ahnisa, Bahdrahsi, Muz-Ra, Haran
in Zainsipilu, a cave in the bittercoast region, southeast of Hla-Oad, about half way to Seyda Neen; there are two keys, one is lieing on a table, the other in possession of Snadir

Ahzini, Neetinei, Arabhi, Hides-His-Foot, Gah Julan
on the Dren-Plantation, east of Pelagiad; there are three keys, one in possession of Frinnius Posuceius, one on Hlevala Madavel, the third in the storehouse. Freeing Hides-His-Foot is part of the quest for the Twin Lamps

Kisimba, Aina, Olank-Neeus, Ri'Dumiwa
in Habinbaes, a cave west of Dagon Fel at the coast; the key is in possession of Matuk gro-Magrish

Akish, Huzei, Bun-Teemeeta, Ri'Darsha, Ra'Karim, Ra'Mhirr
in Assarnud, a cave east of Gnisis; the key is in possession of Bazgulub gro-Ulfish

Wuleen-Shei, Kishni, Aravi, Bahdahna
in Aharunartus, on a small isle west of Seyda Neen; the key is lieing on a chest

Olink-Nur, Bunish, Bhusari, Ashidasha
in Shushan, a cave just south of Uviriths Grave; the key is in possession of Evilu Indrano

Idhassi, Kisisa, M'Shan, Ma'Khar, J'Raksa, Chiwish, Tanan, Nam-La, Nakuma, Wih-Eius, Asum
in the Arena of Rotheran, the Dunmer Stronghold south of Dagon Fel; the key is in possession of Irvsie Othran

Okaw, Banalz, Baadargo
in Addamasartus, a cave just northeast of Seyda Neen; one key is lieing on a box, the other in possession of Tanisie Verethi

Gish, Nuralg, Chalureel, Ma'Zahn, Zahraji
in Zebabi, a cave in Molag Amur, east of the Erabenimsun Camp; the key is in possession of Draryn Andrano

Cheesh-Meeus, Tasha, J'Ram-Dar, Heir-Zish
in Hinnabi, a cave on the island southwest of Mzahnch; the key is in possession of Tels Girano

Dahnara, S'Vandra, Shivani, Nisaba, S'Renji, Meer, Son S'tas, Smart-Snake, Reemukeeus
in the Dome and in the Underground of Hlormaren, the Dunmer Stronghold west of Balmora and north of Hla-Oad; one key is in possession of Arkming the Flayer in the underground, another in a locked chest at the lowest level of the stronghold, and another in a locked chest in the dome

Tsajadhi, Deesh-Meeus, Ma'Jidarr, Meeh-Mei
in Shushishi, a cave east of Caldera; one key is in possession of Halof, another lieing on a rock among some armor

Dro'Qanar, Inerri, Wud-Neeus, Mim-Jeen, El-Lurasha
in the canals of the Telvanni Canton in Vivec; the key is in possession of Eldrar Fathyron

Ula, Tsabhi, Ekapi
in Panat, a cave north of Pelagiad; one key is in possession of Dravil Omavel, the other lieing on a chair

Eutei, Peeradeeh, J'Zamha, Ubibanta Illarridairud, Ubaasi
in Saturan, a cave in Molag Amur, east of Suran; the key is in possession of Jolgier. You visit Saturan in one of the quests for the Fighters Guild

Gih-Ja, Jeer-Maht, Han-Tulm, Tsani, Sholani, Ri'Vassa
in Sha-Adnius, a cave northwest of Maar Gan, at the east side of the Foyada Bami-Dad, west of the dwemer ruine Bthungthumz; the key is lieing on a bench

Other slaves that can be freed :
ē Hlormareen, two in the top dome, key is in a chest in the dome.
There are also about 7 slaves in the basement in addition to the two in the roof top hut.

ē Rotheran, quite a number of them in the Arena, if doing Imperial Cult quests you may want to leave them alone until given a mission to go there. If you free a non slave person, you can mess the quest up.

There are also other slaves that can't be freed but may talk about the Twin Lamps:

Khamuzi, High-Heart, Abanji, Tern-Feather, Stream-Murk, Breech-Star
in Molag-Mar, opposite the temple

Kal-Ma, Kasa, Affri, J'Kara, Ma'Dara, Shatalg
on the Arvel Plantation northeast of Pelagiad

Ahdahni, Reesa, S'Rava, Inee, J'Jazha, Wanam-Dum
Sadrith Mora, Gateway Inn

Ereel-Lei, Milos, Qa'Dar
at the slave market in Sadrith Mora

Cattles in the Vampire Clans caves

Ri'Zaadha, Morning-Clouds, Grey-Throat, Twice-Bitten, Unjara, Tsalani
at the Ules Plantation, west of Suran

at Sterdecans Court, northwest of Suran

Yakov, Seewul, Tim-Jush, Jeelus-Tei
at the slave market in Suran

in Deseles House of Earthly Delights in Suran

in the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart

in Theranas Chamber at the tower of Tel Branora. You can use him to put on Therana's Skirt, a quest of the House Telvanni

in the Tradinghouse Madach in Gnisis

in the tavern The Lizard's Head in the Telvanni Canton in Vivec

Various Quest-related Slaves that it may be possible to free:

Menelras, Llaals Ores, Jadier Mannick, Davina, Ciralinde, Manilian Scerius
in the Underground in Tel Aruhn. Llaals Ores is the slave you can buy from Savile Imayn to work in your mine at the Hlaalu Stronghold (you can free the rest if you buy them first!)

Falura Llervu, S'Bakha
at the slave market in Tel Aruhn. Falura is the bride you escort to Ashkan Kaushad in the Zainab Camp to be called Nerevarine

in Fettis Hideout in Hla-Oad. You can escort her to the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart as one possible outcome of a quest given by the slave owner standing next to her

in Molag Amur, standing outside northwest of the Erabenimsun Camp. You can escort him back to his home in the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart

standing outside the daedric ruine Ashalmawia east of Ald Velothi. Escorting him is part of a quest for the Twin Lamps

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Okay, you did say we could add any tips if we wanted...

Join the Mages' Guild and go to Ald'Rhun. Speak to Edwinna and do the quests she gives you (they're all fairly easy quests, even for low-level characters.) Do all the quests up to and including the one where she asks you to return a book she asked you to steal from the woman in the Vivec Mages' Guild in a previous quest. When you complete this quest she will give you an Amulet of Divine Intervention and an Amulet of Almsivi Intervention as a reward - and, voila! Trouble-free, practically everlasting teleportation opportunities that allow you to hop between Imperial Chapels AND Tribunal Temples, thereby freeing up your Mark and Recall spells for those really hard-to-reach venues.

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