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Partial Update September 17, 2006

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This list is by Reffa, maintained at Mythic Mods until his return. This an update of his Mage Mods 8/2004 List.
You should probably read Aragon's Mage Strategy Guide as well as Mods for a Pure Mage and Umrahel's FAQs / Magics. Please carefully review these Cautions if you are new to mod use or using this list for the first time.


  • Races and Classes
  • Races
    • The Aedronicon by GBT3E and also at the Summit
      A playable race of magick user elves called 'Aedrons'. They are poor at handling weapons and are very weak from the ages spent in Oblivion but their magick capabilities far surpass any of the mer on Nirn. Play as an Aedron to rid Morrowind of the heretics or be mercilessly hunted by them. This mod adds new weapons, spells, magic wands, quests, races, dungeons, KingsGrynn Abbey and four new cities. Walkthrough available. 7.04 MB. Requires Tribunal.
    • Drow Race 1.7 for Better Bodies 2.0 by Shadowtek/Dreamweaver and also at the author's forums
      A stunning adaptation of D&D's Drow Race for Better Bodies v2.0. Includes both males and females. You can also get Drow Race 1.7 for BB Alternate Male Textures and at ShadowTek's forum.
    • Drow Race 1.7 for SB 1.0 by Shadowtek/Dreamweaver
      A Smoother Bodies version of the Drow Race.
    • Drow Heads Addon by kalikut
      An add-on for the Drow Race mod by Shadowtek, providing two new male faces, two new male hairs, six new female faces & eight new female hairs.
    • The Eltmer 1.9 by Aragon
      The Eltmer, or Elder Elves, are a new race of Elves for Morrowind, especially good for playing mages or diplomats. They are about as strong as the other races and are closely related to the High Elves. The Eltmer live in close harmony with nature and have an inborn bond with the mystical forces of the earth.
    • Jo'Rakht by Sabregirl, also at the Summit
      This is race of Khajiit-Dunmer hybrids. They are a complete Khajiit re-skin - not just a re-color.
    • Keynari Fox by Sabregirl, also at the Summit
      A fox type race specializing in magicka. As with all of Sabregirl's custom races, the Keynari have been balanced using the 310/45 Rule.
    • Pharlan Race Mod by Sabregirl, also at the Summit
      A winged race that gets a massive magicka bonus. Totally balanced and totally gorgeous.
    • Phoenix Doppelganger 1.3 by Bryss Phoenix
      Adds a class - Xineohp, a birthsign - Phoenix Gipht and the Phoenix Doppelganger race. With the magical ability to change their shape, they practice this at the Transaltillus Shops. Intended to work with but does not require Scripted Spells by Cortex ,  Transaltillus Beast Shop  and Transaltillus Common Shop.
    • Ra'Kath Panther Khajiit by Evil Panther Productions
      The initial inspiration/influence for this new panther race was the Drow from D&D. These panthers are part of an offshoot Khajiit bloodline, branded by the Tamriel Gods for an ancient transgression, and living in exile from their clansmen.
    • White Senche Tiger Khajiits 1.21 Full by Kieve
      Adds White Senche-Raht Tiger Khajiits as a playable race. Seven choices of heads and hair, silver/white or black variants on some hair choices and with vampire heads included. 2.34 MB complete.
    • Unas Elves Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 by SATAN_OF_PDS
      Adds a playable race - evil-looking blue-grey horned elves with Better Body 2.1 seamless meshes and now with demon wings. Complete with birthsign, three classes, racial power and abilities and two unique racial based spells. You need all three parts of the final release.
    • 3 New Races by Red D. Fiercare
      Adds the following three races to Morrowind:
      Wizard: Wizened mages, Wizards make the ultimate spellcaster. Male is Breton and Female is Dark Elf (note- faces are only of the old Breton/Dark Elfs)
      Imp: Devilish little pranksters, these creatures are high in speed and personality, making them ideal theives and assassins. NOTE: Only 80% normal height of a wood elf.
      Brute: Brutes are 115% the normal size of a Nord, and can deal serious damage. However, they aren't very smart... or quick...
    • Azurian Race (underwear) by Misty Moon
      Azurian's is the ancient Breton warrior race from the god Azura, Azurian's is also called "The children of Azura". They are taller then the normal "Breton race" and female is a bit taller than the male's, female's have also some higher base skills attributes. Azurian is a mage and warrior race. Known for its skills in both spell and weapon combats, they are also very good enchanters.
    • Arimer @ Planet Elder Scrolls by Lady Rae, or ElricM
      The Arimer, or Sky Elves, are the descendants of the few Chimer Azura did not curse and turn into Dunmer. Instead they received her blessing and used their newfound magical gifts to ascend to the sky, building small towns and cities where have lived ever since, looking down on the other races of Tamriel. But alas, for as they looked down upon men and mer in the literal sense of the term, they began to look down upon them in the other connotation of the phrase as well. They began to think of themselves as being superior to all others, including the Altmer, and believed their kingdom in the sky to be testament to this.
      Alteration and Illusion come naturally to them, as walking upon clouds and keeping themselves hidden from the "less worthy" races is something their people have done for generations. Light on their feet, they shy away from armor when they can, but employ the lightest means of protection when they must. Staff and stave are their friends, though the more fierce among them have been known to employ a short blade when need be.
      Sort of like guardian angels with a superiority complex.
    • Elemental Magic by Lady Rae
      A race of magicians who have delved too closely to the elements and have had their bodies permanently marked by them.
    • Nahilmer Race Mod by Gilan Nerano
      I created this race for myself and decided to share it online. It addresses the shortage of suitable Morrowind races for mage characters. Altmer weaknesses may be too great for some players, and Bretons may not be powerful enough for others. The Nahilmer are meant to fill the gap between these two races. Nahilmer are best suited to be magic users, as their base stats make them poor warriors. They are fairly good rogues.
    • Melnibonean Race Mod Version 2 - BB Edition by Elric_Melnibone
      This Mod will add a new playable race from the proud and ancient people of Melnibone. This race and it's inhabitants are based on the fiction of Michael Moorcock and his "Elric of Melnibone" series. 8 new characters are added, 3 male and 5 female. This is the Better Bodies version. Note that you do NOT need Better Bodies installed in order to use this mod, nor will this mod conflict with any version of the Better Bodies plugin. The Melniboneans are a warlike people and very skilled in the black arts as their use of magicka is well regarded. Thus, the race has skill bonuses not only for combat but for heavy (dark) magick as well.
    • Rakasta Race by Brian Bommarito
      Adds a race which mimics the Rakasta from D&D. I took the Khajiit, and boosted their strength, as well as magic, making them excellent for battlemage, as well as for a good old fashioned warrior.
    • Night Elf by Gray Area
      Feeling that high and dark elves were a bit of a disappointment, I created this race. Night elves are fairly powerful; are quite resistant to magic; receive an additional 1.0x magica multiplier and have a constant 10% chameleon as well as 20pt night eye. These strengths come at a price, however. Being nocturnal creatures, night elves are very sensitive to light, taking 1pt of damage per second while exposed to the sun. For survival, they rely on their mastery of illusion and luck.
    • The Nausmer @ Planet Elder Scrolls by Lord Nausea, or ElricM
      This will add a new playable race to Morrowind, the Nausmer. They make very bad fighters, but excellent mages. This is a balanced race according to the 310/45 rule. I used the skins from the High Elves for them, but they are a bit taller. Their major abilities are destruction, conjuration and alteration.
    • Daemon Races by Oriphier
      This mod introduce three races of "Daemons":
      -Halephel:"Fangs of the earth", Fearless and strong warrior with huge wings
      -Baalithiel:"dancing spirits of the moon", Lords of the way of magic
      -Valacath: "spawns of the serpents" they are silent predators, clever and wicked
      This is still the Beta version and include only the Races with their stats, power and abilities.
    • Akula Elf by Tony Walliczek
      The creation of Akula a Mad God, long forgotten the War Elves of Tamriel are an attempt to mix the high and dark elf races into one super soldier. Large and strong, masters of magic and warfare, the War Elf served as the elite trooper in Akula’s war on the outer realms. A very few who survived the vicious battles among the Gods were summoned to Tamriel through some unknown sorcery by Zurin Arctus to aid in the conquests of the Empire against the High Elves.
    • Tree Wizards by Shoggy
      Adds a new playable race of druids, derived from the existing Bosmer race. Includes a new birthsign and an assortment of rather unbalancing racial abilities.
  • Classes
    • The observers by Widigo
      This is a rather small mod that adds The Observer as a class and Birthsign. Adds three observers all holding Observer staffs made of either ebony or silver. There is now Observer apparatus where the master apparatus was in the caldera mages guild, better than Secret master. Observers are good with staffs and most magic they have good intelligence and personality.
    • 29 Custom Class by Anebrd
      This gives 29 custom classes.
    • Ultimate Class Pack by Tom
      Half mage- Half restorative, half destructive mage.
      Luck mage- A mage that uses alteration and enchant, along with a volley of sneaky skills.
      Summoner- A mage who summons monsters and illusions. This class' rule over creatures makes it a great spokeperson.
    • Enchanter by SinisterDeath
      It adds a new class to morrowind the "Enchanter" based off of the everquest enchanter class. It also adds "class specific spells" and a new birth sign.
    • Stabbey's Classes by Stabbey_the_Clown
      Adds the following classes: Crusader Mage, Staff Mage, Failed Wizard, Necromancer (as well as Magickal Marksman, Spy, Sniper, Tracker and Archaeologist.)
    • Cerpher's Classes by Cerpher
      Adds eight classes including Chemist and Oracle.
    • The Birthsigns by Tolga
      Adds three new Birthsigns:
      The Summoner - Summon almost every creature, including centurion spheres.
      The Crusher - Damage enemy's attributes, acrobatics and athletics skills.
      The Healer - Heal every disease, even corprus.
  • Quests and Factions
  • New Quests and Factions
    • Wizards' Islands - Scourge of the Frost Bringer
      by Wizards' Alliance
      Ged, The Frost Bringer, created the "Great Chill" and is draining the living energy left on the island. In order to survive, The Drakens built a city of 3 pyramids and artificialy created their own natural habitat within. Only the town of Wintervale and the three Draken Pyramids resisted to his will, with the protection of the Naz soldiers and the Draken's mages. Stroke hard by Ged, the Goblins have been hiding from the Frost Bringer under their castle ruins and created a new kingdom as their home.
      Ged is now in control of a Cult of Followers and, with the help of the Lich Grymward, is slowly gathering an army of evil. Dark days awaits the town of Wintervale. Should you help defend Wintervale or join the Cult of Ged and lead the attack?
      The choice is yours.
      Wizards’ Islands - Scourge of the Frost Bringer Readme
      Wizards’ Islands - Scourge of the Frost Bringer Official Website
      Wizards' Islands Patch 1.05
      Wizards Islands FPS fix
      Wizards' Islands Permafrost Armor Upgrade
      Wizards' Islands and BE compatibility (with Balmora Expansion)
    • Amulet of Scrye by Ivza
      It adds an amulet and a new spell. The otherworld is closer than you would think. The dead are calling for you - and you can hear their call with the amulet. To see and talk with them, you need to cast the spell.
    • Cult of the Clouds by MWoody
      Unhappy with the somewhat anticlimactic rewards of the Mages Guild? Tired of the snobbish Telvanni mages? Try the Cult of the Clouds, a faction that focuses on truly powerful magery. So powerful, in fact, that members of the guild have been known to gain control over the weather.
    • Daedric Sorcery 1.2 @ Planet Elder Scrolls by Edwardsmd, or ElricM
      This mod centers around a group trying to rediscover how to summon the lords of oblivion. You can join in the search to discover how. Be aware, each has their own agenda, and want to be the last one standing at the end. Different quest paths built in, so can be played several times for a slightly different result.
    • Lichcraft 2.03 by VenomByte
      Allows you to play as a Lich, a physically draining and irreversible process. A forgotten book in the Secret Library of Vivec leads the player to a series of tasks which must be completed in order to perform The Ritual Of Becoming. Lich features include: - level-based bonuses to magicka related skills and attributes, create your own spells of almost unlimited power, a new way to create your own enchantments, retreat to your phylactery when mortally wounded and disguise your true form to interact with the world as normal. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
    • The Illuminated Order by Charles Devito and LDones or @ Planet Elder Scrolls
      Adventure into unknown depths, and plunge into the greatest mysteries of Vvardenfell with the Illuminated Order! Join a paranoid and secretive sect of the most mysterious and skilled researchers & adventurers in all of Tamriel. See amazing sights! Combat against impossible odds! Seek out and utilize strange and powerful artifacts, unlike anything seen before! And at the end of it all, have the opportunity to become a powerful lich!
    • Kwerner Complex 1.03 by Stabbey_the_Clown, also at the Summit
      A large, eight level dungeon - with a deceptively confusing maze and many new and powerful artifacts for the taking, including a special Mage item at the end. A level seven character, well-equipped with supplies, is the minimum recommended. Go to Moonmoth Legion Fort, where there is an NPC on the road who will give you directions. Requires Tribunal.
    • Oluhan 1.13 by Patrograd
      Adds a joinable faction, a new secret city, a different companion, some 150 new NPCs and forty quests, with a quest series dedicated to mages. Lower level characters can complete the early ones but will require a higher level to complete later missions. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
    • Doom Door by Oldie
      What is the secret behind the mysterious Doom Door and who is the equally mysterious Telvanni Mage so intimately connected with it? Meant for Level 20, or higher, characters, this mod will take you on an adventure to a new Drow City on Vvardenfell and through dungeons, mystical islands and a full-scale "military style" battle in which the magnificient Moon Armour appears. Not for the faint-at-heart, although brawn alone will not be sufficient to succeed. Brains and lock-picking skills (up to level 50) are also essential.
    • Moon Sugar Enhancement by Nickels
      As I delved into Morrowind's underworld, I noticed something was missing, something big. Sure, there is some moon sugar and skooma lying around, but these are hardly worthy of being called narcotics. Skooma gives you a small boost, but not much more than a fairly priced liqour, and you can't even eat Moon Sugar to get a buzz, you have mix it into a potion. Wheres the junkie's option? What I've done in this mod is make the morrowind drugs a little more druggy. Dealing skooma is now a business as well as a way to drain your coffer. There are drug dealers, who sell Skooma (which has been modified), Moon sugar (for potions) and refined moon sugar, which you can eat to get a buzz. If you have the right connections, you can buy Moon sugar in bulk, which you can sell to dealers to make alot of money if you have decent mercantile skills.
    • Cult of the Talosec by Martini60
      The Omnicron, a oddity from times gone passed has been revered throughout the ages for its ability to summon into existence undead warriors to fight for the holder. The last known holders of the Omnicron were the Cult of the Talosec, who carried the artifact to the abandoned dwemer ruin of Munzflek. News of this artifact has reached the Mournhold Museum, who have despatched the scholar Grolath to study the ruin and recruit someone strong or mad enough to brave Talosec.
    • Devil's Rock for Vivec's Soul by Illtempered
      Azura has struck a secret deal with the Mages Guild. They are fortifying an ancient stronghold last used by Almalexia's forces after they drove back the invaders. The stronghold is locked with a powerful enchantment by Azura. You must kill Lord Vivec and trap his soul, after aquiring Azura's Star. Vivec's soul is your housekey. Resist the temptation to use it to enchant something right away. There are other doors deep within the mountain that have the same enchantment on them, and are meant to be opened only by the holder of Vivec's soul. If you must use it to enchant something, alternate ways in and out will develop. If you're dark, villainous, vampire is just a wandering vagabond, or if you're just an adventurer who wants to find a secret(~_-) way in and see the Throne of the Fang, visit the Ferryman outside of the Shrine of Azura. The stronghold is fortified with warriors from the Mages Guild.
      Note: There is also a patch.
    • Legends of Ydumea by Banana
      This is an epic quest mod, featuring new locations and characters and plenty of fighting to be done!
      STORYLINE: An evil Necromancer (does are some good ones?) are trying to summon Grand Skeleton from beyond, but Necromancer by mistake summons You. To return back and to help settlers you must, with locals, defeat the Necromancer. This plugin is designed for mid level characters (starting at about level 10 and more). To start the quest, go to Vivec, Foreign Quarter Upper Waistworks, find DaMo room and agree with DM.
    • Mysterious Wizard by Adam Hatch
      The Mysterious Wizard Plug-In gives you a little quest that starts by talking to a man in the Balmora Mages Guild named Aram Eldran. From there you should be able to figure it out. It is recommended that you be a decent level.
    • Shattered Gem by The Jiub Team
      This mod consists of a series of quests from multiple questgivers, which all start with the mysterious death of a local hunter and the finding of an odd flesh sample. Various people try to help you on your quest to find out what this means for the locals, and for the world. The events starting to get bigger than you bargained for, and slowly suck you into the dark realms of a strange race, which has never seen the daylight before...Until now.
    • Masser and Magnus Cult by Raul Endymion
      - 2 small factions, with no quests.
      - A script with the effect of regenerating or destroying your magicka if you stand still for about 10 seconds (time dependant on your rank in the faction) .
  • Mage Guild
    • Alchemy Workroom by GUILDmaster
      Adds an alchemy workroom for the player at Balmora, Mages Guild. For all you Alchemists out there.
    • Sadrith Mora Mages Guild Expanded by Master Sam
      This mod expandeds the Tiny Sadrith Mora Mages Guild, adding 3 rooms: Library and Alchemy, Transport and Enchanter and a bedroom. There is also a big bed for the player.
    • Dungeon Mages 1.0 by TrevorDemented
      Go to the Balmora Guild of Mages and find Elodie Meric and Alusananah in Caldera's Mages Guild. They are travel mages that gives you the choice of going to 6 dungeons that were generated by Genmod. The dungeons are set for levels 1-50.
    • Ald Indoril by Ottar
      Ald Indoril is a new quarter of Mournhold which features branches of the Mage's, the Figher's and the Thieve's Guild - each with some new quests. There's also the Brotherhood of Indoril, a cultish faction which has some secret to explore, and a lot of other freelance stuff which can be done in Mournhold and on Vvardenfell.
    • Havish by JOG
      An Island with a new city west of Vvardenfell with - despite an engaging mainquest - a lot of new quests for the stock Fighter's and Mage's Guilds (which count for advancement) as well as a brand new Thieves Guild which is independent from its counterpart on Vvardenfell.
    • Vivec Guild of Mages Room by Denina
      The dining room in the Vivec Guild of Mages room was useless and I found it a waste of space. So, I gave it a make-over with plenty of storage, a place to work on alchemy or enchantments or whatever and in close proximity to fast transportation.
    • Mournhold Mage's Guild Services by Ben
      This plugin adds Mage Guild Teleportation services to the Magic Shop in Mournhold's Great Bazaar. It's very simple, but it adds a lot of functionality for those of us that are still playing the story in Morrowind, but wish to play in Mournhold as well. I am not fond of using several recalls, jumping through Vivec, to Ebonheart, and then to Mournhold.
    • Mournhold Mage's Guild by Setiror & Dale Cooper
      The Mage's Guild has finally got permission to set up a guild hall in Mournhold. But...there's a slight problem. Look for a bunch of desperate, forlorn wizards in Godsreach, they'll fill you in on the rest. There's some combat involved, intended for players at level 20+. Once the guild's all set up, you can take full advantage of its services, including a guild guide. A warning, though. The mages there are very tempermental. Must have been the trip over. To play this mod, you must have completed the SUMMONER'S QUEST that involves Velas manor in Godsreach.
    • Mages' Guild Fixes by Nymeria
      The first one fixes an error in Sadrith Mora Mages Guild, where the potions’ chest was not assigned to Tusamircil, the alchemist, but to another character. It also adds a Supply Chest to the Caldera Mages’ Guild.
    • Platina the Enchanter by Platina
      This adds an enchanter called Platina just outside the mages guild in Caldera.
    • Sadrith Mora Enchanter by Denina
      There is a new enchanter in the Sadrith Mora Guild of Mages. She sells various enchanted items made to make the adventurer's life easier. Most items are constant effect, a couple are not. They include fortify speed, fortify personality/speechcraft, night eye, levitate, opening, feather, and water walking and water breathing.
    • Balmora Guild Door by Night Storm
      This plugin adds door between Balmora's Fighters Guild and Mages Guild.
    • Mage-Thieves by Levdir
      This miniscule mod allows mages skilled with the arts of Alteration and Illusion to join (and continue advancing in) the Thieve's Guild, as these schools emulate what thieves do daily admirably.
    • Guild Guide Quest by Beolach
      This plugin adds a quest that, when complete, awards the player with the ability to cast a Guild Guide spell, to teleport to any of the 5 Mages Guilds.
  • Telvanni
    • Theurgist by NarkyBark
      A crazy old Telvanni Theurgist has left the House, and now lives as a hermit among his summoned creations. Although a bit of a loon, he has mastery over the elements and is willing to pass on his knowledge and gear to someone who will do his bidding.
    • Master Aryon Fix by Robin
      This plugin fixes a scripting bug in a quest given by Master Aryon in House Telvanni. Quest is: "Master Aryon asked me to help Milyn Faram who is being attacked by Hlaalu in Odirniran. I should find Milyn Faram first to find out how many Hlaalu there are". At the end of the quest, Milyn Faram is supposed to give you some scrolls but never does. This patch fixes that.
    • Rise of House Telvanni by Pozzo, bugfixes by Karpik777
      This mod adds quests for the Telvanni Archmagister, allowing him/her to gain more political power and strengthen the House. It also gives some lore about the Telvanni and a chance to reclaim some ancient Telvanni artifacts.
    • Telvanni Magister Fix by Robin Lee Powell
      There is a fairly severe and easy to hit bug that makes it impossible to finish the Telvanni quest tree. If you are a Telvanni Wizard and you have not yet recruited a Mouth, you've hit this bug. There is no path from there that allows you to complete the Telvanni quest tree to Archmagister. You can also know you've hit it if you are a Master and you were never asked if you wanted to be a Magister.
    • God 2.0s Telvanni quest-fix by God 2.0
      This plugin fixes an issue with a Telvanni quest where you have to help Milyn Faram in the tower Odirniran against Hlaalu Assailants. This is the only content in this plug. If you dont care about that quest, or if that quest by some reason works properly, then you wont need this plug. This plugin will not change anything in the Hlaalu-version of the quest.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Big Mod 2 by xereau
      To make Morrowind more re-playable, by presenting sweeping customization options to the player via Ability, Power, Spell, and Item rewards in quests, and creature/NPC loot.
      Note: Big Mod is a... big mod! Also a Leveler. More informations here.
    • Wakim's Game Improvements by Wakim
      This is a compilation of tweaks which have been posted by Wakim on the forums, in mod format for easier use. These tweaks tend to make Flee AI actually work, balance gameplay, spells, characters, almost everything.
      Note: Modifies a lot of things. Also in Leveler.
    • Rank Advancement Revamped by Mrpig3
      This mod makes advancing in the ranks in your faction much more difficult so you actually have to go out and gain a level or two in between ranks. The factions it changes are The Fighter's Guild....Mage's Guild....Thieves' Guild, and the 3 major houses.
    • Service Requirements @ Planet Elder Scrolls by Vanhikes, or ElricM TES Nexus
      I didn't like how gaining rank in a faction was meaningless and that people who were not members of a faction could obtain the same services as a member. Now your rank and membership affect what services you can use. For example, now you have to be a journeyman to use the teleportation service from the mages guild. You now have to be a member of a guild in order to obtain its services, with the exception of the lowest level members of the three Great Houses and the Temple.
    • Hardcore Factions by Darkflame
      This plugin will make it more difficult to join factions and especially hard to rise through them to the top. Players will no longer be able to join and head every faction (without alot of training and practice) and instead will gravitate toward the faction(s) that reflect the skills they started out with. Not all factions have the same standards. For instance, the temple (while still a bit more difficult to join) is the easiest faction to join and progress through, except for the the topmost position (patriarch). The Fighters guild is difficult to join, but easier to progress through. The mages guild is very strict with their standards, The three houses have similar standards, etc.
    • Propylons 1.1 by Cdcooley, or TES Nexus
      A replacement for the official Master Index Plugin. I grew tired of the linear quest structure of the official Master Index plugin. I also disliked the idea that the propylon network was rendered worthless until you had found all of the index stones and then suddenly you could go anywhere.
    • Guildmaster Bonus mod by Moobler
      This plugin adds special abilities/items to the game that are given to the player when (s)he becomes the leader of a faction.
  • Gameplay
  • Leveler and Tweaks
    • Galsiah's Character Development 1.08 (GCD) by Galsiah
      Modifies the leveling system to focus on a character's strengths. For a pure mage, that means a serious boost in magicka at the expense of a substantial drop in HP. It keeps a balance but gives you a chance to actually play as a pure mage without weapons. 209.06 Kb.
    • The Madd Leveler by Madd_Mugsy
      How many times have you started a new game of Morrowind, only to think to yourself, "Oh crap, I have to build up my skill X to go along with my skill Y so I can get a 5x multiplier for Stat Z." If you're like us and hate planning this stuff out and just want to play the darn game already, this mod is for you. What the Madd Leveler mod does is strip out any need to plan your character out in advance. Your statistics will increase automatically as you use your skills, and you won't need to worry about trying to obtain 5x multipliers for leveling up.
    • Levelling by Balor
      Everybody knows that Morrowind characters capable of, with surprisingly little effort, become demigods of unsurpassed power. Many things done to fix that, and here is an other one - an alternative leveling system. Now you gain max of x2 multiplier on stat per level (if you trained apropriate skills x10 ), below that - only 1. However, each time you train skills under appropriate stat for 3 points, you'll get that stat increased. (like armorer 1 pt, long blade 2 pt - 1 point of Str). Next, you will eventually forget things over time...
    • Big Mod 2 by xereau
      To make Morrowind more re-playable, by presenting sweeping customization options to the player via Ability, Power, Spell, and Item rewards in quests, and creature/NPC loot.
      Note: Big Mod is a... big mod! Also in Factions Tweaks - Miscellaneous. More informations here.
    • Big Mod 2 - GCD Patch by DWS
    • Wakim's Game Improvements by Wakim
      This is a compilation of tweaks which have been posted by Wakim on the forums, in mod format for easier use. These tweaks tend to make Flee AI actually work, balance gameplay, spells, characters, almost everything.
      Note: Modifies a lot of things. Also in Factions Tweaks - Miscellaneous.
  • Magicka Modifications
    • Dynamic Magicka Regeneration 2.0 by Duncan
      This plugin adds a global script to the game which dynamically regenerates the player's magicka. It does this by using the player's intelligence, willpower, restoration skill, mysticism skill, maximum magicka, magicka ratio, fatigue ratio, and health ratio.
    • Dynamic Magicka Regeneration 2.1 Greevar's update to Duncan's mod
      The regen script was edited to add a leveled bonus to the regeneration rate so that higher level characters regenerate faster. 7.71 Kb.
    • Adjustable Magicka Regen by GlassBoy
      This is a restructure of Fair Magicka Regen, this one eats less cpu time than the original.
      This Mod is different as is it calculates your maximum magicka to determine what 1% of your magicka is, and willpower is used as a fraction of that 1% to determine how much magicka you regenerate per second, so at 100 willpower, no matter what, you will regen your magicka completely in 100 secs from 0 magicka, if 50 willpower, you will regen in 200 secs, and so on.
    • Aprogas' Magicka Regenerate by Jasper Jongmans
      A magicka regenerate script. Formula used is: mag/s = wil / 100 - 0.5 - meaning you will regenerate from nothing at a willpower below 50 up to 0.5 per second at a willpower of 100. Turn on/off with StartScript/StopScript MagickaRegenerate.
    • Leveled Magicka by hessi9
      Adds 4% more Magicka per level-up.
    • Improved Skilled Magicka by PirateLord
      This is my version of a mod that improves you magic skills based on the cost of the spell you cast. It's designed to work fully with GCD. You still get the bonus for the per click spell casting but it does mean that those more difficult to raise skills (such as Conjuration) are no longer such an effort when compared to Destruction.
    • Magicka Based Skill Progression by HotFusion
      This mod changes the way experience is gained for the six spellcasting skills. Experience is now based on the amount of magicka used, not on the number of castings made.
    • Magicka Based Spell Advancement by Azrael
      This mod attempts to change the way spell-based skill progression happens in Morrowind. The default game simply updates a counter every time you successfully cast a spell, and then gives that count a weight based upon the skill level (as well as a few global multipliers). As the level increases, the weight assigned to the count decreases. When a spell is cast by the player, the mod calculates how much magicka the spell actually used. It uses a formula based on the player's skill level in the appropriate magical school to determine how many magicka points must be burned to level the skill up and calculates how many progress points Morrowind expects to level the skill up. It converts the magicka points burned by the spell to a percentage of the number of magicka necessary to level the skill up, and then converts that to a percentage of the points Morrowind expects to level the skill. It then applies that number to the progress bar, completely transparent to the player.
      Note: requires MWE
    • Mana Cost by Eldar
      This plug-in reintroduces the magic system of Daggerfall: The higher your skills the cheaper the cost of the spell. This plug-in does NOT allow the player to cast a spell that costs more than current magicka. It simply gives some mana back to player.. So if your mana is 300 you can't cast a spell that cost 303. But you can cast a spell that (usually) cost 260 and lose only 26 mana points.
    • Magicka Regenerate by Aragon
      This mod slowly regenerates your magicka. It regenerates 1 point of magicka in 1 to 10 seconds, based on your current willpower and intelligence. The regeneration is so slow that it won't help you inside a dungeon but it is very convenient when walking around the country side. Personally, I find it more natural to regenerate magicka slowly than to carry around tens of restore magicka potions that instantly restore your magicka. Of course, magicka regeneration won't work for characters affected by stunted magicka (i.e. the Atronach birth sign).
    • Spell cast reduction by Aragon
      This mod reduces the casting cost of a spell based on your skill level in the corresponding magic school (destruction, mysticism, etc). It basically allows you to develop your mage more satisfactory at higher levels. Although spell costs will not be lower in the spell menu, they will cost less when they are cast. However, if you don't have enough magicka in the first place to cast the spell with its original cost, you won't be able to cast the spell even at the reduced cost. The magicka cost of a spell is linearly reduced up to 50% of its original cost (with a minimum of 1 magicka point). Reduction only starts from a skill level in the appropriate school of magic of at least 20.
    • Spellcasting Mod by Horatio
      Reduces spellcasting cost based on your skill in the relevant casting school (destruction, alteration, etc). The spell costs won't appear any lower in the magic menu, but you'll notice that they start costing a lot less to cast as your skill increases.
    • Mana Regen by Fukuro
      This little mod regenerates Mana according to Willpower.
    • Regional Mana by Wildman
      Regions of wilderness have their own mana properties. in areas of high mana, you will have increased magicka but also increased weakness to it. In areas of lower mana you will have more difficulty casting spells but are more resistant to magicka. Towns and interiors are normal mana.
  • Spell Modifications
    • EBJ Spell Organizer by MovingTarget
      Ever get in a pinch and can't remember what that one spell you so desperately need to use is even called? Now, all you need is to know what kind of spell you want. Each standard spell is preceeded with the initial letter of it's college to group them together. *Note*: This does not organize custom spells or spells added by other mods but it is still extremely useful.
    • Extended Spell Effects by Talonhoff
      Modifies most of the offensive spells to make them last longer at a reduced amount of damage; all Poison, Frost, Fire, Electrical, and many Drain spells have this new effect in place with different effect times and damage modifiers resulting in end damage results that are the same as the original spells.
    • Magic Mastery 2.7 by CoolDemon
      Permits players focused on magic to become much stronger characters by allowing them to cast more powerful spells and with less mana. 36.9 Kb.
    • Fists Of Fire by Argent
      This mod adds 'Cast-On-Strike' spell damage to Hand-To-Hand combat. It is a spell based mod but emphasis is given to hand-to-hand fighting, not spellcasting. The spells involved do not have high magicka drains and, once learned, will always succeed when cast. You can learn these spells from the monk in the Balmora Fighters Guild. who also offers a sparring service. After winning a certain amount of rounds with the monk trainer, you will be rewarded with 'magical' items and new abilities.
    • Tejón's Collected Spell Effects by tejón
      This is a simple convenience mod for anyone who is tired of running all over Vvardenfell buying spells just so their effects can be used in Spellmaking or Enchantment. It adds a set of 17 spells which together contain every effect which can be purchased in the base game.
    • Melee Missiles 1.2 by Scruggs
      This allows you to combine magical and melee attacks on the fly, without ever entering magic mode. With this mod, you are finally able to create true projectile enchantments spells that can be launched directly from your weapon by simply pointing and shooting.
      Any weapon that appears in the original game and has a Cast-When-Strikes enchantment will now make use of the new features. Additionally, several weapons that had Cast-When-Used Target enchantments have been altered to Cast-When-Strikes. Finally, any weapon which you enchant yourself with these effects will also use the new features.
      NOTE: require MWSE
    • Alt Melee Missiles 1.0 by Cdcooley, or TES
      Alternative implementation of the wonderful ideas in the original Melee Missiles mod. Now you can simply swing a staff to use it's cast-on-strike enchantment to cast fireballs, frost blasts, lightning bolts, and other targeted enchantements of your own creation. (If you aren't afraid of running and external program try Melee Missiles 1.2 above.)
    • Dodging Mod by Horatio, LDones & WDog
      This mod adds a sanctuary ability to the character based on their unarmored skill. The maximum sanctuary you can get is 50 - at 100 unarmored. Unarmored must be at least twice as high as any of your other armor skills in order to work. So no running around in Daedric while reaping the sanctuary bonus.
    • Dodge by Aragon
      The dodge mod is for wizards, monks, thieves, and Conan-style fighters. It tries to balance the unarmored skill against the armored skills. The maximal armor rating of unarmored is pretty low and you have less enchantment slots than with armor in place. The only advantage is that you don't have to carry that much equipment. To balance this situation, this mod adds a dodge (i.e. sanctuary) bonus between 0 and 50, based on you unarmored skill. Your ability to dodge is penalized though by the amount of armor you are wearing, where heavy armor hinders more than light armor.
    • Dodge Mod 1.11 by Tonto
      This mod offers a solution to the unarmored skill bug, adding a sanctuary ability to the character based on their unarmored skill. The maximum sancutary you can get is 50 pts at 100 unarmored.
      NOTE: require MWE
    • Armor Effects 2.1
      This mod, like Dodge Mod 1.11, corrects the Unarmored skill bug by providing a Sanctuary Bonus. For an extra touch of realism, wearing restrictive, bulky Medium or Heavy Armors will now bring a cumulative Sneak Penalty. Heavy will also cause a slight Agility Penalty. Going in Light Armor or Unarmored should now be more attractive prospects, particularly for thieves. If the Agility Penalty seems too unattractive, a non-Agility-altering version of the plug-in is also included.
      NOTE: require MWE
    • Spell Target Speed Mod by Fredrik Edberg
      This plugin modifies the speed of targeted spells to slightly above that of an arrow. This makes it much more interesting for mages casting spells and also when you battle enemy mages, since it is ridiculously easy to evade spells with the default value.
    • Kirel's Illegal Summoning by Kirel
      On the Xbox splashscreens we're warned not to summon creatures in towns, lest we be attacked by the guards - apparently they've relaxed their standards since then, seeing as how you can stroll through vivec with a squad of skeletons, a bunch of bonelords or a dremora/daedroth dynamic duo and no-one will bat an eyelid. No longer! Now guards will confront you if you have any summoned creatures and demand a 1000g fine - paying it or not is up to you...
    • Specialized Casters by Mephisto
      Rumours go powerfull mages have found a way to drain energy from either pure light or pure darkness. Unfortunately, increasing your inner magical will leave you vulnerable during the other half of the day.
  • New Magicks
    • Transaltillus Beast Shop by Bryss Phoenix and Fliggerty and Transaltillus Common Shop
      Immersive mods providing the ability to change the appearance of face and hair, gender and race through Transaltillus magicka, combination of Alteration, Illusion and Restoration. Requires Better Bodies.
  • Alchemy
  • Herbalism
    • Herbalism by Balor
      Now, you don?t have to open each flower, see if you haven?t "opened" it later, take what?s inside, and close it... to open it again some time later, when you forgot which one is which :). Now, when you hit activate key, all reagents inside plant go to your inventory at once, and the plant itself disappears... to respawn in a month. However, if you are neither alchemist nor have any connection to herbs (magic-user, argonian, breton, high or wood elf...), you won?t be able even to pick one up due to lack of knowledge to do so.
      Your ability to pick up herbs depend on: Your herbalism skill (Duh) - it start off like any misc skill - at 5 points, and goes up pretty fast every time you collect a herb... Your alchemy score/2 - after all, alchemists supposed to know how to collect and process reagents... but since its not their true specialty, even perfect alchemist, while quite capable in skillfully collecting herbs, not an expert in it.
      So, you need to have at least 10 modified Herbalism score to collect herbs, that mean ether having 10 alchemy (5+ 10/2 = 10), or finding a book about herbalism (its not so expensive to buy and quite easy to find). After that, you'll have about 50% chance to successully collect a herb... So I recommend you to go out to Bitter cost and collect mushrooms - they are of no real use anyway, and if you'll spoil some, its OK. While you collect, you'll reseive normal skillup messages, and the higher your skill of herbalism will grow, the more chance of collecting reagents, and when it'll grow high enough, you will always success, and even get a chance of collecting double and even triple of normal "loot". Nice, heh? Don’t expect it early, though (you may have 60 alchemy, 70 herbalism and still 30% chance of collecting triples. You'll get doubles pretty often, however).
    • Herbalism for Purists by Syclonix
      Like previous herbalism mods, Herbalism for Purists makes Morrowind more immersive by letting you pick up plants instead of "opening" them as containers. These plants will also grow back after a month ready to be harvested again. So what makes this mod different from other herbalism mods?
      This is a mod made for purists, by a purist. HFP does not change the way Bethesda intended you to play the game thus keeping the game balanced. Unlike other herbalism mods, your chances at gathering ingredients from a plant are the same as they are in the regular game. Lastly, this mod makes incorporates two essential mods, 'Flora Glow' by Nigedo & Max_aka_NOBODY and 'Bloated Morrowind' by MagicNakor. Flora Glow makes Morrowind visually appealing by illuminating some plants that should normally glow like Luminus Russula. And Bloated Morrowind corrects a mistake Bethesda made in forgetting to include Bloat Spores in the game (They were included but never implemented).
      You can adjust the rate at which flora regenerate after being harvested through the variable 'syc_HFP_daystoregen'(defaulted to 30 days). To change this activate the console in game by hitting the '~' key and type in 'set syc_HFP_daystoregen to [number of days]'
    • Herbalism Lite by Shakeidasr
      Tired of having to "open" plants and drag their contents into your inventory? This plugin automatically transfers any ingredients into your inventory instantly and painlessly. It's kinda like Balor's Herbalism mod, but without all the superfluous stuff involving moon phases and disappearing plants and such.
      Automates the collection of alchemy ingredients from plants (even kwama egg sacks and kollops!). The ingredients will be added to your inventory automatically, so you won't have to open up the plant and drag its contents into your inventory. Things go much faster now! Also, you can only pick a plant once a month. If you try to pick it twice in the same month (or if the plant is just empty), you'll see a message saying "You find nothing of value."
      Technically speaking, you aren't actually taking ingredients out of the plants. (Non-techies and non-curious folks should probably skip the next couple paragraphs.) The ingredients remain in the plants and are never taken out, since you can't open them. Instead, each time you click on a plant, the computer picks a random number. Depending on what the number is, you'll get varying amounts of ingredients from the plant (or none, if the random draw determines that the plant should be empty). It's set up so that you will recieve, on average, 160 ingredients for every 100 plants you pick. There are two exceptions: Slough Ferns, which will give you an average of 270 ingredients per 100 picks; and Kollops, which will give you about 50 pearls per 100 picks. This was done to match the chances a little closer to those in the original game.
    • Herbalism Redux 1.12a by Mode_Locrian
      I created this mod for my own personal use, but then I figured that I would release it, in case anyone else might want to use it. There are already several "herbalism" mods out there, but I couldn't find one that does exactly what I want. Balor's massive mod is great, but it can cause some slowdowns with all of its global scripting machinery. On the other hand, various "herbalism lite" mods that I've encountered don't seem to do enough. This mod represents a balance between these two extremes; it is the sort of herbalism mod that I want to use when I play.
      This mod was made completely from scratch. While I used the basic idea of Balor's herbalism mod as a starting point, the code is entirely orginal. This mod adds a script to every "harvestable" plant in Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon. When you click on the plant, its contents will automatically be transferred to your inventory, provided you are successful in harvesting it (you have an 80% chance of success). The amount of reagents that you can harvest is random, and was determined by close investigation of the plant models. Thus, you can harvest a lot of berries from a comberry plant, because the model has a lot of berries on it. Once you have clicked on the plant, it will be disabled and reappear after a month. This mod uses only local scripts which are well optimized, so there is little to no performance hit.
      You can turn on an option to have a message box pop up when you harvest a plant to tell you how many reagents you've harvested. This option is off by default. To turn it on, open the console (~ key) and type: "set ML_H_message to 1" (without the quotes). I recommend using the messages, because it was a lot of extra work to get them to sound good for all of the plants. :D
    • Advanced Herbalism by Andoreth
      1.) In the tradition of all of the "Herbalism" mods, plant containers have been changed so that they are no longer "opened", like a chest. Instead, when you activate a plant, its ingredients (if any) are placed directly into your inventory. Then, the plant is deactivated (and disappears) until it is ready to be picked again.
      2.) There is now a new skill called "Herbalism". This skill determines the player's ability to successfully pick plants and retrieve ingredients. At first, there is a good chance that plants will be harmed when you try to harvest them and provide no ingredients. After training and practicing in Herbalism for a while, not only will harvesting be more successful, but the plants themselves will become more productive. The player will have a chance to gain double or triple ingredients from a plant.
      3.) There is a chance to find seeds in plants when you pick them. These seeds can be planted anywhere, and they will grow new plants that can then be harvested for ingredients (and occasionally new seeds). With a little patience, anyone can grow anything from a beautiful garden to a profitable plantation.
      Changes I have made to the Herbalism concept:
      1.) I have fleshed out Herbalism as a fully implemented skill that should grow through-out a large portion of the player's game. There is a reason that I have chosen to call this mod Advanced Herbalism, in that it will take a more work to become an expert Herbalist. The Herbalism skill is now designed to more closely match the misc. skills already in the game.
      1.a) Specific changes to harvesting:
      Alchemy skill no longer has a bearing on harvesting success. - Harvesting success now starts much smaller (10% at level 5), but grows at a smoother rate over a longer period of time. - Double and Triple harvests cannot appear at the smaller Herbalism levels. - Herbalism skill no longer increases if the player fails at a harvest. - When a plant is picked, it takes 30 days for it to grow back. This means that you cannot wait until the last day of the month, harvest a large area, and find all of the plants back the next day.
      1.b) New Training Opportunities:
      There are now several Herbalism trainers on the Vvardenfell main island. Testers: One can be found near the Lighthouse in Seyda Neen. - These trainers each have the dialog topic "Herbalism Training". Choose it for a simulated training session that simulates the normal training in the game. The price for training is influenced by the player's skill and the NPC's disposition towards the player, just like normal training. Two hours pass used when training. - There is now a small series of skill building books that have been added to the leveled lists and a few direct places in the game. One of these books is the Vvardenfell Almanac (available from Arille's Tradehouse), which gives information on the phases of the moons and daily advice.
      2) Changes to the seeds:
      Seeds are now alchemical agents in their own right and can be used in making potions! They have a smaller number of properties than their parent plants. This sometimes makes the seed a bit less useful, but often makes them much more so, since there is a smaller chance for bad potion side-effects. - Seeds are now sometimes available from venders and containers. Not good enough to find seeds in the wild? Buy them! ;) - Seeds are not 100% effective. The better your herbalism skill is, the higher the chance that a plant will grow. - Seeds are not instantaneous. It takes about 2 weeks (actually 15 days) for a planted seed to grow into a plant. Still amazingly fast, but a bit more balanced. - The plants that grow from seeds are placed with more precision. No more floating or sunken plants in most conditions. - A warning about seeds: once a seed is in your inventory, it will be planted WHEREVER you drop it. The plant will grow just as happily on a table as in the ground. (What a wonderful island Vvardenfell is!) If you want to get a seed out of your inventory, but you don't want to plant it, be sure to place it into a container. However, there is a weeding hoe that can be bought from Arrille (Seyda Neen). It equips as a ring. If you "wear" it while harvesting plants that have grown from seed, they will be dug up and discarded. You will need a new seed to replace them, but this will make mistakes in planting fixable.
    • Ultra Light Herbalism by Qwert
      Based on Herbalism by Balor, Now this takes only one script to run and basically all it does is opens the plant like before and disables it for a month.
    • Bloated Morrowind
      This mod corrects an oversight by Bethseda- bloat spores now grow in the wild! So for all the alchemists, or for people who just wanted to eat bloat... this mod's for you.
    • Minerals by evelas
      Modified the Diamond/Ebony/Glass rocks such that they will respawn just like all of the other organic items. With Tribunal&Bloodmoon, also modify adamantium/stalhrim
    • Resources Enhanced by TheLys, or @ ElricM
      Makes the following aspects of ingredient gathering more realistic:
      * When you collect pearls from kollops, they disappear in a cloud of bubbles
      * When you collect kwama eggs, the sack shrinks to nothing revealing a kwama egg
      * To collect raw ebony / glass / diamond / adamantium you have to actually mine them using a miner's pick and hitting the rocks.
      By default, all above listed resources respawn 30 days later, though this can be altered with supplied console commands.
  • Alchemy
    • At Home Alchemy by Syclonix
      At Home Alchemists rejoice! Never again will you have to re-adjust your perfectly placed alchemy set. Instead of having to put your apparatuses into your inventory every time you want to make a potion, you can now simply "fire up" the apparatuses you wish to use by activating them. Not only does this make alchemy more efficient, but it also makes it more fun.
    • Alchemical Warfare by Shanjaq
      Galbedir's family has arrived in Vvardenfell! Seek them out and if you're nice enough, they may reveal some family secrets! namely, their discovery that drilling a hole in the end of arrows will allow the packing of ingredients to produce effects on impact!
    • Alchemy by Crypts Of The Dead
      Adds an Alchemy book to the Census and Excise Office. You will find it on the bookshelf as you are leaving to go see Sellus Gravius. It's free for the taking, and since I made the value of the book only 1 gold, it's not much of a cheat, however, for those who feel it is a cheat, then feel free to drop some gold on the table.
    • Sri's Alchemy (Bloodmoon Edition) by Srikandi
      Sri's Alchemy expands and rebalances the MW alchemy system. Earlier versions added new ingredients and brewable potion effects, focusing on diversity. The Bloodmoon and Tribunal versions also make the ingredients from those regions available elsewhere in MW. Most of MW's ingredients are modified, with the goal that certain potions should be easier to make than others, and that every effect should be usable in a potion, and that ingredient effects should reflect the properties of the ingredient's source. The original version also prevents alchemy abuse from restocking ingredient vendors; this version takes it one step further and prevents the player from making, finding or buying fortify intelligence potions.
      New features in Bloodmoon edition: The most dramatic change in this version is that it is no longer possible to find or make Fortify Intelligence potions. This is an attempt to curb the exploiting of alchemy by using fortified intelligence to make increasingly stronger fortify intelligence potions; these super-potions could then be used to make super-strong potions of other types, and to exploit "enchant". It will still be possible to fortify your intelligence via spells or enchantments; butthe geometric effect witnessed previously will no longer occur. To compensate for the lack of fortify intelligence potions, I have made it much easier to make "fortify magicka" potions, and have added fortify skill ingredient effects for enchant and conjuration (the two other skills governed by intelligence).
    • Skooma Lab by Anubis
      This mod adds a Lab that gives you the ability to make your own skooma and moon sugar. While this mod is good by itself I would recomend using the Skooma addiction mod.
    • Dr. Drug's Alchemy Shop by Dr. Drug
      # new Alchemy apparatus
      # a new Alchemical ingredient (Weed)
      # a new Longbow
      # a new Daedric Dagger
      # new throwing skulls weapons
      # a new house near the Balmora Temple
    • Sgaileach's Illustrated Book of Alchemy by Sgaileach1
      This little mod adds a beautifully decorated alchemy book to the Balmora Mages Guild. The book itself contains general information on alchemy as well as an alphabetized list of all effects achievable through the craft and the ingredients required to harness them. Ingredients are color coded based on the region they may be found: Vvardenfell, Mournhold, or Solstheim.
    • Complete Morrowind Full @ ElricM by Max a.k.a. ~NOBODY~, or @ Planet Elder Scrolls
      This Plug-in adds a large number of abilities which allow you to make new items, alter existing ones, or otherwise interact with the game world in a more realistic way. With this mod you can make more than 850 items! And the creation of each of these 850 items is scripted to be controlled by a skill, the difficulty of which you can change ingame!
      Note: There is also a Morrowind only version @ ElricM or Planet Elder Scrolls
    • Morrowind Crafting by Toccatta and Drac
      Morrowind Crafting is an RP mod which attempts to improve the role-playing experience of Morrowind without unbalancing it. The various "skills" added by Morrowind Crafting allow the player to create over 1230 different items. The skill advancement formulas and training system are designed so that advancement of crafting skills blends in seamlessly with Morrowind's standard skills.
    • BlindEyes Non-Profit Alchemy by BlindEye
      This Mod makes all player made potions have no monetary value.
    • Alchemy Storage Helper 2.0
      This mod keeps the inventory screen clutter-free, and provides you with access to all of your ingredients without fear of becoming over-encumbered. As an added convenience, it is possible to transfer the entire contents of the satchel to your own inventory with one button press, and to likewise return them to the satchel instantly when they are no longer needed.
      The scripts recognize any ingredient in your inventory, the satchel behaves like an ordinary container and it is fully portable.
      NOTE: require MWSE
  • Ingredients
    • Hunter Modification by Martin Bohnet
      Several new rumors spreading over parts of Vvardenfell will lead to adventures that will teach the player to use more parts of some game creatures to create new magic potions (9 new and 1 old ingredients in total). The quests vary in difficulty. You will find out about secret rituals at daedric shrines, help the power of love to reach beyond death, meet a Telvanni-Master from the mainland and more!
    • Magic Garden by Archeopterix
      I made this for my low level mage with The Atrinoch as a sign- it's a small garden in Caldera that has ingredients to create Restore Magic potions.
    • Homeopathic Alchemy by Srikandi
      Mod is intended to enrich Morrowind's alchemy system and has the following goals:
      1. Make the effects of the ingredients somewhat less arbitrary by adopting the principle "you are what you eat". In particular, if you consume monster products (properly prepared in potions), they will give you some of the powers of the monster.
      2. Add new ingredients (15 in this version), and diversify the ingredients found in specific areas.
      3. Balance things a bit more, especially for the early game. Specifically, "restore health" and "restore magicka" potions couldn't be made with ingredients which could be readily found by starting adventurers; both of these are easier now.
      4. Prevent NPC service alchemists and apothecaries from restocking, thus preventing the player from obtaining infinite gold by continuously buying ingredients and selling potions with one NPC.
      5. Easter Egg: A certain high-level monster will now occasionally drop a new, valuable non-ingredient item. You could see that the monster had it, but you couldn't get it. Now you can have one too!
    • Herbal Soap by Heremod production
      New commodity called Herbal Soap has arrived to Vvardenfel and this soap works as a soap is supposed to work. The aromatic soap includes extracts from various herbs mixed with purifying minerals. Guaranteed refreshment and improved charisma for a full day.
      * Adds new item called Herbal Soap to the game (retextured sload soap mesh).
      * The soap has fortify personality 5 points for 24 hours effect, simulating the effects of real world soap. You know, People who wash themselves from time to time, don't smell too bad.
    • Cobwebs by James Fraser
      This mod changes all the cobwebs in original Morrowind into usable alchemy ingredients. Go to the storage room in the Seyda Neen Census and Excise office (near the two kegs) to try collecting cobwebs.
    • Ingredient Tweaks by Wolfie!
      Just changed a few things, made it so you feel the effects of ingredients you eat 100% of the time (instead of your alchemy skill determining it) and made the effects a little more powerful, also I changed fire and frost salts to burn and freeze you when you eat them.
    • Tel Mora Alchemist by Elric
      Tel Mora Alchemist, Relissa Dorlvaine comes to you from the wilderness. A simple magician and alchemist, she has brought together a reasonable pack of drinks, shots, and wafers for you to use, none costing over 2000 gold pieces. She has around 34 new items with new textures to sell to you. Travel to Tel Mora, find the pod with an alchemy sign next to the door, talk to Relissa to buy the new items. She will also give you a quest to find the Poem of Dark Light Spell, you will have to travel to Tel Fyr.
    • Sheogorad Alchemist by Elric
      Jiron Hlervan the Sheogorad Alchemist comes to you from Skyrim just outside of Morrowind, a criminal with a past. He is here now, living his life in quiet and solitude on Big Head's small Island. He has a few plants, pets, and is a master of alchemy. Jiron has around 31 new drinks to sell you, some are quite powerful, but come at an appropriate price. He does travel to Khuul and other locations to obtain the ingredients he needs occasionally, other than that, you will always find him right here, on Big Head's Island. He has a quest to find the White Stone Standing to offer you as well with a nice reward if you succeed.
    • Animal Loot Mod by Sendai45
      If you're an alchemist or a role player, this mod is for; you!I've played MW for a long time, and have grown frustrated by the lack of ingredients in creatures. It never made sense to me how a horker, who clearly has 2 tusks at all times, would not have any available to collect, or how a Guar could have no hide at all.
    • Mystical Ingredients by Sendai45
      In Caldera, a travelling merchant has appeared, selling wonderous ingredients to anybody who has the money. Visit him in the Shenk's Shovel to find out more. This mod adds new Fortify Skill ingredients and a pre-esisting but unused alchemy set to Morrowind. I changed the values on the alchemy set because I found them to be ridiculously low before. This mod also includes retextured Cyrodilic Brandy and Ash Salts.
    • Expansion Ingredients by Stabbey_the_Clown
      The expansions added a lot of new ingredients, but unfortunately, in Tribunal most are terribly limited, and in Bloodmoon you have to wander half the island. This mod (2 esp files) adds a new merchant to the Mournhold Magic shop that sells some Tribunal ingredients in infinite quantities, and a new merchant to the Imperial Cult shrine that sells some Bloodmoon ingredients also in infinite quantities.
    • Alchemy Package by Noran the Axe
      The ingredients in morrowind always seemed flawed to me. Vamprism being a lone effect in vampire dust, therefore being useless? Ghoul heart being the only non-tribunal ingredient that has fortify attack as an effect, making it useless? A ruby weighing more than saltrice? Hound meat weighing one pound - why do i need to mix an entire pound of hound meat with a .1 pound of saltrice to get a restore fatigue potion? I shouldn't need a whole pound of meat to get the potion. why is raw glass so heavy? it's glass, it's supposed to be light. And the list goes on...
    • Human Meat Vampirism
      Adds a Vampirism effect to the Human Meat ingredient, making it possible to create Vampirism Potions by combining it with Vampire Dust.
  • Potions
    • More Potions by The Chooser of the Slain
      This mod adds 3 new NPCs, 1 to Vivec Mages Guild, 1 to Mournhold Magic Shop and 1 Fort Frostmoth. These are the Alchemists selling new potions never before seen in Morrowind. Some have been taken from scrolls and some I made myself. A seller is outside Vivec where the big statues of Vivec are.
    • Dwemer Brandy by Rob B.
      This plugin adds a new potion to Morrowind, and as you can tell by the name of the plug, it's Dwemer Brandy. Dwemer Brandy gives you the strength of an ox, but makes you just as dumb.
    • Special Ingredients by Nightblade1
      Plugin adds 2 NPC's that sell the special ingredients. One is in Maar Gan the other is in Gnisis. Each NPC has 700 gold and the ingredient. Nothing else. The combined ingredients make a potion that restores health, fatigue, & magicka. The only cheat is that you can have these 3 effects on a potion.
    • Alchemy Improvement by Varg 'Euthanasiologist'
      Useful both for alchemists and off-shelf potion users, this mod:
      * makes most used potions very quick to find in inventory and world by using special icons and meshes
      * improves previously useless potions
      * better balances magic effects
      * adds a few new potions
      * improves visuals
      * fixes a few missing potions
      * changes effectiveness based on cost and cost-eff
    • Swamp Oil by Zlians
      This adds a new type of drink, called Swamp Oil, A new shipment of potions has arrived in Vvardenfell from the harsh lands of Black Marsh. This new potion, called swamp oil, is made from processed swamp goo. Though the drink has fortifying properties, it is also very poisonous, and thus is only popular among poison-immune Argonians.
    • Nordic Strength Potion by Kaghouz
      The Eight Plates in Balmora has bought a potion fron a nord. The Nordic Strenght is a potion who makes you stronger and faster. But it will freeze the drinker to death. It's called Nordic because the Nord's are immune to the bad effect. So, all Nords, run to the bartender in the Eight Plates.
    • Potion Sorter by Srikandi
      Sorts potions in inventory according to effect rather than quality.
    • Pathanias Sorted Potions by Pathanias
      This sorts the potions in your inventory by name and by quality. Potions were renamed to fir a certain format in inventory and sort by what the potion does rather than lumping all "quality", "standard", etc potions together. "Potion of" was removed from potion names as its obvious that they are a type of potion. "Spoiled" was moved from the front to the back of potion names to fit the other formats. Quality changed to Distinct, and Standard changed to Common in order to sort in inventory properly Bargain, Cheap, Common, Distinct, Exclusive, is the new format from worst to best. Spoiled is a special case and follows Exclusive in inventory. The GCD version changes the duration of the restore attribute potions from 0 to 1 as required by the GCD script.
    • Cyrodons Projectile Potions 1.41 by Slategrey
      Adds the ability to create various projectile potions, used as Marksman thrown weapons. As well as an Alchemy skill of 30+ and some good luck, the various items you require to create the potions are spread throughout levelled lists: Cyrodon's Chalice, the recipe for each type of the eight potions and the correct ingredients. Requires Tribunal.
    • Abelle's Custom Potions by shiva7663
      This plugin adds five useful custom potions, the ingredients required to make them, and their Alchemy recipes, to potion merchants in Balmora, Mournhold, and Sadrith Mora, as consignment lots made by Abelle Chriditte. Both the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions are required, as the plugin uses ingredients from both expansions.
    • Blaaguuus Potions by Devon
      This plugin adds 8 new items all of which look like potions. There are 2 types of potions for each attribute, when used, one perminately fortifies the attribute 3 points, and the other 5 points. there are 4 of each 3pt-potion, and 2 of each 5pt-potion placed in the world. they are scattered all over the world, out in the open, and on NPCs (some merchants). The 3pt-potions sell/buy for 15,000 and the 5pt-potions sell for 30,000. prices are, ofcourse, easily edited in the TES:CS.
    • Dwemer BioMonitor by TundroWalker
      I personally didn't like the hassle of manually screwing with alchemy equipment, ingredients & potions; I wanted something that would auto-convert ingredients to potions, then auto-adminster the potions on me as needed:
      * DBM auto-heals health, fatigue & magicka using bargain, cheap, standard, quality & exclusive varieties of those respective restore potions.
      * DBM detects & cures poison, paralysis (broken!), disease & blight (except corprus) using the standard cure potions for such.
      * DBM checks for fire, frost & shock damage, and administers bargain, cheap, standard, quality & exclusive resist potions of respective types.
      * DBM can create the potions listed above if the player has the proper ingredients in their inventory. Potion creation quality & speed are Alchemy skill dependant.
    • Dragon Steaks by Tenaka
      A small plugin that adds a Khajit to the Moonmoth Legion Fort. He sells dragon steaks which when eaten restore 10 points of fatigue, 15 Magicka, 10 Health and provide resistance to fire for 30 seconds.
    • Alchemist's Arsenal
      This plugin was created to make use of those "negative" properties of ingredients. Alchemy is no longer a passive skill, used solely for healing and restoration. Now you can brew offensive potions, which can be used as thrown weapons in battle to damage your opponents. These potions are not available in any shop, making herb-gathering a necessary but much more rewarding task.
      NOTE: require MWSE
  • Enchanting
    • Blank Enchantable Scrolls by JMS
      This mod adds several new enchantable scrolls to the game, and gives them to various Enchanter Service NPCs and some of the random loot tables.
    • The Enchanter Compilation by Thierry Sanchez
      This includes 3 mods written by myself:
      Schastar Enchantment Tweaks :tweaks settings to enchant more. / Schastar Soulgem Seller: a scripted soul gem seller at Balmora. / Schastar Magicrafting Potions: a potion seller at Balmora. Special but dangerous potions to help enchanters.
      No Shield Effect Plugin, by Daniel Wesslén: remove the egg-like effect.
      New Improved Magic Item Shimmer Effect, by Tclord
    • Enchanted Renaissance by Blindeye
      This mod makes the following changes to enchantments:
      * Almost all enchantments have been beefed up, on rings, amulets and robes.
      * Enchanted rings have now ten discharges instead of the default five.
      * Amulets have now ten discharges instead of the default five.
      * Robes are also more worthy to an adventurer; with more powerful enchantments and longer durations for existing ones.
      * Rings, amulets and robes are worth and cost a lot more to reflect these changes.
      * 5 new unique constant effect rings are scattered throughout the land. To find these rings, enter Fargots house? you will find it unlocked, as well as a story driven riddle quest to find the five rings.
      Now, here is the downside:
      * enchanted objects no longer recharge. If you want to recharge an item, get yourself a soul. A lot of previously worthless objects are now really worth the extra effort it takes to acquire souls to power them.
      * Summoned creatures are no longer an infinite soul-tap; the souls of all summoned creatures have zero worth.
      * The rings and amulets in question are going to be very hard to find in loot; there is now a 60% chance you will find nothing, where previously there was a 0% percent chance.
    • Enchanting Improvement mod by Varg 'Euthanasiologist' Axenov
      You'e probably been disappointed with very tight limits for creating constant effect enchanted armor and clothing: it is capped by item's enchant capacity no matter what soul you use. This mod makes constant effect enchanting more dependent on soul rather than item. It increases enchant capacities of armor and clothing and makes some other tweaks to extend use of constant enchantments. Includes a balancing feature to prevent it from becoming a cheat.
  • Spells and Summoning
  • Summoning
    • Animal Summoning by HonorableKoala / GangstaVampire
      Adds sixteen new animal summons spells. Included are everything from scribs to betty netches to snow bears, plus an addition created by the author. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
    • Multiple Summoning Spells by Talonhoff
      SPELLS: buy at Balmora, Aldruhn (Mage Guilds); Dagon Fell (Andre Maul, Sorkvild). Vivec (Miun Gei).
      New spells to buy which allow multiple summonings of the same creature at one casting. Both 2 and 5 at once are available. All have been auto-calculated during creation, so it shouldn't imbalance the game. These powerful spells are expensive in terms of gold and Magicka. Please see readme for more info.
    • Infernal Summoning by Lap
      The mod lets you summon creatures with no time limitation through a balanced and roleplayish way. A must for all conjurers. Don't forget the patch to version 1.1.
    • Soul Summon by Argent
      This mod attempts to expand on the current soulgem system. It offers a single, unique soulgem that is capable of resurrecting the creature trapped inside. This creature will then follow and fight for you. There is only one quest, and it serves to introduce the gem into the game.
    • More Summoning by Inquisidor
      This mod allows you to summon a wider range of the existing Morrowind (and only Morrowind) creatures. The monsters that you can invoke are:
      * Animals (Alit, Betty Netch, Guar, Kagouti, Kwama Warrior, Nix Hound, Shalk)
      * Artifacts (Shock Centurion, Steam Centurion)
      * Daedra (Ogrim Titan, Dremora Lord)
      * Sixth House (Ascended Sleeper, Ash Ghoul, Ash Slave, Ash Vampire, Ash Zombie)
      * Undead (Dwarven Spectre, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Champion, Skeleton Warrior)
    • Animation Summoning by Azathoth
      This mod adds 11 new creatures for the player to summon, henceforth referred to as "Animations." Animations are enchanted weapons that fight of their own accord, serving whomever or whatever may call them from the abyss.
    • Summon More Monsters! by DarkDragon
      Now you can summon nearly every original Morrowind and Tribunal creature! *Note* This mod might cause doubling of all NPCs in the various Mages' Guilds.
    • Blasphemous Revenants @ Planet Elder Scrolls or Fliggerty's Morrowind Site
      An aging necromancer wishes you to enter his tutelage. You will learn the art of gathering corpses, preparing them for arcane rituals, and summoning and commanding vast armies of the dead.
      NOTE: require MWSE
    • Blasphemous Revenants: Dead Heros Add-on @ Planet Elder Scrolls or Fliggerty's Morrowind Site
      This little add-on allows you to use the corpse of any NPC that has 0 health in the game. All of the dead heros, adventurers, thieves, smugglers, and all others are now valid corpses for you to raise from the dead.
      NOTE: require MWSE
  • Bound Spells
    • Bound Alchemy by Dan Wheeler
      This plugin adds 4 spells to Morrowind: Bound Alembic...Bound Calcinato...Bound Mortar& Pestle, and Bound Retort. Each spell summons a different piece of alchemy equipment for 15 seconds.
    • Better Bound Bows by Syclonix
      Ever summon a Daedric Longbow just to find you forgot to stock your quiver with arrows? Better Bound Bows makes the marksman a more formidable opponent by correcting this oversight. Now when you summon a Bound Longbow, you will also summon a replenishing supply of Daedric Arrows. Like other bound items, these arrows cannot be dropped and will disappear once your conjuration wears off.
    • Bound Armorer's Hammers by millinghordesman
      Creates several new "Bound Armorer's Hammer" spells, sold by an new NPC downstairs in the Ald-Ruhn Guild of Mages, situated between the stairwells.
    • Bound Throwing Dagger by RedSand
      This plugin adds the spell, Bound Throwing Dagger. It runs off a global script that starts in the Main script when the game is loaded (be careful of running too many globals at one time). The script within uses a few commands that were reported broken in the original Morrowind game, but fixed as of the release of Tribunal. The spell will be sold by anyone selling other bound "item" spells. Includes 3 new textures for the Throwing Dagger.
    • Dual-Wield Bound Daggers by redwoodtreesprite
      A simple little mod. It changes the bound dagger spell so you also have a dual-wield dagger as a shield at the same time. It also changes the bound shield nif to the dagger nif. The nif for the shield dagger was done by Katana 3DG.
    • HG Bound Armour Corrector by Holy_Handgrenade
      This mod corrects the bound armour to be heavy armour instead of light armour. A CE feather effect is added to each item so that the only difference is which skill improves, not how much you can carry.
    • Ring of Bound Armor by TommyKhajiit
      This plugin brings a Ring of Bound Armor to Morrowind. Casting this ring will give the player a full set of bound armor, including greaves and pauldrons, for 60 seconds. You will receive this ring whenever you wear Bound Cuirass, Bound Boots, Bound Gloves, Bound Helm and Bound Shield at the same time.
    • Ring of Dagger Bound by Soadia
      Creates a ring of CE Bound Dagger just outside of Vivec beside the bridge.
    • Improved Bound by VeeDubb
      This mod adds the missing Bound pauldrons and Bound Greaves spells to the game, available in the Balmora Mages Guild. It also provided infinite arrows for the bound longbow, increases the AC of the bound armor and shield to 333, and increase the casting costs of all the modified spells to keep them balanced. Last, it adds a ring for cheaters that will 'constant effect' summon all the bound armor with a shield and longbow, that can be added via the console.
    • Bound Warrior's Ring by AlienWonder
      A new ring called "Bound Warrior's Ring" is hidden somewhere in the first village. To find it, I placed a riddle inside the Census and Excise Office. On a table, a scroll with the riddle. Go to where the riddle directs you to and you will find this uber ring. When you cast it, you are loaded with (all Bound) Boots, Gloves, Helm, Curass, Shield, Longsword, Axe, and Spear. I added multiple weapons for the different skills.
    • The Missing Bounds by Veet
      This mod adds in the spells for the 2 peices of bound armor that did not appear in the original game, pauldrons and greaves. I utilised some unused spell effects that were in the Blood Moon expansion so that is required to run this mod, also any other mods utilising thoes spell efects will be incompatible with this mod.
  • Magicka Spells
    • Mana Recharge Enchantment by Shalinor
      Drops a book onto Caius Cosade's bed that teaches you the spell "Fool's Recharge." Recharges 19 mana, costs 20... useless spell. More importantly, it gives access to "restore magicka" as a possible enchantment effect. I feel this is balanced - warriors can restore their primary attribute, health, so why not mages with magicka?
    • Absorb Magicka spell by Dan Burridge
      Adds a spell to Balmora Mages Guild called Ether Feast.
      Absorb magicka 5-20pts. in 1ft on touch. cast cost 5pts.
      Simple spell that can be altered to keep you at full mp. TIP: enchant a weapon with this spell and steal your enemies mp as your own. Perfect for stunted magicka and mage players.
    • The Magicka Restoration Mod by Holan WholeStorm
      1. A Restore magicka spell availiable from Ranis Arthys's Spell-Store (It's possible to Enchant constant effect with this one.
      2. Adds a Magicka amulet that restores your Magicka While Worn (Constant Effect ,55 points). The holder of this amulet is the wielder of The ice blade of Monarch.
    • Restore Magicka NPC by Holan WholeStorm
      This mod adds a new NPC to the mournhold Plaza who will sell you a Restore Magicka spell which is very easy to be cast.. The spell is capable of being used in enchantments, so you can create with this spell. A constant Effect Item of restore magicka.
    • Magic Amulets
      Adds four amulets which allow the wearer to convert magicka to fatigue or vice versa.
  • New Spells
    • Blink by Mercurion
      Rumors of a Mage in Cheydinhal who claims to know how to leap through dimensional windows and how to teach such a thing; adds a spell called Blink.
    • Inscription 2.0 by The DopeHatMan
      Allows you to make scrolls based on your magic skills using special paper and magical ink.
    • New Scrolls by Campbell
      Adds an NPC selling new scrolls to the Vivec Mages' Guild.
    • Night Vision Enhanced by Smoke
      Anyways, what this mod does is add a spell that when cast, it activates the night vision shader(as in similar to splinter cell night vision), it also adds night eye 25 as an ability, the reason for that is, that the night vision shader itself is a visual effect if you go somewhere that is pitch black the night vision doesnt work, and night vision that doesnt allow you to see in the dark, is, well worthless , so I added the night eye 25 to make the effect not only visual but functional , the end result looks awesome, and allows you to see in total darkness. It also acts like real night vision if you have it on during daytime, it will almost blind you(literally, not the spell effect blind, just to be clear) just remember what you learned as child, dont stare directly into the sun. :)
    • NPC Soultrap 1.21 by Torgulf
      This is a modular version of the NPC soultrapping that would have been featured in Died Along the Way.
    • Portable Hole 1.2 by Bryss Phoenix and Fliggerty
      Adds a spell which will make a hole that you can use as a loot bag appear and disappear at your feet.
      Requires Tribunal, Bloodmoon and MWSE.
    • Scripted Spells 1.5 by Cortex
      Transform into creatures that can be seen in third-person view. Steal spells from enemies minds. Add explosive damage to your attacks. Create walls of fire and animated bones. A must for anyone using Vampire Embrace.
    • Multiple Teleport Marking Mod by Andoreth
      This mod replaces the built- in teleport and mark spell with a version that allows setting multiple teleport marks on up to 12 different places. Every time mark or recall spell is executed a small menu pops up to select one of the 12 provided slots for this action.
    • Elemental Spell Books by Campbell
      Add's an NCP at the top of the tower in the Caldera Mage's Guild selling spell books of Shock, flame, and frost which protect you from the desired effect while inflicting it on a target.
    • Teleportation Spells by Josh
      Twenty-two new spells allow you to teleport to almost any town or village in Vvardenfell.
    • Turn Undead Fix by Oh-Dee
      Adds an alternative version of Turn Undead.
    • Detect Humanoid @ Planet Elder Scrolls by lyobovnik, or ElricM
      Allows the player to Detect NPCs, through Detect spells.
    • Spell Books Beta by Torlax45
      The is a beta for spell books. It adds over 70 books to the world of Morrowind. As long as you have the book in your inventory you get the spell. Others are enchanted. This is a beta so all the books are buyable in Seyda Neen.
    • JC_Magic Improvements by Jan Cervenka
      Removes glow the from enchanted items, increases speed of Target spells and makes some spells easier to cast.
    • Telekinesis Beta by Tonto Requires new link
      Causes objects to float towards the player when they are activated while the player is using telekinesis. Requires MWE
    • Visceral Discernment 1.6 by Bryss Phoenix and Fliggerty
      Adds a number of quests and spells like Discernment to determine an NPC's skill levels and stats, Transference to shed your inventory, Blink for short distance teleportation and several others. Requires Tribunal, Bloodmoon and MWSE 0.9.2a.
    • Wrath of Heavens by Joe Molley
      Calls a meteor from the heavens to smite your foes.
  • Visual and Sound Enhancements
  • Ingredients & Gems
    • Better Soul Gems 1.2 by NelothsMouth
      This mod replaces all soulgems and Azura's Star with more eye-pleasing versions. 3.34 MB.
    • Soul Gem Replacer Retex by Infectious Moon
      This plugin is a retextured version of NelothsMouth's Soulgem replacer to make them closer to bethesda's colors, the plugin is packaged as an esp so that NelothsMouth's mod isn't needed.
    • Gem Replacer by Vagabond Angel
      Just a little mesh replacer for Soulgems and Ingredient gems (diamond, emerald, and ruby). All the new meshes are 20% transparent and have coloured reflection maps to simulate sparkling gem facets.
    • Ingredient Retexture by blake.
      Retextures most ingredients with higher resolution textures.
    • True Gems by Astion
      This is a relatively simple mod that will replace all the gems in the game with faceted, reflective versions. In addition, it will add two new gems - the Topaz and the Amythest - which can also be used in Alchemy, as well as replacing the model for Ebony.
  • Icons
    • New Spell Icons by ManaUser
      The purpose of this mod is to replace those vague blobs of Daedric letters that passed for spell icons before with something a little more meaningful.
    • Potion Scroll Icons and Potion Sort by rm_rfstar
      Makes searching your inventory much easier. Replaces nearly all potion and scroll icons with new much easier to recognize icons. Renames potions to force them to sort by effect rather than quality.
      Potion sorter mod by Srikandi...Potion mod and Scroll mod by Eramus. I liked both mods, so I manually merged them.
      Note: modifies also the potions & scrolls.
    • Better Magic Icons by Tapani_doe
      I always hated those ugly blue swirls around enchanted items. Finally I had the time to do something about them. Here's my new Better Magic Icons.
    • Blue Dot Magic Icons @ Planet Elder Scrolls by Andoreth, or @ ElricM
      This is a simple tweak that will change the large "blue swirl" icon that denotes magic items with a small bright blue dot in the upper left corner. I feel this is the best of both worlds: allowing the player to see their magical items without the interference of a background image, but still indicate which items are "magical" and which are "mundane".
    • Enchanted Icon Selection by Nigedo
      This pack offers a selection of alternative highlights to replace the blue swirl that identifies the icons of enchanted items in Morrowind. Primarily, this still allows you to distinguish easily between enchanted and ordinary items in your inventory, but also allows you to see the individual enchanted items more clearly.
    • Magic Icons (Vivid Colors)
      Replace those vague blobs of Daedric letters that passed for spell icons before with something a little more meaningful, though perhaps not as pretty.
    • Magic Icon Border (icon replacer) by Marbred
      Inspired by the previous attempts at creating a less graphic enchanted item icon, I found those mods to be more distracting than helpful in my inventory. This is my attempt at a 'halfway' icon for enchanted items. The swirl is still there, but it's only in the borders of the icon. So you can still see the item in question and you can still easly tell it's enchanted, and it's still within the original Morrowind design.
    • Lurlock's Scroll Icons by Lurlock
      Gives all the magical scrolls unique icons, color coded by school and bearing the icon for the spell they cast.
    • Magic Icon Blue Swirl Removal Files by Godslaw
      This is not really a plugin but if you hate those D**n Blue magic icon swirls as much as I do; Hate no more! This takes care of that problem.
    • Potions&Scrolls by Erasmus
      Replaces standard potion and scroll icons in inventory by his own, individual for every type and strength of item.
  • Potions & Scrolls
    • Scroll Upgrade @ Planet Elder Scrolls by Schwaa, or ElricM
      New scroll models, 5 different ones based on value of scroll. New rolled paper.
    • Potions (2) by Tarnsman
      A retexturing of all the in-game potions. Creates 26 different texture/icon categories (reflecting the game's original atmosphere) to make locating potions in your inventory easier. Changes the burden, paralyze and silence potions into throwing potions.
    • Potion Upgrade @ Planet Elder Scrolls by Schwaa, or ElricM
      New potion bottles for all potions in game. Some are glass/metal (with bubbles), some are ceramic and clay. Each value of potion has 6 colors of liquid based on the school of magic it belongs too. Potions have been renamed to sort in inventory by type. Bargain potion of Healing would now be called 'Healing, Bargain'.
    • Potion Scroll Icons and Potion Sort by rm_rfstar
      Makes searching your inventory much easier. Replaces nearly all potion and scroll icons with new much easier to recognize icons. Renames potions to force them to sort by effect rather than quality.
      Potion sorter mod by Srikandi...Potion mod and Scroll mod by Eramus. I liked both mods, so I manually merged them.
      Note: modifies also the icons.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Book Rotate by Cydine & Maboroshi Daikon
      When you drop a book in Morrowind, it lies on it's side with the bottom facing towards you. If, like me, you have a large collection of books then they will look very messy when stacked in this manner. This plugin adds scripting to every closed book in the game. It allows you to place books vertically and horizontally wherever you please.
    • Magic Sound Effect Replacement Mod by Lucypher
      Replaces almost all magicka sound effects with higher quality and somewhat eerie replacements. A major improvement over the originals.
    • Correct Spell Sounds by Zener
      Changes the spell sounds for spells with incorrect sounds. This mod changes the sounds to match the school of magicka. Mainly for use with Horatio's Spellcasting Mod.
    • Decorator + by Raveren
      Adds a spell to the player's spell list. Cast it on any dead npc/creature to resurrect it with his previous inventory intact, or on a "pick-up-able" item (that can be put in your inventory) for a scale-rotate-position-dispose menu. You can also delete corpses this way - without placing all their items to your inventory!
    • NOTE: require MWSE
    • Propylon Lighting 1.0 by Cdcooley, or TES
      Replaces the Propylon Chamber Platforms with Starcon's mesh without the FPS killing particle effects.
    • Spectre Twilight by Redwoodtreesprite
      A ghostly retexture of the Winged Twilight creature, using modified bone and skull textures from Morrowind. I replaced the Summoned Ancestral Ghost nif with the Spectre Twilight nif, so all summoned Ancestral Ghosts will be Spectre Twilights. The stats of the Ancestral Ghost are exactly the same, only the nif has been changed.
    • High Poly Artifact Mesh Replacer by blake.
      This replaces the models of: Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw, Iceblade of the Monarch, Crosier of St Lloth, Staff of Hasedoki, Cleaver of St Felms, Mehrunes Razor, Staff of Magnus, Spear of Bitter Mercy and Goldbrand with higher polygon ones.
    • Magic Shimmer [and Other Magical] Effects Mods by Ronin49
  • Items, Weapons and Clothing
  • Items
    • Tome of Ancient Knowledge by Mephisto
      A powerful and ancient book, containing the mysteries of magic. Create your own spells without the need to travel to the Guild of Mages or visit the Telvanni.
    • Spellmaking Mod by Vimes
      This mod allows the player to study and create their own spells for free, and without having to talk directly to an NPC, using a balanced spellmaking skill instead to determine the success. Yes, It does use the dialogue function still. But everything possible has been done to feel like the PC is doing the spellmaking himself.
    • Suran Magic Merchant 1.02 by RodrigoVinholo
      Adds a merchant who sells special spell books and power books in Suran. 22.62 Kb. Requires Adamantium Helm of Tohan.
    • Apprentice Scrolls and Mystic Quills 1.4 by Slategrey
      Adds scrolls and quills to levelled lists: 101 scrolls you can attempt to learn or cast as a normal scroll and six types of Mystic quill used to scribe scrolls.Requires Tribunal.
    • The Black Book of Alchemy 2.0 by The_Conjurer
      The Black Book of Alchemy adds a slick black book for sale at Jobasha's, with a most interesting content for alchemists.
    • Elemental Spell Books by Campbell
      This mod adds an NPC at the top of the tower in the Mages' Guild in Caldera selling spell books of shock, flame, and frost which protect you from the desired effect while inflicting it on a target.
    • Amulet of Icarian Flight by Sharp
      The unfortunate mage Tamriel was trying to create a new mean of traveling. You happened to see his last moments, you probably remember that anyway. What you didn't notice though, is an amulet he was using, and seeing his death coming, he threw it away just seconds before the crash. Just look near his body...
    • Kai Globes 2.9 by Slategrey
      This mod adds more than twelve Magical Globes to Morrowind. Each globe has a different power but they all require soul gems to recharge. This version includes an an esp and icon update.
    • Magical Trinkets of Tamriel 3 by Chris Woods
      Adds several new and unique items to the world of Tamriel that are filtered into the random loot generator. Each of the new trinkets added is custom-designed to be unlike anything seen in Morrowind to date in an attempt to make a completely new play experience. Items include: Emblems, Sigils, Foci, Unfinished Rings, Charms, Ioun Stones, Sarah Stones, Mana Bolts, Scepters, Shard Weapons, Linked Items, Contingencies, Threads, Disguises, Artifacts and 'dozens of new books that talk about every single trinket in the game, allowing the player to be completely "hands-off" with respect to instructions and readmes'.
      An open beta release, MTT4 is also available and reckoned by the author to be relatively stable, though there may be some questions about random distribution of articles.
      In order to fix a problem with the quantity of loot available, an updated version is here - by MrMistophelees: "Patched so there's no "overloot" problem, i.e. "makes it so less treasure from MTTIV shows up in caves and whatnot". From memory what he did was to reduce the "overloot" problem by introducing checks against PC level when adding items to Levelled Lists by script. Have a look at the 'cw_mtt_update_lists' script for exactly what was done."
      However, there is still a problem in MrMistophelees's version with the way the items are added to the levelled lists, so a fully fixed version can be found here - by DWS.
    • Potted Plants by andoreth
      This mod adds potted plants that can be bought from the trader Ancola in Sadrith Mora. They are completely portable, come in customized pots, and will bear an ingredient after the first ten days and every 30 days thereafter.
    • Daggerfall Artifacts @ Planet Elder Scrolls by Lord Xeen, or @ ElricM
      This mod adds several new artifacts that were in Daggerfall, but are missing from Morrowind.
    • The Lost Artifacts
      This mod adds around 20 new artifacts to the lands of Vvardenfell, Solstheim and Mournhold. Many are found through quests and dialogue, while the rest are hidden, for only you to know where they are! Most of the artifacts have some sort of scripted effect, and if not that, then at least a "legendary" style enchantment. A few artifacts are quite powerful (these ones coming from lore...Staff of Chaos comes to mind) - but most are on the same level as the normal game artifacts.
    • Magical Goods by Star Boi
      What this Mod adds: A total of 17 new weapons (mainly Blunt Weapon and Short Blade), 5 Brand New jewelry pieces, including 1 Amulet, and 4 Rings, 7 Off-hand Weapons 3 Brand New Magical Shields.
      What this Mod does: adds all these new weapons and gear into the leveled lists of Morrowind, so you might unexpectedly find one of the new Rings in someone's jewelry box, or stumble onto a sparkling rod in some merchant?s inventory, making magic random and unexpected, as it should be.
    • Scrolls of Khartum by PirateLord
      This simple little mod adds The Scrolls of Khartum at random locations around Vvardenfell. They are similar to the learning books, but instead you gain a random attribute (e.g. Strength) if you are lucky. Being unlucky is a little nasty....
    • Xeranna's Magic Shop by Soul Thief
      Xeranna's magic shop adds a store to Gnaar Mok that sells magical items and soul gems. It sells weapons, clothes and armor that can help people thoughout their day. It's mainly a shop for enchanters though.
    • Angel's Tear by Deathbliss
      The Angel's Tear is an Extravagant Ring with a charge level of 100 and to restore your Magicka five points for five seconds at a cost of 10 points each time.
    • Scroll Making by Gara Attila
      With this plugin you can make scrolls! All you need is a soulgem with a soul, and you enchant a blank scroll, which can be bought in a Mage Guild from an enchanter. A blank scroll has 100 enchantable points and can be cast once only, as any other scroll. Faction members of the Mage's Guild will get 10 blank scrolls every time the chest is re-supplied.
    • Daedric Tools and Jewellery by Luminar Nightblade
      This mod adds Daedric versions of the alchemy and armourer tools, as well as Daedric rings and amulets. The tools and jewellery have exceptional quality and enchantment values due to the superior craftsmanship of the Daedra. Adds items and creatures to the levelled lists.
    • Icarian Flight by Griever
      This will add a small chest containing 3 rings and 3 amus wich all have the Icarian Flight capabilities. The chest is Located in Seyda neen, straight across the Census and Excise Office.
    • Special Stuff
      Adds a variety of rather unbalancing magic items to leveled lists of containers in the game. Includes rings of locking & unlocking, belt of luck, diseased and poisoned daedric weapons, shields capable of restoring health, magicka and fatigue, and potions to boost attributes. Also changes the fEnchantmentMult GMST from 0.1 to 1.0, increasing the enchanment capacity of all items ten fold.
    • Scroll Booster by Appler
      This little plugin fixes two problem with paper:
      1. Raises enchantment capacity of plain paper to 350, so you can make scolls as powerful as the ones you discover in-game.
      2. Sets weight to 0.1, just for a little more realism... Also so you enchanters can carry around more paper for scrolls :)
    • Galbedir Soulgems by Denina
      This is a simple mod that adds restocking soul gems to Galbedir's inventory for sale. It is a convenience mod, but it always bothered me that she sold filled soul gems, but not empty ones. She can be found at the top floor of the Balmora Mages Guild.
  • Weapons
    • Wizard Staffs 2.0 by Tjolbi aka pc_freak
      This mod adds six new staffs that shoot their enchantment instead of you casting it. They are added to the "random excellent melee weapon" misc item so you will have to search for them.
    • Serpentine Staff by Phijama
      This basic mod adds a new 'Serpentine' staff to the game.
    • Salusa's Staves by Kalisperas
      This mod adds a new shop southeast of Vivec. In the shop are a number of new staves, mainly more expensive ones comparable to the better staves already in game. Most use new meshes made by myself. The most powerful staff added by the mod is only obtainable through a quest (plus a sizeable cash donation to the shopkeeper).
    • Star Boi's Epic Armory by Star Boi
      This Plugin adds a small tower to the village of Pelagiad. You will find the Epic Armory here, an assembly of the finest smiths and weapon crafters of Morrowind.The shop stretches over 3 floors, so the FPS hit should be tolerable.
    • Improved Staffs 1.2 by Stabbey_the_Clown, or @ Planet Elder Scrolls
      Increases the damage and enchantment capacity for non-magical staves and changes the Wizard's Staff enchantment to something worthwhile. It is designed to work with the Staff Mage class, included in Stabbey’s Classes 1.4. All staffs for vanilla Morrowind have had their damage improved: the expansions did not add any staffs. Non-enchanted staffs (the base staff) have had their enchantment level boosted. Even the base wooden staff is now more useful for enchanting than a ring.
    • The Summoners Crossbow by EyeCue
      This plugin adds a crossbow to the game which can summon up it's own bolts, at a cost of 5 magicka per bolt. What sort of bolt is summoned depends on the players conjuration skill, the higher the skill the better the bolts. You can buy this crossbow (for an unreasonable price) at the magic shop in mournhold, or you could just flog it.
    • The Hidden Pathway 2.0 by Star Boi
      This mod includes all new meshes by me to expand on the magical and unique weapon selection in Morrowind. Many have particle effects, reflect maps or glow maps to enhance the mystic nature of each weapon. The shop where you can purchase these weapons is just outside Sadrith Mora, there are three buildings, one for elvish weaponry, one for the epic 2.0 weapons and one for my own work.
    • Swords and Staves by Hoss
      These are just some sword and stave models that I made as a resource. Includes SilCel [pronounced “Sil-Kel”] (two handed Broadsword), MoorGold (longsword), Pyromet (Wizards staff), and Twist of Fate (Wizards Staff).
    • Wands! Proof of Concept by Grundulum
      This mod adds magical wands to the game and 3 spells for wand users. Readers of Harry Potter will likely find the spells familiar, as they are the: Petrificus Totalis charm (which paralyzes the target), Alohomora charm (which unlocks its target), Imperius curse (which grants the player control over any NPC or creature affected by this foul, dark spell). The wand salesman and spell teacher is an Argonian named Talks-to-Walls, and may be found in the Vivec Foreign Quarter Plaza.
    • Artifact Level Requirements by Jaxalot
      Artifact Level Requirements adds level restrictions to many of the powerful unique items in Morrowind, as well as those found in Tribunal and Bloodmoon through the use of included add-on files.
    • Tools of the Art: Wands by rdjeke
      Adds a group of wands for sale to Galbedir of Balmora Guild of Mages. Wands as such do measly damage, have low endurance, but high enchant capacity and are scripted to shoot their enchantment when swung. I tried to keep enchantments on wands balanced - for every wand there is an unenchanted version so you can add an enchantment to your taste...
    • Staff of the God by Goodfuzzy
      The Staff of the God has appeared in Morrowind! This is basically my second modelling job, which adds a neat looking staff for you casters looking for an item that gives you *a few* stat bonuses, but also allows you to enchant it yourself!
    • Daedric Staff Revamped by TheHate
      Changes the Daedric Staff to be one handed, reduced weight, and higher enchantment points. Can now use with a shield.
    • THE Staff mod by Sylon
      This includes new staffs, completly balanced, for those who always wanted to be a staff weilding caster or monk or friar etc. Pretty much it makes two duplicate versions of each staff
      * battlestaff....these staffs are modified versions of the original staffs, they are faster, can take and deal a bigger beating and are worth more, but they have less enchantment on them
      * quarterstaff....these staffs are not quite as powerful as the battlestaffs but are very fast, they share the same value and echantment and a lower weight than the battlestaff
    • Staff Seller by gorak
      In this mod a new npc merchant has come to Arrile's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen - you'll notice here: 3 new staffs, a new set of clothes, some scrolls, spells, soulgems, enchanter, spellmaker.
    • Enchanted Weapons by Ryan
      In Ball Fell a extremely tough Dremora has been summoned into the world, he has weapons that could enable him to wreck havoc apon the land. He must be stopped! Only the toughest and bravest of warriors may face him and yet live.
    • Volendrung Enchantment by Miltiades
      "The Hammer of Might, Volendrung is said to have been created by the Dwarves of the now abandoned clan of Rourken, hundreds of years before they disappeared from the world of Tamriel. It has the ability to grant health to its wielder, but it is best known for the paralyzing and strength leeching effects it has when cast at an enemy. Like the Dwarves who created it, Volendrung is prone to disappearing suddenly, resurfacing sometimes in days, sometimes in eons."
      This Mod will attempt to create Volendrung to better resemble the one from Daggerfall. Personally I hated the fact that the weapon came at a measly value of 600 Septims and had no enchantments (and only 5.5 enchantment-points).
    • Throwing Spells by Mad DJ
      Adds an NPC who sells throwing spells to the Balmora mages guild. The spells are mostly balanced, those which are powerful are also expensive. You also have to be journeyman of the Mages Guild. This should not be a problem since you can be advanced to journeyman without doing any duties.
    • Caster Staffs by Nemidaelius
      Makes the wizards staff, teh staff of magnus, and hasedockis staff useful to mages.
  • Clothing
    • Amulet Collection by The_Conjurer
      Amulet Collection adds about a dozen custom model amulets to the MW world with some very interesting enchantments. Can you find them all? For sale at several traders or hidden in the game world.
    • WizBang's Robes by WizBang
      These are requested robe that I created. They applies the same color scheme as the Robe of the Liche (Tribunal) to two of Bethesda's original meshes.
    • MJP Telvanni Clothes 1.0 by mplantinga
      Telvanni enchanters discovered a way to enchant clothing with no visible signs of their magical nature, with enchantments that feed on the wearer's power. A full set of Telvanni Clothes provides protection against elemental damage, magicka and poison; gives sanctuary from attacks; absorbs and reflects magical attacks; restores health, magicka, and fatigue and shields the wearer from attacks. These benefits increase in power as the wearer rises through the ranks of the Great House Telvanni but will have no effect for characters who are not members. The clothes must be added via the console. Requires Tribunal.
    • Necromantic Robes 2.1 by Canus
      Tired of those pink and yellow robes that Mages seem to wear? Check out this mod for some fashion tips for the clothes-conscience Necromancer. Get the female version courtesy of CanadianIce here.
    • Telvanni Robes 2.0 by Canus
      When you think Telvanni, don't you usually think dark and mysterious? Well, now they can start looking the part rather than just acting it. Don't forget to get the female version courtesy of CanadianIce here.
    • Wizard Clothes 1.2 by Aragon
      This mod adds wizard clothes to the shop of the fine clothier Milie Hastien in Balmora. These clothes have a higher enchantment rating than normal. This mod is meant especially for unarmored heroes.
    • Wizard Hats 1.0 by Daduke
      Adds thirty-one recolored Wizard Hats that can be bought in the Mage Guilds in Ald-ruhn, Balmora, Caldera and Vivec. You have to be a member of the Mages' Guild before you can buy one because it is the symbol of a Wizard, a symbol of status. Some sellers will refuse to sell the hats to you if your level is too low. 3.28 MB.
    • Exquisite Robes by WizBang
      This adds 6 simple retextured versions of the exquisite robe. It's added to a couple clothiers around Morrowind such as the one in Balmora and Vivec.
    • Black Robes by Pie
      Two different robes in the package-one black and white one black and purple. Both can be found in the Balmora Mages Guild.
    • Telvanni Robe by MP*Canus
      For the discerning magic-user who doesn't wish to look like a pansy in a pink and yellow robe, comes the Tevanni Robe! Made by Telvanni-owned slaves in a hidden sweatshop, these robes combine the finest materials and workmanship you'll find anywhere in Morrowind. Ready to enchant at finer clothiers across Vvardenfell!
    • Archmagister's Robe by Fulgrymm
      I created this because I wanted a more tangible reward than an out of the way stronghold for becoming Archmagister. Similar in fashion to getting the Necromancer's Amulet for killing Trebonius. Gothren is also more powerful than before, as the Archmagister should be, and he has more spells at his disposal. A level 1 character will be very hard pressed to kill him for this robe. This mod requires MP*Canus's Telvanni Robe.
    • Ring Capability Shop by Sand5torm
      A mod that basically transforms your original game unique rings, into G-rings which can be worn on your hands. Allowing you to wear more than 2 rings. At least 4 in the balanced verion. You can also buy custom enchanted rings so you can enchant them yourself. So you can use 4 home made rings if you don't want to use the unique/artifact rings or G-rings.
    • Beast-Boots of Blinding Speed by Kraevyn Deezaia
      Removed the Left/Right Foot component of the ingame Boots of Blinding Speed so that beast races can wear them now. Nothing else was changed regards the enchantment.
    • Boots of Blinding Speed Patch by abyss00
      Makes the "Boots of Blinding Speed" more usable then those that came with the game. These new boots should reduce boring travel, without making them an unfair advantage in battle.
    • CanadianIce's Customizable Robe Replacer by CanadianIce
      You've decided you don't like the stock look of Morrowinds robes, especially when worn by a female. Good... you've come to the right place, because I don't like them either. Now I have 2 base replacers for you to chose from.... one uses meshes from Hurdy Gurdy, the other uses NioLiv's meshes. Both of these replacers will work just fine with original bodies, better bodies or smoother bodies.
    • Cloak Collection by Mephisto
      A fine selection of magical and mundane cloaks, hoods, robes and capes. To find out the locations of the set items you must speak with Salvor, a Dunmer somewhere on the streets of Balmora.
    • Amulets and Rings Upgrade by Daduke
      This mod adds 246 amulets and 130 rings. Current there is no specific way to get the amulets or rings...(ie - you can't buy them). However, anything that uses a leveled list for rings or amulets has a chance of getting one my amulets or rings. So happy hunting :)
  • Homes & Buildings
  • Mages Guild
    • MaGISTraTe's Mage's Guild Rewards 2.0 by MaGISTraTe
      Why would a Grand Wizard in the Vvardenfell Guild of Mages live as a squatter, when any jumped-up Telvanni lives in a grand tower with an army of retainers? Except in the Great Houses, the original game makes no allowance for your growing stature but this house mod does.
    • Solstheim Mage's Tower 3.0 by Dr No
      This mod adds a Mage's Tower to Solstheim and includes fast-travel. The first time you go there you need to travel on foot. A map with the location of the tower can be found in the Balmora Mages' Guild. 3.09 MB. Requires Bloodmoon.
    • Archmage Tower by Ravensong
      I created this mod a long time ago and it is one of my favorites. Over time, I have revised it and incorporated elements of other mods I have made into it. The changes have been so many that I decided to release this updated version.
      It is still the old tower and it is still in beautiful downtown Pelagiad but, it has received an exterior facelift and most of the interiors are completely remodeled. The new Archmage Tower has all the features of the old one plus a few more surprises. However, if you used the original version, you will not be able to access the new tower so easily. This time you have to complete a quest to claim it. After all, a tower befitting an Archmage should not be claimed by just walking into it. I made the quest relevant to the Guild of Mages and incorporated my vision of the history of the tower and the events that lead it to be known as the Archmage Tower. To start the quest, speak to Felix, the Khajit that wanders around the road in front of the tower. This version does require the Tribunal expansion. I hope you like it, and if you are not a mage, you can still do the quest. After all, there is no reason why a warrior or thief can't live in oppulent luxury too. But.. bear in mind that it has been designed as a treat for mages :)
    • Balmora Mage Basement
      Simply adds a basement to the Balmora Mages Guild (as the title implies). Fairly minimal, extends a corridor in the Mages Guild leading to a new door accessing the Basement. The Basement itself is comprised of 3 rooms, sparingly furnished, including an assortment of empty draws and chests for storage. Does add all the secret master alchemical apparatus though.
    • Being Better Archmage by Erik Drablos
      Don't think you get enough perks as the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild? Me neither. That's why this mod adds the Arch-Mage's private chambers to the Vivec Mages Guild. In the chambers you will find a storage, a nice bedroom, a private library(you have to fill it up yourself), an assistant who takes care of your payment, a nice living room and two cells with a creature for soultrapping purposes in each of them.
  • Telvanni
    • Grow Your Own Telvanni Towers 2.01 by Kaos_nyrb
      Adds nine spells allowing you to grow Telvanni towers anywhere.
    • Tel Magus by Aragon
      Adds a beautiful Telvanni-style tower in either of two locations: in the Grazelands just north of Zainab camp or in the Ascadian Isles just south of Ebonheart. With an indoor tree spanning over four floors, the entire interior is made from a single cell for quick load times when you go through a door.
    • Tel Valanyon by Fürst Bismarck
      My first mod is finally complete. It adds a new telvanni tower to Sadrith Mora and only when you get a stage 3 stronghold in House Telvanni.
    • Ald Morgatha by Nightspore
      This plugin adds a quest to obtain a Velothi Tower with LOTS of storage space, a Khajit trader with an unlimited supply of soul gems, a high level sorcerer trainer, a slave for transport to Balmora, Ebonheart, Ald-ruhn and Dagon Fel, another slave for transport to Sadrith Mora, Tel Vos, Vivec Telvanni Quarter and Uvirith's Grave. The khajit trader will also transport you to the Creeper in Caldera.
    • Serene Tower of Tel Branora by Ravensong
      The Serene Tower of Tel Branora is enchanted. It was sealed long ago and will only yield its secrets to the one who finishes its quest. The rental room at the Balmora Council Club holds the first clue. The tower is a mage's ideal, constructed in Telvanni style The interior has every amenity a mage would require from hi-capacity containers to the multi-leveled laboratory.
    • Telvanni Manor in Tel Branora by Ravensong
      A lovely Telvanni manor house at the entrance of Tel Branora, this dwelling offers nicely decorated accomodations which include a a truly quaint master bedroom with adjacent library/laboratory, a dining area, and a storage room with very generous size chests. This is the perfect vacation home for the wandering adventurer. If your travels take you to Tel Branora, this is the perfect spot to relax and regain your energy till the next dungeon hop.
    • xZen's Telvanni Tower by xZen
      This is the first and most likley the only version of this plugin which adds a large (on outside) Telvanni Tower on top of the Moesring Mountains, near the ship on the land, in the Solstheim Land. I chose this spot in an effort to provide a house in an area that most likley has not been modded by another mod.
    • Vacant Telvanni Manor by Aquatakat
      Adds a small manor-style house in Sadrith Mora, near Wolverine Hall. Not meant to be a big house mod, but an adequate house mod. Mostly designed to give me some practice dealing with Telvanni style architecture.
    • Telvanni Study Home by HogOfDeath
      A small home is placed in Sadrith Mora, called the Telvanni Study Home. It is a nice place with a good bit of storage. This mod is not cheap and is well blanced for a low level character waiting for their Telvanni Stronghold.
    • Valduryon - Your own Velothi tower by Ciriuz
      Valduryon. The ideal home for any wizard. It is situated west of the St. Delyn canton, and north of Ebonheart. It comes with a bedroom, a training dummy, spellbooks, a library of useful books, 2 enchanted Sphere Centurions, your very own shrine in the basement.
    • Tel Magus by Aragon
      A beautiful Telvanni style tower that is great for mages and fighters alike! On the one hand, it is a grand house with an indoor tree spanning over four floors, but at the same time it has a cozy and rustic atmosphere. I tried hard to make this a realistic and practical house, with quick access to the bed room and teleportation chamber. There is also a great display room with armor mannequins and glass display cases. Furthermore, the alchemy room has a very convenient crystal that automatically puts all your ingredients in a special ingredients chest. There is an outside balcony with a fire pit and an underground cave where the indoor waterfall ends. Last, but not least, the top floor has a secret entry (can you find it?) that holds a return ring and a powerful staff for mages. The entire interior is made from a single cell, so there are no inconvenient load times when you go through a door. This also gives a highly three-dimensional feel to the tower, with `peek throughs' to other floors (see the reading room screenshot for an example). There are two locations where you can choose to put Tel Magus: either in the Grazelands (just north of Zainab camp), or in the Ascadian Isles (just south of Ebonheart).
  • Tel Uvirith
    • Great House Stronghold Vaults by Vrykulakas
      A storage vault has been added to each of the Great House strongholds. I added places for weapons and your favorite mannequin mod, along with several chests to stash miscellaneous items. Also, as you collect some rare swords and donate them to the Mournhold Museum, they'll appear on display in your vault as well. The Hlaalu and Redoran vaults ought to be accessible after the first stage of construction -while access to the Telvanni vault is available after the second. A key can be found in the master bedroom to unlock it.
    • Green Uvirith by ThaEgbird
      when i got my telvanni stronghold at uvirith's grave i thought it looked realy cool. IMHO the tower itself rulez, but the surroundings where realy disapointing. there where almost constant duststorms and i hated the surrounding ashlands with its blighted beasts everywhere around. also i had to waste a lot of time running back and forth between sadith mora and my stronghold so i decided to make a mod to change all of this.
      This plugin/mod turns the area around your telvanni stronghold at Uvirith's grave into a lush oasis surrounded my high hills and deep waters. the ash on the ground has been traded for grass, the ash-trees for real trees and the stones for flowers. right next to the stronghold is a deep canyon with a silt strider you can use to travel to various locations. also since you, as arch-magister, are the most powerfull wizzard on Vvardenfell i think your tower and the area around it should reflect that, so Tel Uvirith is now much bigger with 4 new houses, a tavern at the towns enterance, a smith to repair your stuff, a guard house and 3 guard towers all with there own interior, and your very own observatory! also there is now a mages guild in town with its own guild guide to make traveling even more easy. (there are also rumors of a thiefs guild in town, but it is well hidden) there is also a new book telling about the founding of Tel Uvirith.
      Note: Compatible with Uvirith Vault.
    • Green Uvirith Expansion by KJ
      This mod adds to the Green Uvirith mod (Green Uvitith is not required). It adds a city around Tel Uvirith and a new sort of guard. Thanks to the Maker Of Village of Mora Uvirith for the interiors used in the city.
    • Iorya Dragon's Tel Uvirith Tower by Iorya Dragon
      This plugin add new things to your tower in Tel Uvirith after you become Master in Telvanni House and have built your tower.
    • Tel Uvirith Rebuilt by Zurin Arctus
      This mod is tailored to my Character, who is the Patriarch of the Temple, as well as Archmagister, so you may not like the little back ground story, if you play a hard line Telvanni. There isn't an Imperial presence, though.
      The outside of Tel Uvirith is no longer a wasteland, it is now green, and has pleasant weather. The reason for this is an alliance sworn between Master Uvirith and Master Aryon. Also, a new village in the Indoril (Mournhold) style complete with an Indoril embassy has cropped up; all because of Master Uvirith's newly signed alliance with Great House Indoril in return for funding, lots of it.
      A Total Rebuild of the exterior cells around Tel Uvirith. A HUGE Library in the Temple, featuring all the books in the Original Morrowind (excluding quest related books, no main quest cheats or anything! ), and Books from Tamriel Rebuilt's "Books of Tamriel". Tel Uvirith Tower and the original houses that surround the base of the Tower were untouched, insuring compatibly with "Uvirith Inside"
    • Tel Uvirith Storage by Godwryn1.0
      This is for all you people who have trouble with uvirithvaultv10. This mod will make a Nice Telvanni Tower type storage room. I personally recommend having completed the quest with the Imperial in Aryon's Tower.
    • Tel Uvirith Stronghold by Jaysun Huck
      This plug-in adds a considerable amount of new objects and containers to the Telvanni Player Stronghold, Tel Uvirith. Additionally, there are a few new NPCs that offer services not found previously at the tower Arshes Nei - a dark elven Guild Guide that will teleport you to Caldera, Balmora, Sadrith Mora and Vivec. To get back to Tel Uvirith, you must go to the Guild Guide in Balmora. Additionally, this lady also enchants items for you and will buy some of the really expensive items as well as she has a considerable amount of gold on her. Nuzzgrond - is a Master-of-Arms and is a good trainer for those wizardly types that need to work on their sword arm. Finally, down in the dungeon is Mzulecht, the Steam Centurion Armorer. - Mzulecht was re-engineered by Telvanni Enchanters and is not only a powerful Guardian for Tel Uvirith, but is also a Blacksmith. Go to him to have all your weapons and armor repaired.
    • Tel Uvirith Teleport by Big Chief
      This plugin adds a ring that will teleport you to Tel Uvirith when equiped. Find the ring on the steps in front of Meldor: Armorer in Balmora.
    • Tel Uvirith Ultimate Compilation Compiled by Xuial, various authors
      This is a compilation of the Uvirith Underground, Uvirith Vault and Uvirith Unleashed, with some changes of my own. You will now find three more housepods attached to the outside of Tel Uvirith, and some enourmous cavern deep below. There are also two quests, which I did not write, but they are both rewarding and fun.
    • Tel Uvirith Underground by Morphera
      Ever wondered how deep the roots of your tower go...? This mod lets you enter a beautiful world far below the tower of Tel Uvirith. Discover beautiful waterfalls, misty lakes, ancient ruins and even a subterranean forest. Discover the long forgotten Citadel of Uvirith, and learn some dark arts ... This is the same mod as the original Tel Uvirith Underground, I also added some new nice spells and items, to make up for this. This mod does not conflict with Uvirith Unleashed. I haven't tried the other Uvirith mods, but since the entrance is situated in the tower dungeon, any mod removing this cell will make this mod unaccessable.
      Note: requires New NPC Replacer 3.5
    • Thaxlldor's Uvirith Additions by Thaxlldor
      This mod adds a vault to the lower level of the tower in Tel Uvirith and adds a meeting room to the upper level of the tower. The dining room has been modified and so has the bed in the bedroom. I have replaced the centurion sphere in the lower level with a stationary steam centurion. This mod was created because I felt that people were getting carried away with their mods; turning the tower into a huge mansion. All the Uvirith mods I downloaded weren't very well thought out in my opinion. The mod changes Tel Uvirith tower slightly to better suit an adventurer who has accumulated quite a fair amount of loot.
    • The Towers of Uvirith by Astion
      This version of The Towers of Uvirith will add a large tower next to Tel Uvirith. It is a building purely constructed for storage, and will feature many different rooms: An Armoury, a Library, an Artifact Storage vault complete with animated display cases, an extensive cellar complex, and much more. The new tower will grow as Tel Uvirith does, but will only be accessible when the third construction phase is complete. As my modding experience grows, I will release updates for the mod. The ultimate aim of The Towers of Uvirith is to see Tel Uvirith expanded into a sprawling city, the largest Telvanni city on Vvardenfell and the seat of Telvanni power. This will be accomplished by completing quests. This mod will NOT conflict with DopeHatMan's "Uvirith Inside" or "Uvirith Awakened".
    • Town of Uvirith by Tapani_doe
      This is a mod for Telvanni characters. After the 3rd stage of your stronghold is finished, You'll find a strange man outside your tower. Here starts your quest for building your own town: Town of Uvirith.
      Note: requires New NPC Replacer 3.5
    • Uvirith Awakened Beta by Team Uvirith (DopeHatMan, Vorwoda, Grumblepunk)
      Uvirith Awakened is the third generation in Tel Uvirith mods. First were Uvirith Unleashed and Uvirith Vault. Those were combined (and made compatible) with a lot more stuff to become Uvirith Inside. Awakened is an extension of Uvirith Inside, it expands the tower even more, gives more quests for Fast Eddie to do, updates the Alchemy Desk, gives you a constant summoning chamber (just beware the things that you can't control), along with enchantments to put on your study, such as Telekinesis 50 ft, which must be researched and cast... prety much if you're a Telvanni, you'll want to check it out...
      UA doesn't affect the outside, it's strictly an interior mod.
    • Uvirith Awakened Pre-Final by Team Uvirith and Marac
      This is a major, pre-final update of an older beta-mod. After the original members of Tel Uvirith split their ways, I've agreed to take the ropes and finish their project. After being in limbo for almost a year, Seden's PM's made me take it up again. In this update I've decided to concentrate on refurnishing the living quarters of the tower and updating it with new models, and I think the result is much more aesthetically pleasing than in the earlier versions. Your quarters look rich and comfortable enough, fit for a Telvanni Archmagister.
      UA doesn't affect the outside, it's strictly an interior mod.
    • Uvirith Expanded by Mystic Knight
      Uvirith Expanded is filled with many new expansions to the Tel Uvirith Stronghold. Personal Alchemy Lab - Grand Ballroom...Grand Library...Throne Room...Transportation, teleport room..NPC apprentice...Grand Dining room...Storage vaults; Dwemer deep inside a hidden secret to uncover by discovering a secret dungeon.
    • Uvirith Inside by DopeHatMan
      This was initially just going to be a combination of Uvirith's Vault and Uvirith Unleashed. What has happened is that it's taken on a life of it's own, and hopefully does justice to both mods. Instead of both additions being just given to you with all their bells and whistles, you have to work to get the good stuff. Fast Eddie now has more quests he can do for you, and believe me, they're worth it. Plus, him doing quests will rais your reputation in the world.
      Some of the wonderful new extras include a spellbook to make your own spells, another book to make your own enchantments, a bag of holding that you may access via an item that's handy for times of looting, an alchemy desk with some very handy devices built into it, you'll see when you get it. The extras don't yet work with the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions, and they are not required to run Uvirith Inside. The other part I'm extremely proud of is the complete revamp of Lap's Inscription mod. No longer does the skill randomly increase, it's learned now and there are many more possible scrolls you may end up with. Hopefully I've merged it all in well enough that it fits well with the original Tel Uvirith
      Note: compatible with 'The Towers of Uvirith'
    • Uvirith Outpost by Akura
      Uvirith Outpost is a small housing Mod a few steps south of Uvirith's Grave. The Outpost has no overpowering items, just some clothing and basic weapons for show.
    • Uvirith Unleashed by Grumblepunk
      This mod expands and renovates all three levels of the Tower of Tel Uvirith. Instead of that little hovel the Telvanni jam you into when you finish your stage III stronghold, you will now have a tower that makes Tel Naga look like a cottage.
      * Two new companions, one of which you have to Quest for.
      * Grand entrance that rivals the largest Telvanni towers, fully guarded by Fire Centurians
      * Fully stocked Mages Study featuring Ghost's famous Alchemical Jars and Lap's Inscription capabilities
      * Trophy room covered in tables and mannequin niches, wall to wall.
      * Two new spellbooks, each teaching a unique spell.
      * Black robe, cloak, and boots. All new textures and meshes. Fully unique
      * Massive dungeon with an underground lake and waterfalls
      * More features inside, but I'm not going to give the whole thing away
      Note: Compatible with Green Uvirith and Uvirith Vault.
    • Uvirith Vault by ThaEgbird
      Some of you may know my first plug-in, Green Uvirith. This one, Uvirith Vault, has been designed to be used with Green Uvirith but it can be used without. The reason I made this is because I was somewhat disappointed with the stronghold as you get it when you become the new Telvanni Archmagister. Sure, it looks nice enough but it just isn’t the symbol of power you would expect the head of the great house Telvanni to have. This plug-in adds a considerably large vault under the player stronghold of Tel Uvirith. The entrance is where the weird dead body is in the dungeon.
      Note: Compatible with 'Green Uvirith'.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Ascadian Alchemical Laboratory by Athame
      Ascadian Alchemical Laboratory adds a fully decked out alchemical laboratory right in the back yard of Lady K Ascadian Rose Cottage.
    • Magus Realm Tower by Korana
    • Cave of Lost Wizards by Andrew
      This mod adds the cave of Jhabamirr, a very powerful wizard lord with a vast cavern complex at his fingers - adds adamantium guards on an island with the portal to Jhabamirr's cave on it - also adds an empty pod house on the island and another velothi style house in Azura's Coast Region 20, 5 i think. My friend named it poopness to annoy me but the it is very roomy and has two powerful glass blades in it, Glory and Mischief. This is hpoefully one of many caves of the "Grand Wizards".
    • Wizards Lair by Hunter
      Adds an abode for a wizard at St. Olms Canal North-one.
    • Balmora University by Ravensong
      Balmora University is located by the south wall accross from the strider. Its faculty has expertise in all disciplines.
  • Mage Companions and Familiars
    • Mage Companion Kendra 2.01 @ Planet Elder Scrolls or RPG Mods by Baratheon79
      Adds a female mage companion to the game, who can be found in her shack in Gnaar Mok. She will level up along with the player. She will also automatically heal herself or the player if either drops to 50% health or lower. This mod was the first to include this auto-healing feature, which has since been retrofitted into many of my other companion mods. Includes companion share and a version of Grumpy's warping script, as well as a face from Emma's Breton head pack. Kendra can now automatically cure herself of disease, and the player of paralysis. She will also cast a chameleon spell when the player is using chameleon or invisibility.
    • Mage Companion Gabrial by Palinurus
      This is a template for a mage companion based on the late Grumpy's "Beryl" companion. This mod tries to cater to those who want their companion to be different from their PC - or, to be more precise, who specifically want a mage for a companion. Gabrial levels up with the PC, and with every level you get to decide which magical skill to raise, thereby determining which new spells she will add to her repertoire. You can meet Gabrial in Seyda Neen, where she is waiting at the town entrance.
    • Nevena's Assistants & Apprentices by Nevena
      This plugin includes: 80 new hireable assistants/apprentices, and one new East Empire Company merchant selling ingredients derived from Bloodmoon and Tribunal ingredients. This merchant also has three new ingredients that will allow the creation of Mark and Recall potions. The servants can be: Blacksmith, Chef, Brewmaster, Apothecary, Magister (Enchanter/Spellmaker), Guard or Seneschal. All you have to do is find them, hire them, and pay them by the month.
    • Tolarn, small dragon companion by MentalElf
      A small dragon companion. Leveling: Tolarn starts at level 8, he advances by combat, leveling up. His health increases by 10 for every level he gains. Every five levels (1st at level 13 for example) he gets an increase in not only health but also melee damage and magic defense. You can see this by using his commands "Check Attack" and "Check Defense".
    • MentalElf's Familiar Grimlok 1.0 by MentalElf, also at the Summit
      Adds up to four companion familiars that will bond with you, need your company and fight for you. New scripting so that the familiars keep up with the player and other improvements including a levelling system.
    • Pocket Pals Base Pack by hessi9
      This mod adds figurines that can be "filled" with a soul. That soul can then be summoned with the figurine to accompany the player as a familiar, and then placed back into the figurine when the player chooses or when time demands. The summoned familiars start out as smaller, weaker versions of what they were in life, but then can go through as many as 20 levels of development, ending up even stronger.
    • Improved Teleportation 2.0 by Cdcooley
      Companion friendly and multiple location teleport spells allow you to keep your companions and other followers near you when you use teleportation magic and provide an alternative to the MultiMark Mod which works in any cell, even those added by other mods.
      NOTE: require MWSE
    • Companion Teleportation 1.1 by Cdcooley [WA]
      Tired of Companions that can't follow when you teleport? Afraid to run external programs? Then this one is for you. Talk to your companions about 'teleportation and then use an Intervention, Recall, or the new Companion Teleport spell and the companions will follow to any exterior location. This is a trimmed down version of the features in Improved Teleportation 2.0 so don't use both at the same time. Use the MultiMark Mod with this and you'll get many of the features of Improved Teleportation but only in exterior cells. (Version 1.1 really does work with MultiMark now.)
    "This is in no way a comprehensive list. I'm just trying to add to my collection of Mage-related mods. I have no doubt that I've unfortunately forgotten to include some wonderful mods... please take no offence, just let us know] . . . .
    Unfortunately, this will probably be my last updated Mage-Mod Thread for a long time. I have recently enlisted in the Army, so I won't be having as much time on my hands as before. Ronin49 has been kind enough to offer to take over maintenance of this thread and its future versions. . .
    I would also like to thank all of the authors listed above and everyone that they've thanked in their ReadMe's. Without these creative and dedicated people, Morrowind would definitely be a much more uninteresting place to be.Thanks Again!!"
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