Mercantile Mods

Updated September 10, 2006

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Please review these Cautions carefully if you are new to mod use or using this list for the first time.


    General Economy:
  • Economy Adjuster
    by HotFusion4. A series of modular plug-ins designed to reduce the amount of cash available in the game; to rectify the current situation, where the player makes an ever-increasing amount of money, but faces an ever-decreasing list of expenses.
  • Economy: Merchants and Taxes
    by Biges. Sets Mercantile and Speechcraft of merchants to appropriate levels and keeps them raising with the PC's progress. Also introduces progressive taxes based on your level.
  • Morrowind Economy/Trade Fix
    by Piratelord. All traders now have finite starting stocks, including containers. If you buy it all, you need to wait for them to obtain new trade goods, which may not be the same as their original stocks. Also improved are the Mercantile and Speechcraft settings of all traders.
  • The Farmer Mod
    by Josh. The mod allows the player to begin a career in the farming business. Hire farmhands and purchase small fields; buy slaves, slavemasters, plantation guards, pack guars and larger fields. Join the Farmers Guild and raise in the ranks as your fellow farmers praise you. Trade crops with crop sellers in each guild.
  • Pegas Horse Range
    by MADMAX and team. Horse ownership in Morrowind has now been fully realized. Pegas Horse Ranch grants you the ability to buy, sell, breed and train horses.
  • Indybank Mod
    by Indestructible and Kir. Adds a banking system to Morrowind, including loans and credits. Also, houses for purchase.
  • Dulsya Isle
    by Iridox. Allows you to help develop one of two settlements into a sprawling metropolis on the Isle of Dulsya. The expansions of the towns are related to the tasks you carry out for the founders.
  • Sim Manor
    by HotFusion. A dynamic and original ownable residence. Employ any number of workers in running the manor, making it into a thriving business, or driving yourself into debt. Note: this is still an alpha version and somewhat incomplete.
  • Erengard Mines
    by Graphite. Enables the player to run a single mine, buy equipment, hire miners, provide food and drink, hire guards and build installations.
    Service Industry:
  • Improved Inns
    by Taddeus. (Follow link to category "game improvements".) The mod allows you to rent a room for more than a day. The longer you rent a room, the more discount you get.
  • Hall of Heroes Expansion
    by Naky. Adds a new building to Balmora near the temple, which leads to a series of quests that will eventually let you your own a restaurant (that generates income) and museum to store your extra armour and items.
  • Wayfarer's Rest
    by Baratheon79. This mod allows the player to gain an inn, located along the road from Pelagiad to Balmora, and earn a profit from it. There is a quest to get this inn, and a couple more to improve it.
  • Nemon's Vvardenfell Co-operation
    by Nemon. Have you ever wondered from where traders receive their goods? Join the Vvardenfell Cooperation, and talk to one of the clerks for assignements to deliver packages to traders in 19 towns in Vvardenfell.
    Work and Trade:
  • CM Minor Quests
    by Cutthroat Mods. Adds NPCs who will offer the player work in ten different jobs: herb collecting, exterminating, fishing, gathering, ghosting, crab hunting, cliff racing, smuggling, skinning and nix hunting.
  • Fishing Academy
    by MadMax; updated by highpressure. You will find the Fishing Academy on an island slightly west of Gnaar Mok. Once you've joined, you can, among other things, catch several different types of fish and sell them to a new merchant.
  • PC Clothier - Balmora
    by AimeeKae. With this mod, your character can become the owner of a clothier shop. There are twenty random NPCs who will come into the store to buy goods from you. You can also hire an assistant to run the store while you are away and to make clothes with which to stock the store.
  • Role-Playing Jobs, Seyda Neen - Demo
    by Cliffworms. This teaser of RPJ allows you to work in six different common jobs in Seyda Neen. Work as a Lumberjack, Builder, Fisherman, Caravaner, Arrille's Assistant and Commoner Trainer.
  • Your Shop
    by Ydur. This is a modders' resource for constructing a working shop. It includes an assistant, who will give you some incoming orders. And there are three regular customers, who will frequent your shop.
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