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Updated September 18, 2005

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Thanks to Aragon who prompted this list with his excellent Monk Strategy Guide, the definitive guide for playing a monk in Morrowind, a hero relying on hand-to-hand combat and the unarmoured skill for protection, including discussion of interesting plugins and strategies.

Caution: This is a mod list, not a listing of compatible mods nor a specific endorsement of any that are here listed. Some mods are likely to conflict with others. See Telesphoros' List o' Mods for play tested mods and some recommendations on compatibility.

Read the readmes and start small to avoid problems. Some of these mods may still need to be cleaned of "Evil" GMSTs. Remember also to always backup your files before messing around with mods (especially Data Files, Save Games, and Morrowind.ini).

See Starting Out With Mods first if you are new to mods or new to Morrowind for PC. It is recommended reading before you start down-loading mods and messing up your game.

Please note that some mod makers patch and version their mods quite frequently. Links on this list therefore may not always point to the most current version: it is often worth double-checking the author's home site or the major download sites to ensure you have the most recent release. Also, mods are not removed from this list because a download source is experiencing hopefully temporary difficulties: where possible, alternate sources will be included.


  • Beasts of Burden: Shaolin Monks 1.2
    by Kevin Castellano. This mod adds the Shaolin class, including new powers, one trainer and a companion who levels up when you do. You can tell her through dialogue to follow or stay and she generally knows a little bit about every location.
  • Beasts of Burden: Packguar
    for a Packguar that she can control for you.
  • Druid MiniMod 1.1
    by Wytch. Adds the Druid: Guardian of Nature class with strengths in magic, alchemy and Unarmoured.
  • Iron Monk 1.0
    by Carl Batchelor. Adds the Iron Monk Class with the Short Blade ability to use Frank Myer's Claw Weapons and a merchant in Gnisis who sells a wide variety of enchanted Monk clothing, weapons and armour. Requires Tribunal.
  • The Claws
    by Frank Meyer.
    Combat Game Improvements:
  • Advanced Combat 3.2
    by Adul. Improves combat structure through the introduction of critical hits based on weapon skill, injury effects on stats, bleeding, five combat modes and Paths.
  • Combat Enhanced 1.2
    by Aerlorn. Improved combat structure with new moves and deaths. Requires Tribunal and Morrowind Enhanced.
  • Combat Moves 1.1
    by GhanBuriGhan. Gives the player the ability to perform special attacks of various kinds, four categories of weapons that all have different moves: one handed, two handed, pole arms and unarmed combat. Effects include knockout, real damage for Hand-to-Hand, disarming the opponent and much more. Requires Tribunal.
  • Dodging Mod 1.1
    by Horatio. The original, this mod adds a sanctuary ability to the character based on their Unarmored skill. The maximum sanctuary you can get is 50 - at 100 Unarmored. Unarmored must be at least twice as high as any of your other armor skills in order to work.
  • Dodge 2.1
    by Aragon. Makes Unarmored a much more powerful skill by adding a sanctuary bonus. Based on Horatio's Dodge mod.
  • Dodge Mod (Enhanced) 1.2-WD
    by LDones and Wdog. This version takes advantage of Tribunal scripting functions so, unlike the previous version, raising other Armor skills will no longer nullify your Dodge bonus. Requires Tribunal.
  • Dodge Mod for MWE 1.2
    by Tonto_101 and others. An adjustment to the Dodge mod to take advantage of Morrowind Enhanced. The sanctuary ability is now adjusted one point at a time, creating a more accurate representation of your Unarmored skill. Unlikely to work well with any other mod that modifies sanctuary bonuses, such as Blocking Enhanced. Requires Tribunal or Bloodmoon and Morrowind Enhanced 1.1. or better.
  • Enemy Hand-to-Hand Damage 1.0
    by aerelorn. Enemy punches will now do health damage instead of fatigue damage. A great complement to Combat Enhanced.
  • HTH Physical Damage 1.01
    by Argent. Gives the player the ability to inflict physical damage when striking bare-handed. No training, spells or gloves are needed. Simply install and load the mod and inflict non-spell based physical damage on an opponent.
  • Monk 1.0
    Aragon's mod tweaks settings for using Hand-to-Hand combat and Unarmored. It increases health damage done by HTH, it increases the armour rating of Unarmoured somewhat and it changes one of the bonuses on Bound Gauntlets from +10 Agility to +10 Unarmoured. (When cleaning 'evil' GMSTs, retain fUnarmoredBase2 and fHandtoHandHealthPer for mod to function correctly; courtesy LadyCallipyge.)
  • Morrowind Enhanced 1.2
    by aerelorn. This is the main external program you need to run the other ones - Combat Enhanced and Dodge Mod for MWE 1.2. Requires Tribunal.
  • Sneak, Stun
    by Balor. Adds the ability to perform stunning blows (gained automatically at level 3, HTH skill 60) and crippling blows (gained automatically at level 6, HTH skill 80).
  • Unarmored Corrector V01 (for players)
    by DinkumThinkum. Offers an alternative workaround for the infamous Unarmored bug: The Unarmored Corrector automatically equips an invisible helm when the PC is not wearing any armor. Having the invisible helm equipped makes the character's Unarmored skill work correctly.
    Lighting & Sneaking Game Improvements:
  • Light Based Sneaking 1.3.1
    by Vanhikes & qwert_44643. Stay away from the lights: the closer you are to light, the less able you are to sneak. This is intended to make sneaking realistically difficult. Requires Tribunal.
  • Light Based Sneaking Addon
    Lowers the ambient light of all non-city interior cells by 50-60% and lowers the ambient light of all city interiors by 30-40%. Increases the radius of all lights by 50-60%. Has the effect of making the world much darker and makes lights actually look like they are a major source of light in a cell. The dark version has all non-city cells with an ambient light of 0. Requires Tribunal.
  • tlm - The Lighting Mod (Modular) or (Complete)
    by Sensei. Dark dungeons, murky nights and no more sneaking in brightly lit taverns. Interior and exterior locations ambiance is darkened and fog colours modified. Sneak and stat modifiers are based on location, the armour worn and whether you are carrying a torch. Requires Tribunal.
    Items & Clothing:
  • Daedric Leather 1.0
    by Ko-Gar. Adds leather Daedric boots and gauntlets sold by the fine clothier in Ald Ruhn. For characters with high Unarmoured skill, these items are clothing and do not offer any Armour protection.
  • Gi and Sangauta
    by Mantodea. Adds an outfit and a pair of glass sangauta to the game.
  • Monk Items: Armshields 1.0
    by Talcos Stormweaver. Adds six new kinds of arm shields for monks, found on a few monks and scattered through Vvarndenfell.
  • Monk Mod 1.2
    by Tek. Adds a new staff and monk's robe and shoes to a chest in the Imperial chapel in Ebonheart, a staff that is as powerful as a war hammer early in the game.
  • Explosive Strike Spells from Scripted Spells 1.4
    by Cortex. Adds a spell that causes an explosion each time you strike someone within the next minute. Especially useful to hand to hand experts as strikes are very fast, giving many more explosions than most weapon strikes would get. These spells are absolutely lethal if you cast a few of them before attacking with hand to hand. Requires Bloodmoon.
  • Fists of Fire 1.3
    by Argent. This introduces several cast-on-strike spells into the game, as well as blocking and physical damage when striking bare-handed.
  • Druid Quest
    by Adul. A series of five quests 'with a Druid feeling' and suitable rewards, armour pieces that reduce the chance of an animal attack.
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