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Updated July 15, 2007

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Many thanks to Curmudgeon for providing the Morag Tong links.

Caution: This is a mod list, not a listing of compatible mods nor a specific endorsement of any that are here listed. Some mods are likely to conflict with others. See Telesphoros' List o' Mods for play tested mods and some recommendations on compatibility.

Read the readmes and start small to avoid problems. Some of these mods may still need to be cleaned of "Evil" GMSTs. Remember also to always backup your files before messing around with mods (especially Data Files, Save Games, and Morrowind.ini).

See Starting Out With Mods first if you are new to mods or new to Morrowind for PC. It is recommended reading before you start down-loading mods and messing up your game.

Please note that some mod makers patch and version their mods quite frequently. Links on this list therefore may not always point to the most current version: it is often worth double-checking the author's home site or the major download sites to ensure you have the most recent release. Also, mods are not removed from this list because a download source is experiencing hopefully temporary difficulties: where possible, alternate sources will be included.


    Character Generation:
  • Stealth Warriors
    by Dark Paladine. Gives you several more stealth classes for races that are not normally stealth (except Khajiit).
  • Ultimate Thief
    by Pepsick. Adds a Class (Ultimate Thief), Birthsign (The Ultimate Thief), and some basic equipment in Seyda Neen (cuirass, ring, shoes, dagger).
  • Amadean Race
    by FireShadow. The Amadean...geared toward stealth; come with excelent acrobatics and a great chameleon ability that always works:) They have a weakness to disease and frost (about 10-15%); are nomadic and never stay one place for long.
  • Ayleids (Seamless BB)
    by Lochnarus. This plugin adds the Ayleid race as a playable race to the game of Morrowind. A Playable race, they are prone to stealth and magic, and have an inate chameleon ability. They have a weakness to shock.
  • Slof's Black Panthers (homepage)
    by AlienSlof. Adds a completely black Khajiit race with enhanced sneaking skills. Comes in both typical beast variety and an upright humanoid variety.
  • Chefik Race (homepage)
    by Sabregirl. The Chefik are a humanoid/elvish race with a few catlike features. They are lightly furred - males more so than females - but have no tails. Primarily geared around stealth, they are physically weak but quick and agile.
  • Chittaa'mer @ ElricM or @ PES
    by Westly. The Elven form of a species closely related to both Khajiit and Elven-Kind alike. The Chittaa'mer have abilities and spells that allow for the perfect assassin or thief, giving bonuses to speed and endurance.
  • Dragonlance Kender
    by Viz and Hangfire. Allows you to play the role of a little kender who has accidently managed to transport him or herself from Krynn into Morrowind. Skills are balanced and unique, allowing the kender to be brilliant thieves but weak fighters and unable to wield magic.
  • Garret the Thief
    by FuG-eRe. A race mod largely based on the Imperial, but with skill bonuses tailored for a stealthy character reminiscent of Garret of the Thief series.
  • Halflings
    by Lobotomist. Halfling race. Finally for all you Halfling fans. I created it for my self because I just couldn't play a thief if he wasn't a Halfling.
  • Jo'Rakht Race (homepage)
    by Sabregirl. This is a race of Khajiit Dunmer hybrids. They are a magic & stealth-based race, very acrobatic with a jump ability and slowfall so they always land on their feet. They also have a magicka bonus and CE night eye.
  • Keynari (homepage)
    by Sabregirl. Adds a small fox race that is particularly adept at magic and/or thievery.
  • Mog Mod (alt)
    by Ian McConville. Adds a race of moogles that are quite small and agile. Suggested fixes for the race here:
  • Lyssia's Nymphs
    by Lyssia. A very simple mod that introduces the nymphs from Daggerfall as a playable race of beautiful race of young women with powerful magical ability and a bent for stealth as well.
  • Racer Elf Race
    This race takes the place of the wood elf. It's a thief race with good hand to hand, unarmored, mercantile, speechcract, sneak, and security. It also has a 100% chameleon ability.
  • Silent Ones
    by Erdian7926. Three foot tall Argonians. with a love of thievery and throat slitting - that about covers it.
  • Ter'raen
    by Molten Gravy. This mod adds a Argonian sub species called Ter'raen, skilled in magic and stealth.
  • White Senche
    by Kieve. Adds a race of white tiger like Khajiit with a choice of feline and elven(-ish) features.
  • The X-jiit (homepage)
    by Regan. This mod adds 6 new races to Vvardenfell, all results of crossbreeding between Khajiit and Elf or human races. They are naturally stealthy, have an aptitude for unarmed combat and have inherited some of their abilities from their maternal side.
    Game Play:
  • Advanced Lockpicking
    by Burning Thunder aka bjorn. When you use a lockpick (not a mod added or the skeleton key) a mini-game will start. It's pretty easy to understand after a while.
  • Armor Effects-WD (homepage)
    by LDones and WDog. For a touch of realism, wearing restrictive, bulky Medium or Heavy Armors with this mod will now bring a cumulative Sneak Penalty. Heavy Armor will also cause a slight Agility Penalty, making Light Armor or Unarmored more attractive skill prospects for the thief-on-the-go.
  • Assassination 2.0 @ ElricM or @ PES
    by DragoonWraith. Assassination allows you to sneak up on enemies and kill them by snapping their neck, or knock them unconscious by cutting off circulation to their brain.
  • Crime Enhanced 0.2
    by Tonto. Light-based stealth & sneaking, stealing bugfix and less annoying guards.
  • Dark Assassin
    by Dark Paladine. Adds a new class and an NPC with new armour, weapons and amulet.
  • Dirty Deeds (homepage)
    by Fliggerty. Allows you more quests to do dastardly acts. It also offers you the option to have someone else do them for you. Requires MWSE.
  • Enhanced Stealth (homepage)
    by JOG. Adds some new features to your sneak skill including lighting-based sneak-skill modifiers, penalties for wearing medium or heavy armor (optional), sneak attack bonus, and assassination. Requires MWE v1.6.
  • Hitto's Useless ACE addons - Backstab
    by Hitto. This plugin fortifies your short blade skill depending on your sneak skill.
  • Light Based Sneaking
    by Vanhikes & qwert_44643. With this mod, the closer you are to lights the less you are able to sneak.
  • Lock Bash Enhanced
    by TheLys. This mod allows you to open most locked doors and containers by bashing them. It also includes an option to lock many doors in town at night.
  • Lockpick & Probe Weight Fix
    by Rob B. This is a little ESP that fixes the weight of all the probes and lockpicks found in Morrowind.
  • Morrowind Bandits Unlocked
    by Cliffworms. Brings realism to the game by adding keys to each locked chest and door in occupied caves, strongholds, deadric ruins and vampire lairs. You can find the keys in the owner's pockets or hidden somewhere around the room. Use your logic to find them!
  • Morrowind Cities Unlocked
    by Cliffworms. Brings realism to the game by adding keys to each locked chest and door in Morrowind's Cities. You can find the keys in the owner's pockets, in thier house, hidden somewhere or in a chest. Use your logic to find them!
  • Morrowind's Stupidest Criminals
    by Syclonix. Now talking to a guard while you have a price on your head will not accidently turn yourself in. If the guards didn't see you do it, they won't know your crime.
  • Nighttime DoorLocks-LD (homepage)
    by LDones. Citizens and shopkeepers across Vvardenfell will now lock their doors at night, Inns, Guild Halls, certain Tradehouses, and other appropriate buildings excepted.
  • NPC Enhanced
    by Horatio. It makes characters a little more interesting to fight. They will run away when injured and when one is engaged in combat, others nearby will join in. Now try to assassinate them. Requires MWE.
  • Ownership Indicator
    by Yacoby. When you look at a object that has a owner, your crosshair will turn red. Requires MGE 3.0.3+, with MWSE active.
  • Regionally Known Criminals (homepage)
    by Zennorious. This mod will make crime on Morrowind region dependent. This means that after you commit a crime in Balmora people in Caldera won't know about your crimes, but when you go back to Balmora you will get your bounty back.
  • Role-Playing Classes (Stealth Pack)
    by Cliffworms. This mod allows your character to perform several actions related to stealth characters, including entering houses through windows and selling stolen goods in smuggling bases.
  • Thief Experience Overhaul-LD (homepage)
    by LDones. Improves lockpicking, traps, open spells, and adds stealth/sneaking enhancements based on weather and time-of-day.
  • Toggle Sneak
    by Yacoby. Allows the player to toggle sneak moade on or off, rather than having to continuously hold down the sneak key. Requires Tribunal or Bloodmoon, MGE and MWSE.
  • Trap Difficulty Mod
    by Hyzmarca. This mod impliments a previously unused feature that increases disarm difficulty based on the strength of the spell used in the trap, making it difficult for those with low security skill to disarm traps.
  • Vvardenfell Footpad (homepage)
    by Fliggerty. This mod gives the player the option to accost NPCs and demand their gold. Depending upon your respective levels and various other factors, they may give you their gold, or they may put up a fight. Also included is an optional MWSE version which adds the ability to talk to NPC's while you are sneaking, and Quick-Picking, a fast simple version of pick-pocketing.
  • Weather Based Sneaking
    by Noirgrim. This mod grants different sneak bonuses when sneaking at night time, dusk and dawn, and in different weather.
  • Zooming Bows
    by Timeslip. Adds a zoom option to bows. Next best thing to a sniper rifle. Requires MGE.
    Armour and Clothing:
  • Archer's Leather Armor
    by WizBang. The mod adds a retexured set of light armor in a vacant pod in Sadrith Mora.
  • Carnithus' Armamentarium
    by Carnithus. Adds a shop to the Mournhold Bazaar that sells armour, weapons, wings, clothes, masks, and other items.
  • Assassin's Leather @ ElricM or @ PES
    by Redguard_Slayer. Adds an assassin's leather outfit based on the "underwear" for Dark Elf females from Lineage 2. Comes as both, armour and clothing.
  • Black 'n Red Assassin's Armor
    by Kayilla Nightstrider. Adds a new type of armor called Assassin's Armor. It's stronger than the Dark Brotherhood armor, and slightly more enchantable. It's not sold anywhere, but pieces of it are hidden across the land...
  • CM Fine Leather Mod
    by Cutthroat Mods. Now Arrille is selling fine leather armor based off the Dark Brotherhood armour, Dragonscale Helm and a leather version of the CM Battleshield Light.
  • Dagoth, Black Netch, & Red Dragon Armors @ ElricM or @ PES
    by Silver Sorrow. Adds four sets of armor: Black Netch is for stealthy/assassin types, Dagoth is evil, and Red Dragon has an oriental theme.
  • Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer Expanded with Ranks @ PES or @ ElricM
    by Dimitri Mazieres. Replaces all the DB armor with new models and textures. Different ranks of DB assassins have different armor and weapons.
  • Dark Glass armor
    by Hellwolve. Adds dark glass armour.
  • Dark Sisterhood armour in Starstone Outpost (homepage)
    by Calislahn & Regan. For the sexy stealthy types (Screenshot).
  • J-ninja
    by Joel Braddock aka Mantodea. Adds three ninja-esque outfits as armour, including one in dark brown for sneaking around at night.
  • Midnight Helm 2.0
    by Shade the Bandit & Wasabi. This mod adds a new unique helmet, the Tarnhelm, to the table in Gentleman Jim Stacey's hideaway once you become the Master Thief.
  • Ninja Outfits @ PES or @ ElricM
    by Ronin. Adds 5 retextures of Braddocks j-ninja outfits to an NPC in Molag Mar. Also available as clothing.
  • Shadowfox Armor
    by Westly. This plugin adds armour loosely inspired by Silk Fox from Jade Empire to TES III: Morrowind. The armour is sold to you by a member of the Morag Tong upon executing your first writ.
  • Shalk Lite Armor
    by Forseti. This mod adds a set of darker light armour more suited to those stalking the Ashlands or the dark in general.
  • Stalker armor redone
    by Spot1st. This mod adds a suit of thieves armor to the game. It's a light chain armor covered by studded leather.
  • Thieves Dark Leather
    by JamesW. This is a set of clothing for thieves who run about without armour. It now has to be earned by clearing out Addamasartus.
  • Thieves Garb Revised
    by Aaron Falis. This mod adds a full suit of Bal Molagmer clothes which, when all worn togather including the gloves, grants the wearer: +100 speed, +10 sanctuary, +10 int, +10 sneak, and +10 security.
  • Void Gear 2.1
    by Kieve. Adds several sets of armor, clothing, weapons and miscellaneous items eminently suitable for stealthy characters.
  • Suran Archery Tradehouse
    by WizBang. Adds a shop to Suran where you can buy many new bows, arrows, and armor.
  • Area Effect Arrows XB Edition
    by Xeth-Ban. A modified version of Bethesda's Area Effect Arrows mod which addresses some of it's unbalancing features: removes infinite arrow supply, daedric longbow, dwemer crossbow, makes it harder to steal items.
  • Arrow Additions
    by SwordForTheLord. The Vivec Fletcher now sells two more types of arrows: daedric arrows, and modified glass arrows enchanted with a short SoulTrap spell. Now enchanted hunters can trap their target's souls with a single flick of the wrist.
  • Assassin's Answered Prayer
    by Patryn. This plug-in gives you two new spell options: Bound Shortsword and Bound Arrows. Both weapons last the standard 60 seconds from the time their respective spells are successfully cast.
  • Assassins Armory
    by Michael "HelioS" Bennett. A large number of high quality weapons are added to the game, most of them with a defensive counterpart. What makes these defensive weapons different from a shield is that you block with a combination of your block skill and the relevant weapon skill.
  • Blackjack Mod
    by 9of9. Adds a blackjack (a la Thief) to Morrowind. Perfect for thieves as it allows you to rob people without killing them or making them aggressive as when the person comes to, they have no idea what hit them and will therefore not be able to report or attack you.
  • Mephisto's Dart Collection (homepage)
    by Mephisto. A new NPC has been added to the Morag Tong hideout in the Vivec Arena. He has various magical darts for sale, with prices ranging from 5000 to 20000 septims.
  • Kukri
    by Lord Delekhan. This is your basic Kukri, the weapon of choice for the knowledgable assassin, great for slitting throats and decapitations.
  • Legendary NPCs
    by Farrp. This mod adds a legendary assassin NPC that sells many new arrows, bows, cloaks, daggers, swords, a fletcher kit, and abilities that you can purchase.
  • Marksman Mod 1.46
    by Intelligentsia. A huge expansion on the game for marksman players, tweaking a range of marksman related skills and settings, adding a veritable arsenal of new marksman weapons, balancing the original weapons, and three new playable classes among other things.
  • TPO's Shadowhunt Replacement
    by The_Prodigy_One (TPO). This is a simple mod that replaces the Dark Brotherhood bow, Shadowhunt, with a new crimson and black retexture of an ebony bow, making it more appropriate for an assassin. It doesn't change any stats, just changes the model.
  • Soultrap Arrows
    by Lonnie. These are soultrap arrows and bolts which you can buy them from Ra'virr the Trader in Balmora.
  • Widow Maker crossbow
    by Phijama. This plugin adds one new crossbow, two crossbow pistols and a new bow to the game.
    Tools and Items:
  • Disguise Kit
    by Valkrist. Adds a disguise kit to the game. Now you can be a blackheart to your black heart's content (for a limited time, of course).
  • JamesW's Lockpicks, Probes, and Repair Items Retex
    by JamesW. A retexture of the lockpicks, probes, and repair items.
  • SirLuthor's Tools
    by SirLuthor. This mod replaces the textures of the lockpicks, probes and armorer's hammers with nicer versions.
  • Thief
    by Arcimaestro Antares. Adds 2 .esps. One adds a mask the thief can wear to alter bounty and reputation. The second adds a room under the thieves guild in Balmora for practicing.
  • Thief's Disguise Kit
    by Max. If your character has a price on her head she'll be able to disguise herself and wander about town without being accosted by annoyingly persistent law enforcement officers.
  • Trap Making Kit
    by Farrp. This mod adds two NPCs in Mournhold and Ald'Ruhn who sell a trap making kit, a book on trap making, empty trap casings, and various MW ingredients. If you purchase the kit you'll be able to make your own traps.
    Companions and Associates:
  • Ninja Girl, Kumiko's Revenge
    by Wildman. This mod adds a companion NPC, a young ninja girl named Kumiko, who's parents were assassinated in a conspiracy that included the Dark Brotherhood and the Cammona Tong and she will try to get you to help her get revenge.
  • Thief Apprentice Karenna
    by UlfGeir. This Mod introduces a young woman of low rank in the Balmora Thieves Guild. If you Join the Guild and attain a rank of Black Cap or higher, she'll ask you to accept her as an apprentice. If you accept her, she'll serve as your loyal looting companion.
  • Thief Companion Constance
    by Grumpy and Emma. She's unpredictable. She's unreliable. She's greedy. She's trouble. As a companion, she is probably worth her weight in... scrap metal. On the other hand, she might be an amusing company. At least if you can stand a companion that loves to chat your ears off, to drink your booze and to pick the pockets of your friends.
  • Abandoned House
    by Ozarck. This mod adds an old abandoned house in Balmora next to the Morag Tong building, a perfect hideout for thieves.
  • Assassin's Hideout
    by Arvelion. Adds a hideout accessible via a trapdoor in Dralcea Arethi's house, Balmora.
  • Assassin's Hideout
    by burningrave101. A new hideout in Balmora for all those thieves and assassins who need a place to get away from it all; lots of storage of course, a nice bedroom and nothing unbalancing.
  • Assassin's House
    By Boethiah539. The mod moves the south gates of Caldera, and adds a house for the player. The house has a bedroom, kitchen, and an underground area for the assassin's needs (alchemy room, armory, and a vault).
  • Balmora Thief Hideout
    by Trebor. Accessible via a trapdoor in the South Wall Corner Club, contains alchemy equipment, re-locking chest for practice, plenty of storage and a place to sleep. Ideal as a place thieves can call their own.
  • Balmora Thief Training Hall
    by Trebor. This mod adds a Thief training hall to Balmora with a locked chest for practice, practice dummies, an NPC selling picks, and a hammock if you fancy a nap.
  • Cozy Shak in Dagon Fel
    by Ravensong. This home was created with special attention to the thieves unique housing requirements. Although small, humble and in perfect keeping with a thief's need for a low profile, the cozyshak also provides a means to live in decadent luxury with grand accommodations, plenty of loot storage space, treasure display.
  • Swampy Shanty
    by Road Ratt. This large shanty makes for a good thief's hideout but may be used by all character types. It's located in Hla Oad just south of the boat transport up on the hill.
  • Thief Lair
    by Johndoe aka PCHL. Adds a hidden underground lair in Balmora for those Khajiit thieves out there. Also makes the Khajiit's nighteye constant, and adds the new class 'Pickpocketer' specialising in illusion and stealth.
  • Thieves' Cave
    by A. Bauer. This is a house mod that could also be considered a smuggler's cave. It's essentially a cave dwelling that you need to take over. This is a mod for those shady thieves, or barbarians that need a quick hideaway to stash loot and rest up.
  • Thieve's Den
    by A. Bauer. A condemned house is next to the cornerclub in Balmora. When you complete Sugarlip's quests you will receive a ring which will allow you to enter the Thieves' Den.
  • Thieves Guildhouse
    by Edgewood Dirk. This mod answers the problem that unlike the Great Houses, the Thieves' Guild doesn't provide much in the way of a stronghold.
  • Thieves Lair V1.1
    by Excidium. Small, darkly lit house on the far side of the river Odai in Balmora. Residence of the Master Thief.
  • Haldenshore (homepage)
    by JOG. Adds a new village southeast of Seyda Neen, with a new Thieves Guild base, 20 new quests, blackjack gambling, betting on Fistfights, and a Loanshark. Also available with Seyda Neen Docks.
  • Havish (homepage)
    by JOG. A new, big city northwest of Vvardenfell. New quests for Fighters Guild and Mages Guild and of course a lot of new Thieves Guild quests.
  • Ninja Dojo Beta
    by boethiah539. This mod adds some new armors, NPCs, quests, weapons, and a new building. The quests here are to encourage the use of stealth to perform illegal assassinations.
  • Suran Underworld
    by Matthew. Adds an extensive underworld to Suran run by a new criminal organization called the BloodFang Tong which, through the course of 20 quests, a player may rise to lead.
    Morag Tong:
  • Morag Tong Armor Replacer (J-Ninja add-on)
    by Lochnarus. This plugin adds a new look to the Morag Tong members' uniforms, using new custom armour made by Braddock. Requires the J-ninja Armour by Joel Braddock aka Mantodea.
  • Huleeya, Morag Tong Bugfix
    by escee. Fixes the bug related to being Grandmaster of the Morag Tong before doing the main quest.
  • Morag Tong Index
    by Matt. A quicker way to get back to the Morag Tong hideout in Vivec.
  • Morag Tong Writ Fix
    by Lurlock. Relieves you of the clutter of old writs by having the Morag Tong masters take them back if you've successfully completed the writ and have no bounty on your head. You will also be given an extra reward for completing the writ without needing to present your papers to the authorities.
  • The Shrine of Mephala
    by Westly. Significantly upgrades Mephala's shrine, featuring an actual statue of Mephala, unique arachnid guardians and several worshippers offering various services including the sale of custom armour and weapons befitting the servants of Mepahala.
  • Threads of the Webspinner Completed (V2.1)
    by Curmudgeon. This mod allows you to complete Bethesda's "Threads of the Webspinner" quest even if you have not collected and returned all of the threads to Eno Hlaalu before assassinating and replacing him as Grandmaster of the Morag Tong. There is one condition, however. You must become Grandmaster of the Morag Tong in the traditional manner
    Thieves Guild:
  • Bal Molagmer Quests
    by HappyHannah. This mod adds an NPC who will give you the Bal Molagmer quests after Stacey leaves, so you can complete them even after you have become the Master Thief.
  • Enchantable Gloves of the Bal Molagmer
    by Rastamage. This mod makes the gloves of the Bal Molagmer go from being common to exquisite quality (or even near artifact level). So now they are a prize instead of something to be tossed aside after the Bal Molagmer quests are done.
  • Join Thieves Guild
    by Soterios. Changes the "join thieves guild" dialogue options so that you are still able to join the Thieves Guild if you performed the "Sottilde's Code Book" quest for the Fighters Guild.
  • Sottilde's Codebook
    by Solescape. This mod expands the Sottilde's Code Book quest in Morrowind. The original quest is left untouched and intact, however once completed the player can roleplay a few additional scenarios. There is one path to remain a member of both Guilds, but it is difficult.
  • Thief Quests
    by kkleven. Sugar-Lips Habasi and Bacola Closcius at South Wall Cornerclub will give you 2 unique quests. Habashi's quest is Thieves Guild only and Closcius' quest is for everyone. Each of the two quests have several tasks.
  • Thieves Guild Job Tweak
    by J.O.G. A simple tweak, making the "steal Devil Tanto" Thieves Guild Job in Ald'ruhn more fun for the more pacifistic thieves.
  • Thieves Guild Travel
    by Florelle. Adds a travel service between branches of the Thieves Guild.
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