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Updated January 17, 2009

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The purpose of this list is to detail those mods that add significantly to the towns and cities of Morrowind. The mods here add more than just a house or change more than just a texture here or there. Whilst not, technically, mods that add to settlements I've also included mods that significantly change settlements; most of these mods affect Vivec and Molag Mar.

I've noted any conflicts detailed on the list by Faceless_Wanderer, if you want information about the mods marked as "Conflicts with..." check out that page.

This list was originally started by Craigor, the version you see here has been assembled by Dragon32.



  • A Khuul Mall by Morsepone7.
    Adds a new shopping mall, in the style of a Vivec canton, to Khuul village.
  • Ald Redaynia Extended by Princess Stomper.
    Adds docks, houses, a tavern, chapel and tradehouse to what was described in game as a small village but turned out to be just a tower. There are a couple of minor quests, plus a player home for sale.
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Ald Velothi Outdoor Market by saltmummy.
    Adds three stores to the small fishing village of Ald Velothi: a fishmonger, a clothier, and a smith. As this mod also fixes saltmummy's earlier Ald Velothi travel links mod you will need that mod too.
  • Ald-ruhn Expansion by Crankgorilla.
    Adds some more stores to Ald-ruhn including a weapon store, an archery store and a miscellaneous good store.
  • Armingers at Ghostgate by SiNNeR.
    Adds some Buoyant Armingers in and around the Ghostfence/Gate area. There are also some guards at the Ghostgate shrine.
    Conflicts with Guarded Ghostgate.
  • Balmora Expansion by Gorg, CanadianIce and Jeremy.
    Balmora expansion combines over forty existing well known mods that effect or add to Balmora and the surrounding area. It creates tons of new material and models, adds cohesive dialogue and interaction between the old and new, adds quests, dungeons, houses that can be earned and ties it all together in a tight knit progressive story. The neat part is that none of the original town statics or interior cells were touched so any mods that only add to the original Balmora and don't effect landscape still work as do all mods that add stuff to the inside of existing stores. For Jeremy’s part he has created a number of sets of all new exciting armour and clothes, and created his first store for selling his stuff: The Breton Knight. CanadianIce has created an all new Metal Queen Boutique store run by Erika's cousin Vonhelira. Both of these stores and the material contained in them will reside in the new Balmora exclusively.
    Additionally, Balmora Expansion includes a major sewer system part of which has been tamed of sorts and has become known as the Undercity. The Undercity was designed as a home for children of the night and darker beings. It currently houses a new version of Carnithus' Armamentarium, a temple to the Faceless God, a tavern, and a dark themed residence which can be earned as a home for the player if you are up to the quests.
    Slartibartfast has released a "lite" version (.ESP only) which removes many non-essential items from the exterior cells of Balmora to reduce the drain on PC system resources.  The original Balmora Expansion is still needed.
    As well as the lite version Slartibartfast has released a Texture Fix for Balmora Expansion which is an updated esp file containing miscellaneous tweaks and fixes for the Balmora Expansion 1.4 mod. The original Balmora Expansion is still needed.
    Requires Tribunal. Conflicts with Annastia.
  • Balmora Ghetto by Princess Stomper.
    Adds litter and fungus to the east side of Balmora for that "ghetto" effect, as described by the NPCs in the game. Buildings now have ivy and bungler's bane growing up the outside of them, to reflect their grotty, damp locations. Scraps of paper rot in the streets and old statues decay because of the flora sprouting up through the ancient stone. The wealthier commercial district enjoys the addition of a new statue and a waterfall. Just outside the city gates, near the siltstrider, are a number of empty shacks. Three are locked, but have the "soft" furnishings such as plates and cups. The fourth, called simply "abandoned shack", is unlocked and lacks soft furnishings. The shacks represent the sort of shanty dwellings that spring up outside any residential area and would suit any low-level character.
    Requires Tribunal. Balmora Expansion-compatible version included.
  • Balmora Market by Fra.
    Adds three market stalls including a raised market place in Balmora's merchant square.
    Incompatible with Balmora Expansion.
  • Better Caldera by Loki the Grouch.
    This plugin drastically changes Caldera, the changes include: a home for the player in the centre of Caldera, a barracks for the local Imperial Legion, a dramatically improved Shenk's Shovel, hundreds of new statics to add character to Caldera, minor changes to several homes and shops and a new trader.
    Incompatible with Children of Morrowind. Sandman101 has made a compatible version.
    Requires Bloodmoon.
  • Caldera Expansion 3006 by Mikau.
    Adds new traders and trainers, a Silt Strider, two houses (one of them with lots of storage space), a pack Guar seller, lots of flowers, trees, streetlights and more.
    Requires Tribunal.
  • Canton Fair by Pam&Ygdra (RuneThoughts).
    This mod adds some travelling merchants and a few of their customers to the streets of Vivec. The first fair is at the bridge in front of the Foreign Quarter. One of the merchants sells new arm jewellery from High Rock.
  • Chapels of Vvardenfell by Xanondorf.
    Adds chapels (with their own priests who offer blessings) to the Imperial settlements of Seyda Neen, Wolverine Hall, Pelagiad, Caldera and Dagon Fel.
    Conflicts with Nevana's Assistants and Apprentices.
  • City of Balmora by tor the destroyer.
    Turns Balmora into a major seaport like Ebonheart. Balmora now has a huge bay area with ship transport and a widened river for anyone using a pilotable ship. There's also a new player house on the docks called the "crow's nest".
    Incompatible with Balmora Expansion.
  • Gnisis Enhanced by Untot.
    This plugin adds some new traders and other miscellaneous details to the town, in an attempt to improve the atmosphere and realism of Gnisis.
    Requires Tribunal.
  • Gnisis Expanded by Craigor.
    This mod expands/enhances the West Gash town of Gnisis, home to the Mask of Vivec and starting point for all Legion hopefuls. included are new NPCs, new quests, new interiors and new features including a waterfall, an expanded Fort Darius, new buildings and a dock including boat access to and from Gnisis.
    The readme notes this conflicts with Vality's Grass mod.
  • GS_Seyda Neen Complete by Gianluca.
    A combination of Lonnie's Seyda Neen Docks mod, Seyda Neen Village Expansion mod by Beardo, Seyda Neen Expanded ver 1.0 OFFICIAL by Mystikilla, Dogmeat's Servant Repository, Seyda Neen - Extension Mod v 1.0 by Webspinner and A Quaint Cottage in Seyda Neen by Ravensong.
  • HG Vivec Cantons by Holy_Handgrenade.
    This is an update to Szazmyrr3's Vivec Replacement, see below. The changes made are: banners that are inside will no longer flutter in the ashstorms outside for Molag Mar. Vivec banners now outside will flutter in the wind. Changed the Foreign Quarter plaza so that it now reflects the original plaza, with a small house.
  • Hla Oad Expanded by fashayshay.
    Adds a lot of new content to the town of Hla Oad, including a weapons shop, an armour shop, Mud Crab farm and new taverns.
  • JamesW's Seyda Neen Expanded by JamesW.
    Changes Seyda Neen to seem more, in essence, a town. Adds two new shops, paves some of the town, and even adds an exterior jail.
    Incompatible with GS_Seyda Neen Complete, and probably other Seyda Neen expansion mods.
  • LCV Wolverine Hall by Wrye.
    A medium sized expansion of Wolverine Hall, the Imperial Fort on the southern edge of Sadrith Mora. Expansions and modifications include: added housing and improved schedules for all NPCs living and working in Wolverine Hall, a trader with a wide selection, a local tavern with a rentable room and public baths.
    Requires Living Cities of Vvardenfell and Princess Stomper's Landscape Paintings 2.
  • Milik's Khuul Facelift by Milik.
    Expands the village and its port. Adds a lighthouse, new houses, their inhabitants, a new pier and the boats that use it.
  • Molag Mar Revisited by Hail_the_Nordavarine.
    Replaces the old canton-style Molag Mar with a more aesthetically pleasing version.
  • More Seyda Neen by J (aka Fargoth Ur).
    Extends the village of Seyda Neen in a way that tries to stay close to the original layout of Seyda Neen. It really looks like a small fishing village now.
  • My Little Pelagiad Mod by Jagnot.
    This plugin adds a seedy downtown district to the north wall of Fort Pelagiad, including a tavern, a supply shop, a fight club, a pot shop and a number of houses.
  • Nemon's Morrowind ADD-ON Mod.
    Adds several NPCs, their services, their loved ones, and their homes to the towns in Morrowind. Dagon Fel, Maar Gan and Vos especially have been "upgraded", giving the place a little motion and life.
    Requires Tribunal
  • Nemon's Balmora Interiorator by Nemon.
    This mod adds NPCs, furniture, items and misc. stuff to the interiors of Balmora. The interior of House Hlaalu Council House has been upgraded, as well as several other interiors in Balmora. Nothing has been added to the exteriors of Balmora.
  • Nemon's Vivec Interiorator by Nemon.
    This mod edits all major interiors in Vivec adding NPCs, lights, miscellaneous items and furniture. Each Canton's plaza has its own "feel" when enabling this mod. Also the waistworks are edited, with creativity and care. Each NPC added has their own dialogue topics, and no unbalancing stuff is added.
  • New Khuul by Max.
    The town of Khuul, once the very definition of a seedy shanty town fit only for harbouring various sorts of scum, has been rebuilt into a quaint fortified village.
    Conflicts with Korobal Island.
  • New Molag Mar by Max.
    The town of Molag Mar has been transformed from a dismal, dreary and quite ugly canton to a nice little sea-side resort.
  • New Seyda Neen by Trancemaster.
    A recreation of Seyda Neen featuring twelve new shacks with fully furnished interiors; a new Imperial fort, Fort Seyda (not complete); two new taverns (the Evil Mudcrab and the Red Lantern); docks, with a watchtower and a shipmaster offering travel service; several new traders (including a weapon smith and clothier).
  • New Suran by The Wanderer.
    Expands Suran with fourteen new buildings to the north of town and a small dockside. Adds new NPCs including representatives from the main Guilds. Updates the bridge leading in to Suran (a retexture of the one from Bloodmoon).
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • New Suran Extended by Nicholiathan.
    Combines New Suran (by The Wanderer) with Suran Extended (by Princess Stomper). The exteriors of Suran, New Suran & Suran Extended have been repositioned and the land extensively terraformed to allow these two great works to be used together. Done with permission & encouragement from both original authors. Suran is now a thriving economic community with market place, residents, tourism and travel.
    Compatibility plugins for Farmers Mod 4.0 & Suran Archery Tradehouse. Compatible with Suran Underworld.
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Pelagiad Mod by Marko.
    (This is the name of the mod in the readme, Planet Elderscrolls has it as "Farma u Pelagiadu by L0rdMRK"). This mod adds several houses and an Imperial wall to Pelagiad. They are located by the Pelagiad back road.
  • Princess Docks by Princess Stomper.
    A 'lite' alternative to the popular Seyda Neen Docks. This adds a small docking area to Seyda Neen, with four storage shacks and four NPCs.
  • Redaynia Village by Darkelfguy.
    Redaynia village is a fishing village made up of nine shacks (including an abandoned shack for the player, an inn and a shop) and a smuggler cave just west of the village. The mod also adds several unique items and dialogue topics.
    Version 1.1 is compatible with Princess Stomper's Ald Redaynia Extended
  • Redesigned Vivec by Pirate Lord.
    This mod changes all the Cantons of Vivec from the pyramid things to completely open Cantons, each interior inside the Cantons now has an exterior building. There are also some new docks and the Puzzle Canal has been changed to Palace Labyrinth.
    Please note that this mod will conflict with virtually all other mods that add things to Vivec. Pirate Lord has created compatibility fixes for Area Effect Arrows (Bethesda Official mod), Hall of Mannequins, Morrowind Comes Alive (v4.x) and Children of Morrowind. Pseron Wyrd has created a mod that combines Redesigned Vivec with Vivec Expansion, see below, the link to Pseron Wyrd's mod points directly to the .ESP file.
  • Sadrith Mora Closed City by The Bloodthirsty Crustacean.
    Adds gates surrounding the city that only open if the player is Telvanni, or has the Hospitality Papers. It also increases the price of Hospitality Papers and makes the guards throw you out if you're found inside illegally. The mod also adds 'gondoliers' who will ferry you from the docks to Wolverine Hall, to ensure that the player can access the still open bits easily.
  • Seyda Harbour by Siekam.
    Adds a small harbour to Seyda Neen with a ferry to Gnaar Mok, Ebonheart and Hla Oad.
  • Seyda Neen Docks and Haldenshore by Lonnie.
    Merges the Seyda Neen Docks mod by Lonnie (creates a larger dock area with more ships in the Seyda Neen harbour) and Haldenshore by J.O.G (a new village south-east of Seyda Neen with a new Thieves Guild base).
    Requires Tribunal. Conflicts with Abandoned Flat, The Black Mill, Firemoth Expanded, GIANTS Ultimate, Seyda Neen Fast Travel by Sea, Vampire Realism II, and Better Seyda Neen Lighthouse.
  • Seyda Neen Expanded by _Strider_.
    This mod expands Seyda Neen by adding several new buildings, services, NPC's, etc to make Seyda Neen seem more like a port town. It features: a General Goods and Services Building with a smith, clothier, bookseller and alchemist, a vacant manor where the player can reside, a dock with a ship that provides travel services to Ebonheart, Hla Oad, and Khuul, a tavern for a weary traveller to rest in, a semi-large gate east of the new dock that features a balcony, providing one with beautiful views of the Bitter Coast, Seyda Neen itself, and the sea to the south, new NPC's and their residences, a new bridge on the lower part of the small creek, walls and guards have been placed around the new section for maximum security.
  • Seyda Neen Expanded by Mystikilla.
    Expands the town to make it a little bigger. It adds: two resident houses, an armoury, an alchemist, a barracks and one new trader.
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Seyda Neen Extension by Webspinner.
    Adds features that Seyda Neen lacks in its original form: a prison, a dock with Coast Guard cutters. It also expands it with five new buildings.
  • Seyda Neen Revisited by Mathias Jerick.
    Seyda Neen Revisited makes Seyda Neen into a slightly bigger village with a new layout.
  • Seyda Neen Village Expansion by Beardo.
    Seyda Neen has been expanded with eight new shops.
    Requires Tribunal.
  • Ships of the Imperial Navy by Neoptolemus.
    This mod places the wonderful galleon model by Dongle in various places around Vvardenfell, crewed by Imperial sailors. You will see the galleon at Ebonheart, Wolverine Hall, Dagon Fel, Seyda Neen and Fort Frostmoth (if you use the Bloodmoon version). All sailors will disappear at night, except the guards.
  • Suran Extended Gold by Princess Stomper.
    Everybody needs a holiday. Fortunately, Suran, the Jewel of the Ascadian, is ideal for the tired hero in search of a relaxing break. The features of this exquisite holiday location include: A luxury hotel with three bedrooms and two enormous suites, a hotel restaurant, a taverna with outdoor seating, an Olde-Worlde tea shop, a souvenir shop, an unusual villa with a pool and an incredible view of Bal Ur, a number of private NPC residences, two new books: a brochure and a recipe book. A modular version is also available for those on dialup.
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • The Khuul Expansion by Crankgorilla.
    Adds a bakery, a weapons store and a clothier to the village of Khuul.
  • Vivec Expansion by Hoghead the Horrible.
    Adds a lot of new architecture to the exterior cells in Vivec, putting "the grit back into city life", a decent number of very carefully designed additions to the exterior to the city of Vivec, new interiors, NPCs to populate the new stuff, a new dungeon and a few quests.
    Conflicts with Annastia
  • Vivec Merchants by RavenFeather.
    This mod adds a handful of merchants to the outside streets and some buildings to the water of Vivec.
    Requires Tribunal. Compatible with Vivec Expansion.
  • Vivec Outdoor Mall by Rougetet.
    There are two main parts to the Vivec Outdoor Mall mod: the Vivec Market Bazaar and the Vivec Outdoor Mall. The Bazaar adds three traders (selling tapestries, fireplaces and refreshments respectively). The Outdoor Mall places nine traders and six attractions. The traders are a crystal trader, garden shop trader, fishing shop trader, alchemy trader, baked goods trader, jewellery trader, marksmen weapons trader, silverplate trader and potions trader. The attractions are an underwater adventures tour, a hot air balloon ride, a planetary exhibit, dice game, weather attraction and riddle chest barker. There is also a tavern and souvenir shop placed in the Mall.
    The Children of Morrowind version adds a toy shop trader and a petting zoo attraction. A modular version for dialup users is also available.
    Vivec Outdoor Mall is a huge expansion on Tee-S' original Vivec Fair mod (no download link available).
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon. Incompatible with Chateau Nerevarine and Secret Garden. The mod's documentation includes workarounds for other mod conflicts.
  • Vivec Replacement by Szazmyrr3.
    Replaces the Vivec cantons with open topped ones (like the one previously in Molag Mar) and the Molag Mar one with a closed top one (like the ones previously in Vivec). See also HG Vivec Cantons, above.
  • Walled City of Balmora by Hargeth.
    This mod extends the wall of Balmora to completely encircle the city, adds extra guards, guard towers, a guard barracks, and a small empty rent house with a hidden room. It also adds visual improvements to the city, such as statues, trees, a boat dock, a guard-rail around the canal, stairways, streetlights, and it changes the ground texture to a more urban looking cobblestone. A mod merging this with IndyBank (by Indestructible) is available.
    Requires Tribunal. Incompatible with Balmora Expansion. Conflicts with Necessities of Morrowind, Children of Morrowind and Vampire Realism II.
  • Walls of Caldera by the viKING.
    This mod replaces all the tiny stone walls around Caldera with Imperial construction walls, it also replaces the guard tower entrances with scripted gates.


  • Felsaad Revamped by Lochnarus.
    A compilation of three of Lochnarus' mods:
    Cliffs of Fjalding: This makes the land directly to the north-west of Lake Fjalding much higher in elevation, and adds new static meshes to create cliffs along the lakeside. Also adds an icy stream leading into a waterfall over the cliffs.
    Fortified Thirsk: This plugin adds medieval wooden fort walls and new custom Thirsk guards around the original Thirsk buildings, like an old wooden fort. They are meant to give Thirsk more of a guarded feel, and possibly help the player character find shelter from northern beasts a bit more safe and secure.
    Skaal Forest: Adds twice as many trees to the areas surrounding Skaal Village, making the land tougher to navigate and anticipate dangers.
    Requires Bloodmoon.
  • Frontier Trade Post by Greever.
    Adds a new fort/trade post to northern Solstheim just west of the Skaal Village. This fort includes a Smith, a Shaman (healer), and a trade house. Also, there are three residences and three other buildings where you are allowed to use the beds.
    Requires Bloodmoon.
  • Thirsk Expanded by Princess Stomper.
    Adds half a dozen cottages to the outskirts of Thirsk, outside the walled area (if you have Felsaad Revamped or Fortified Thirsk by Lochnarus, see above) or just a little way away from the hall. There is now a trader and an apothecary, the remaining houses belong to the staff at the mead hall.
    Requires Bloodmoon.
  • Thirsk and Raven Rock Alterations by Sepis.
    Thirsk has a hunters hall added to it with some extra nordic gear, some hunters, and a smith. Raven Rock has had some guard towers and a more complete wall have been added to the final level of construction to make the town seem more complete. May conflict with Thirsk Expanded and Felsaad Revamped. May require Raven Rock to be built first.
    Requires Bloodmoon.
  • Wooden Fort - Raven Rock by Demosthenes.
    This mod adds a more realistic fortification to the Raven Rock colony. Instead of boulders precariously pilled on one another, this mod adds wooden walls, a few new buildings and company guards to man the new fortification. Like the original Raven Rock, you must have completed the colony quests to receive the full services of the new fort. May require Raven Rock to be built first.
    Requires Bloodmoon.


  • Ald Indoril by Ottar "Voorhees" Kraemer.
    Adds a whole new part of Mournhold to explore, featuring guilds (with services and new guild quests), merchants, taverns, a brothel and a few religious tie-ins. The mod also features a few bonus add-ons for the "normal" parts of Mournhold and its sewers as well as a continuation of the Ahnassi quests back in Vvardenfell. Lastly, it also adds some new game elements that aren't tied in with anything else, such as a few new dungeons and a mine that are more or less randomly placed in wilderness areas back on the continent.
    Requires Tribunal.
  • Mournhold Downtown by Varg 'Euthanasiologist'.
    Mournhold Downtown creates an exterior area around Mournhold. It consists of some farming ground, several houses and more.
    Requires Tribunal.
  • Mournhold Expanded by Princess Stomper.
    Over two hundred new cells to explore, includes: a huge palace with 'river view' windows in the bedrooms and a quest for ownership, a massive pleasure park with twelve themed adventure zones, take an abandoned mine cart on a wild ghost train ride, ride a magic carpet over a tropical sea, take a gondola through a magical Akiviri Sakura orchard, Morrowind's first rollercoaster, soar over Vvardenfell on the back of a Silt Strider, enjoy free beer! dancing and a cute petting zoo, go fishing, play chess or billiards, or try your hand at cards, watch a spectacular firework display over Tamriel Park's magical castle, explore tiny replicas of each province of Tamriel, each with unique puzzles, rides and attractions, numerous hotel rooms to stay in, restaurants to eat in and markets to shop in, Mournhold Resort - a luxury beach with a lively, music-filled tavern, Mournhold Docks (upgraded from Nemon's beta, with hundreds of improvements whilst retaining the character of Nemon's mod), Mall of Almalexia (completely reconstructed and filled with stunning creations from BadKarma, Korana, Calislahn, Pendraia and more), Andeera (from Nemon's WIP - now the subterranean Argonian District, with plenty to see and do), Greater Andeera (another entirely new location, the underwater Argonian manor district), Ireni's Beauty Boudoir, residential areas of Bal Aruhn, Dayn Isra and Khajiit Town, and a medium-sized player home to rent, buy or even steal!
    Get the patch to version 1.51. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Mournhold, The Great Bazaar by Quatloos.
    This mod is an attempt to make the Bazaar area more functional, useful and a bit nicer. All the vendors are now together in one central spot. Formerly spread-out wares across two areas and multiple vendors have been collected, re-distributed, improved and added to.
    Requires Tribunal. Incompatible with Magus Realm Tower.
  • Mournhold Rebuild: Godsreach by doemaarwat and poiu.
    Mournhold Rebuild is a mod designed to remake various aspects of Mournhold, this is a partial release of the final mod. This mod includes: a greatly improved Godsreach including new interiors and a new quest with many ways to complete it.
    Requires Tribunal.
  • Seedy Almalexia District by blake..
    Adds a very seedy district to the game. Inspired by Vampire the Masquerade and the whole World of Darkness universe.
    Princess Stomper has created an Apartment for Seedy Almalexia District, a modern-style apartment in the heart of Almalexia's most evocative district.
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.


Craigor for starting off the original list. The following people all contributed to the creation of the list: Aeroldoth, Alexxx, Anonytroll, bjam, blake., brksla, DarkDiva, Larissa Mem, Nerra, princess_stomper, Renegade3745, Ronin49, SciMuse, steve384, Supernatural, The Ant, the beans, Zizz. Faceless_Wanderer for the conflict list. And, of course, all the modders out there - not just those featured on these pages. Thanks all!

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