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Updated September 10, 2006

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Well, this is my first mod list and I hope it is at least somewhat decent. This mod list includes every evil mod I could find. Note that not all these mods are "evil" but they do add something worth while to anyone who plays an evil character.

A few thanks-

Ravyn_Angel- Who found a plethora of quality evil mods to add, along with helping me find replacement links for dead links. Many thanks RA- without you, this list wouldn't be nearly as good as it is now!

Ronin49- When I first released this list on the Elder Scrolls forums, he instantly added it to his List of Links, which was a great emotional booster for me, and inspired me to continue updating this list. Then, after Euro and TESMods went down, he helped me find new links and offered support to me, who was losing hope in this list. Thanks so much, for all the time and effort you put in to keeping this list around Ronin!

Sterling- He has continually offered support to me in continuing to keep this list alive and well, by words and actions- he hunted many hard to find mods and offered suggestions for the list- many thanks Sterl!

OldeCow69- OldeCow deserves the most credit here! He transferred this list from post form to html, something I had been struggling to do, along with replace many dead links. Without OldeCow, you would not be reading this- I am forever indebted to you, OldeCow69!

Well here's the list - please review these Cautions if you are new to mods or using this list for the first time.

  • Fallen Angels
    A winged race of dark angels with custom clothes!
  • Ra' Kath Evil panther Khajiit
    A black khajiit with a nice story line.
  • Drow Race (better bodies) / Drow Race (smoother bodies) / Female Drow Heads -Add-on-
    This race is a black race perfect for assassins and necromancers.
  • Unas Elves Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
    A very creepy race of elves with long horns.
  • Skeleton Race
    This mod lets you play as a skeleton with four different hairstyles.
  • Deadite Race
    A race of undead zombie like creatures that come with a set of alternate beginnings perfect for evil characters.
  • Scorned Race (Page in French)
    Includes a werewolf race and the scorned race, and as RavynAngel said- The are totally evil!
  • Feywulf's Wolf Race v2
    Much like the wolven and werewolf races, this allows you to play as a wolf.
  • Playable Dremora v1.1 / Non-nude
    Let's you play as a dremora, either a male or female, with many faces and hair styles to choose from!

    House Mods:
  • The Hell House
    A good house and an evil house all in one, with some very nice features in both.
  • Deadra Manor
    A huge mansion built in daedra style southwest of falesarono.
  • Darkshroud Keep
    A stronghold geared to evil type characters, with a quest to gain control of it.
  • Devil's Rock for Vivec's soul and patch
    A very big fortress for evil type characters, which needs vivec's soul as the key to the gates.
  • Darkstone Manor
    A very large fortress off the Western coast of Vvardenfell, The fortress contains many popular editions- training area, alchemy, display room, and so on.
  • Lich's Lair
    This mod adds a retextured tower and dome to the Uvirith's Grave area. There are two .esps, one that allows you to claim the house as soon as you walk in, the other you need to fight for it.

    Shop Mods:
  • Azriel the Merchant
    A very cool merchant that deals in double wielding, sheathes, and lots of cool swords.
  • Carnithus's Armamentarium Complete or Modular
    This is a must get for any evil character. It has so many cool sets of armor, clothes and wings. Definately get it!
  • The Night Gallery
    A really cool shop with coffins, beds, rugs, tapestries and a lot more!
  • The Exotic Boutique
    This mod adds a shop next to Vos, and deals mainly in clothing- but you can also purchase wings and many evil weapons!
  • Heaven's Lookout
    A 'sequel' to Azriel the Merchant, adds a shop above Balmora with many beautiful piece's of clothing and weapons!
  • Metal Queen Boutique 3.1
    A very high quality clothing shop, and a lot of it has an evil flavor to it!
  • Tenience's Rare Items
    One of my favorite mods, this adds a shop to Pelagiad with many very good looking weapons!
  • Assassin's Armory 7.6
    This is a very large mod, which adds a whole bunch of high-quality weapons and armor, and not only includes a shop, but spreads the weapons throughout the gameworld.
  • Death's Doorstep V3
    This mod adds a shop to the outskirts of Gnisis- and it deals in evil weapons/armor and some pure black robes. There are many excellent models, including work by Phijama and NuclearDope! It is a great addition for any vampire or lich character.
  • Death's Doorstep Add on
    Nine times the size of the original, nine quests, a ruined city to explore, tons of new weapons, armor, clothing and the like.

  • The Amulet of Scrye
    An amulet that lets you talk to the dead, with a cool quest involved so the dead trust you, and after you can recieve quests from spirits in many tombs throughout Morrowind.
  • Magickal Trinkets of Tamriel III
    This replaces the last version (MTT II) And adds a whole lotta new stuff, a must get for any mage, wizard, Necromancer, or anyone who has an interest in the divine (or dark) arts!
  • Magickal Trinkets of Tamriel IV (Beta)
    Fully fleshes out necromancy, and adds other things- still a beta!
  • NPC Soultrapping 1.21
    You can now trap the souls of any person in morrowind.
  • Infernal Summoning
    Summon creatures permanently. Not unbalancing, and fits with the game.
  • Summon More Monsters!
    Just what the title says. You can now summon almost any creature from morrowind, as long as some from tribunal.
  • Soul Summon
    Trap anything within this new soulgem, and then summon the back!
  • Lichcraft 1.0
    A mod inspired by the Illuminated order, turn into a lich and and recieve their many powers.
  • Apprentice Scrolls and Mystic Quills
    Allows the character to learn 101 spells from scrolls or convert them to castable versions to use them normally. Plus there's also 6 types of mystical quills you can write spell scrolls with. You'll want to use a leveled list merger with this mod.
  • Pocket Pals
    A mod that adds figurines that can be filled with a soul, and gives you the ability to summon the being that you killed. Several addons are available.
  • Missing Bound Armor
    Gives you the ability to summon the missing pieces of the bound armor!
  • Beasts of Burden: Necromancer
    A modding fitting any necromancer. It allows you to summon 17 different undeads creatures whenever the needs arises, with no time limits or limit on creatures. The mod is balanced- each summoning requires a mixture of ingrediants, a health and magicka investment and casting the spell.
  • Minnyon: The Uncompanion
    This mod adds a lair for the player, which gives you the ability to summon a skeleton minion, using ingrediants as an offering. Walking around with the Minion gives you certain penalties when talking to others. This mod is best started with a new game, as it is geared for a player to start out with Minion. The lair also features an alchemy sorter, and a practice dummy.

    Vampire Mods:
  • Vampire Embrace
    A definate must get for anyone. One of the best mods ever made. It enhances the game as a vampire so you actually feel you are a real vampire, not some guy who has a couple powers and can't walk in the sun.
  • Vampire Realism
    A very nice mod that adds things like vampire hunger, and leveling up for vampires.
  • Scripted Spells
    Turn into any creature from the game, summon walls of fire and bone, and rip spells from enemies minds.
  • Vampire Werewolf
    Lets you play as a werewolf and vampire at the same time, without that nasty head bug.
  • Chargen Vampire Aundae, Chargen Vampire Berne, & Chargen Vampire Birthsigns
    When you enter the room where you get the iron dagger in the Census and Excise offices, you will catch Ploriphobic Hemophilia, turning you into a vampire, saving you the trouble of having to get beat up by a vampire for ten minutes.
  • Alien Slof's Vampire Faces
    Alien Slof's vampire faces gives you better looking vampire heads, so even as a vampire you can look pretty!
  • Magic Nakor's Vampire Faces
    Another vampire face pack, this one made by Magic Nakor.

    Werewolf Mods:
  • Werewolf Package
    Two mods
    Werewolf Warning- gives you a message box a dawn or dusk approches to warn you of changing.
    Werewolf at Will- Change into a werewolf whenever you want, but only after you have contracted lycanthropy and defeated Hircine.
  • Werewolf Forget
    If you are seen as a werewolf, people will forget that you are after a month (instead of remembering forever)
  • Wereskins
    You can choose what color you want to be when you become a werewolf.
  • Werewolf Evolution
    Werewolf skills and attributes are made dependant on your human skills and attributes. So the stronger you are as a human, the stronger you will be as a werewolf.
  • Werewolf Clans of Vvardenfell
    Adds four different clans to Vvardenfell- Arctic, Shadow, Golden and Red Mountain, Each has there own color and headquarters where the members will service you if you are on of there clan. It is in Beta stage right now.
  • Werewolves
    Ever wanted to be a werewolf? Ever wanted to be a werewolf without having the Bloodmoon expansion? If you say yes, then this is for you. It has everything Bloodmoon werewolves have, with a lot more. It is compatible with bloodmoon and IO. Screenshots.
  • CharGen Werewolf
    Tired of starting a character to be a werewolf, and having to drag yourself all the way to some dank barrow in Solthiem to become one? Well then you will love this mod. In the room where you get your first weapon, you will catch Sanies Lupinus, and will turn into a werewolf.

  • Dread Knights
    A new evil Orc faction has rolled into town, and the Imperial legion isn't happy. Choose which side to team with and help to hunt down the other. Includes many, many new quests, two new suits of armor (heavy Dread armor and medium Pious armor), new items, alligiences, and a whole lotta combat.
  • Suran Underworld
    A place for vampires and the like. It has a twenty plus faction quests and a nice reward at the end.
  • Three Shades of Darkness
    A very cool mod that has two new models and some clever enchant ments.
  • Horror Mod
    A very scary mod that will have you trembling to the end.
  • The Illuminated Order
    Become a lich, rise to the head of a secret cult and gain many cool tools.
  • The Sixth House
    This mod lets you join the sixth house and eventually become a dagoth.
  • The Undead Dungeon
    A very long and very big dungeon that will definatly take a while to complete.
  • The Black Mill
    A very long quest dealing with the return of an ancient evil. New armor, clothing and enemies to face.
  • Daedric Sorcery
    This mod gives you the ability to summon daedric lords, like back in the good 'ole days of Daggerfall. You can choose to either side with them or against them in their plots for man, mer and beast.
  • The Underground
    The Underground is an epic quest mod where you meet an attractive vampire of the opposite sex and go on a long adventure with them which puts you both in perilous situations that brings you together on a romantic, often funny, and very scary quest to save the world.

    Undead Stuff:
  • Haunted Tombs
    New sounds and effects added to most tombs in the game. Adds a much needed realism to the crypts of Morrowind.
  • Disturb the Dead 3.3
    25% chance of awakening the dead in tombs all over Morrowind by pocking your nose into urns and such.
  • The Undead 2.1
    Adds 140 new types of undead to the sewers of mournhold.
  • Tomb rest
    Get some nasty side effects for sleeping in tombs.
  • Tombs Expanded
    This plugin expands every tomb in Vvardenfell by adding 1-6 new dungeon levels to them which means that there will be about 300 new dungeon levels to search. Every tomb has also new loot and new undead monsters. New creatures are all levelled creatures and their levels are from 20 to 60. There are hundreds of new creatures and usually you encounter more than one at a time.

  • Double Skull Short Sword
    Adds two very cool swords with skull handles to the armorer in Caldera.
  • Black Scythe
    Adds a mesh for an extremely cool pure black scythe. You need to assign the meshes to a weapon in the editor though.
  • Black Hammers
    A nifty set of black hammers, using repair hammers as the meshes.
  • Weapons of the Undying Wind
    Really cool staves and swords as a modders resource. Screenshots.
  • Dragon Sabre
    A offensive and defensive black and gold sabre that is added to the leveled lists.
  • Dark Additions
    Adds three retextures of Acidbasicks long keening blade, along with a helm and shield. Screenshots.
  • Nightmare Blade
    A new evil blade made completely from scratch, based off the one from lineage 2. Screenshot.
  • Katana3DG's Morrowind Weapon Pack
    Adds a lot of nice weapons to the game (of course some are for the darker of us.) Also there are some other nice things on his website too.

  • Dark Orcish Armor
    Adds a retextured set of Orcish armor that is black and red, with slightly higher stats than regular orcish armor.
  • Dark Knight Armor
    This adds a set of very cool black armor and some very nice evil looking weapons, along with a new race.
  • The Night Armor
    Adds a sleek, black set of assasin's armor with female version too.
  • Death Dealer Helmet
    A helmet based off the Death Dealer painting (very cool)
  • Dark Glass Armor
    A combination of dark brotherhood and glass armor (mixed together) to form a very cool thief type armor with an awesome hood.
  • Frozen Blood Armor
    Introduces a new cuirass made partly out of frozen blood, and a new npc who sells it to you at the fort Frostmoth Docks.
  • Necro Armor
    This mod adds a fully retextured set of armor made from the textures of Morrowind skeletons, to make a very nice set of medium armor for necromancers.

  • Qarl's Gothic Attire
    Very nice and sexy outfits made by Qarl for the underground, but instead was released seperatly.
  • Qarl's Gothic Attire 2
    The sequel to the gothic attire mod, the last dress is especially nice.
  • Telvanni Robe
    A retextured exquisite robe in black and red.
  • Necromancer's Robe
    Another retexture of the same robe, this time in black and gold, with skulls.
  • Female Versions
    The female versions of the last two robes.
  • Black Widow Robe
    This mod adds two robes and a weapon. Both robes are hidden in Caldera, although one of them has been infested by spiders! If you find this robe, and you are attacked, two spiders fall out of the robe to defend you. The other robe is a 'regular' robe, it does not have the spider effect. The dagger is meant to compliment the robes, and can be found in the smae place as the infested robe. All three items are retextured, and have male/female models.
  • Necromancer's Amulet
    This mod replaces the Necromancer's Amulet worn by Trebonius in the Mage's Guild, with a fitting amulet. It is a skull with a golden dagger through it, very detailed.

  • Adul's Arcane Armature
    This mod adds a new merchant to the Telvanni Canalworks who sells all sorts of very cool scripted enchanted items. You might also want to think about looking at his weather controling mod.
  • Balmora Expansion
    Combines over forty mods to nearly double the size of Balmora. Has Carnithus's Armamentarium, along with the undercity, a perfect place for vampires and the like to hang out.
  • Infernal Contract
    Sell your soul and gain a number of dark powers, but you will be hunted down by demons, and it is possible to reclaim your soul, but you will lose what you gained.
  • Blood and Gore
    Not really evil, but enhances gameplay, sets vampires on fire while walking outside, everything bleeds when hit and fire hurts is also added to this.
  • Blackguard Class
    A very cool *class* (not a race) that fits very well with any evil race.
  • Darker Morrowind v4 & Darker Morrowind - Windows Glow
    This plugin is one of a series of plugins which endevoure to create a more forboding and enticing atmosphere for morrowind. Employs new, darker and highly detailed texture replacements for almost every texture in morrowind, and incorporates significant weather and lighting changes (i.e. A few less ash storms, more overcast weather, far fewer foggy days and a few more storms.)
  • Lady E's Evil Stuff
    This is all of Lady E's modder resources for the evil kind!

    Evil WIPs:
  • Realm of the Damned (New Thread)
    A chop for anyone evil. It has so much nice stuff(I mean evil stuff) definatly a must get when it comes out.
  • Died along the way
    A necromany project to end all necromancy mods. It has NPC soultrapping, the ability to raise the dead, and much more!
  • Necrorise
    Started a year ago, NecroRise is a mod project to add Necromancy to Morrowind. While some others do this, NecroRise has a few unique features, like the ability to Resurrect any npc (theoretically...) as a minion that keeps the npc's name, equipment, and stats for the most part.
    You also get to explore the art of necromancy more, with it's finer control over diseases.
  • Experimental Spell Effects
    Not exactly an evil mod, but it has some nice necromantic spells along with other really nice effects.
  • The Dark Isle
    Adds an island where the Dark Knight Armor comes from. It might have quests allowing the character to play as a good guy, or an evil guy.
  • The Rise of the Underground
    A large mod, featuring a main quest, a new race, weapons, and some cool new features like drugs that actually effect you.
  • Lichcraft 2
    A project based off the illuminated order, but with more features and takes less time to actually become a lich (you know what I mean if you play IO) Some of the new features are very cool.
  • Atrox's Legacy
    A mansion being made by Hellwolve with all the armor he has created to date, and with new ones too. Also featuring a quest and fast transport to the island.

    And that's it! Of course if anyone has any other evil mods they would like added to the list let me know.

    Also note that these mods might not all be compatible with each other. Use at your own risk (as with all mods).

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