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Welcome, fellow traveler.  Your journey across the wilds of Vvardenfell, through the streets of Mournhold, and over the glaciers of Solstheim has brought you here.  Throughout your long journey you have had this nagging feeling that “something’s not right”, or “something’s missing”, or perhaps “that didn’t seem real”, or even maybe “that was too easy”.  This has prompted you to embark on a new quest to find answers to a new burning question, “How can I fix this?” Your quest is at an end.   Listed here are the mods designed to do just that.

Notes & Disclaimers

F      Realistic and challenging game-play is the key requirement of the mods on this list.

F      Improving the flow (play) of the game is an desired feature for most players and mods that do this are included in this list.

F      Making the game more aesthetically pleasing has also been considered in the selection of several mods for this list.

F      Having the game work "right" is also a consideration, and as such lists of fixes for both known game bugs and improved gameplay is included here.

F      Other authors’ work of similar mods not included in this list is in no way a reflection on the quality of their work.

F      Excluded here are the numerous quest, city expansion, home, weapon, armor, furnishings, clothing, race, and other themed mods available.  A list of those and other mods can be found here

F      Several of the mods listed here fit more than a single category.  These are listed with the additional category in parentheses.

F      A few of the mods listed here are in the beta version or have significant reported bugs still being worked out.  These are *highlighted thus*

F      Several of the mods listed here require MW Enhanced .  These are marked **

F      A few of the mods listed here require Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE) .  These are marked ++

F      Some of the mods listed here were exclusively hosted either at TheLys, TESMods, EuroRPG or at Unforgotten Realms and are currently unavailable.  These are highlighted thus .

F      Many of the mods listed here are linked to either Planet Elder or TES   Registration (free) is required at these sites in order to download mods.

F      Several of the mods listed here duplicate some of the same features.  If used together the load order will then determine which mod’s features will be used in the game. Remember, last mod loaded into the game "wins".

F      Some of the mods listed here will conflict with some of the mods on this list, as well as other mods not on this list.   There are no “conflict free” guarantees here.

F      Please read through the readme provided with each mod to determine if you wish to add it to your game and determine if there are any potential conflicts with the other mods you are currently using.  Some of the known, and major, conflicts are listed.

F      It is recommended that you save a “clean” save for your current game before using any new mod if you do not wish to start a new game.  Some mods cannot be removed once saved into an existing game.  “Buyer beware” is in full effect with any and all mods listed here.


F Updated: June 3rd, 2007E
New and recently added mods are marked with a P
Newly updated mods are marked with a P


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Adding realism to the game

Combat Realism

LDones’ Dodge Mod 1.2-WD
Makes the Unarmored Skill more formidable, granting a Dodge/Sanctuary bonus based on skill level, thus making the Player harder to hit.  Wearing a single piece of armor no longer nullifies the dodge bonus.  Instead, each piece of armor worn significantly reduces the bonus until it is entirely dispelled.  Only high-level unarmored players can retain a portion of their dodge bonus wearing more than one or two pieces of armor.
GhanBuriGhan’s Combat Moves
Gives the player the ability to perform special attacks of various kinds, making melee combat more active and interesting by providing an incentive to try new tactics and by requiring more skill on the player’s part.  There are 4 categories of weapons that all have different moves: One handed weapons, two-handed weapons, Polearms and unarmed combat. The moves are triggered by performing combinations of strikes, jump-attacks, by using sneak mode, etc. The effects include knockout, real damage for hand-to-hand, disarming the opponent and much more.
Aerelorn’s Enemy Hand to Hand Damage
Changes the way enemy punches affect the player. Instead of doing fatigue damage, they will do health damage instead.
Aerelorn’s Blocking Enhanced**
Brings blocking under the player's control. Normally, no attacks will be blocked. When the player holds down a configurable key, they will block every attack, but at the same time cannot attack back. If the player has no shield, a sanctuary effect will be added to simulate parrying.
Aerelorn’s Combat Enhanced**
Brings the game’s combat system more under the player’s control.  Creates 30 different combat combos using simple combinations of the basic attacks (i.e. Slash, Slash, and Thrust).  There are 5 combos for each of the 6 weapon types.  Adds Trance and Rage to the game that slow down the passage of time so you can react more quickly, better plan your combos, and dodge attacks.
Hitto's Useless ACE add-ons


Adds a bonus to your short blade skill depending on your sneak skill, increasing the chances for a successful backstabbing attack an enemy while in sneak mode.
Adds a strength and attack bonus for each second the PC has been running, allowing the Player to charge into enemies, increasing the power of his/her attack and having an extra chance at knocking them down.
Air Attack
Adds a strength and attack bonus for each second the PC has been jumping/falling, allowing the Player to swoop down on hapless enemies, increasing the power of his/her hits powerful, and having an extra chance at knocking them down.
Adds 23 new books into Vvardenfell, each describing one of the combos from ACE through a little story, and also teaches you about the skill it describes.
Adds messages to the message boxes for successful combos using Combat Enhanced.

Shoujo’s Wound Effects & Penalties v2.0
Makes it so that a player near death will fight less effectively than at full health by applying penalties as the PC's health decrease.   Once the player's health hits 30%, he will start to suffer from blood loss, and lose health progressively unless his health level is restored.
TheLys’ Blood and Gore v2.14
Makes player, NPCs and creatures BLEED by generating visual elements (blood, chunks, smoke) when they're hit.  Visual elements are based on the NPC's or creature's nature and what they've been hit by.  All elements have an accompanying sound effect.
Horatio's NPC Enhanced v1.2 
Makes combat with generic NPCs in Morrowind more interesting and challenging.   These changes will affect any NPC you fight, including those added by other mods.  Among the features introduced is the ability of the NPCs to "hear".  The sound of combat will drawn any nearby NPCs which would normally attack the PC on sight to come running to the aid of those fighting the PC.   Fleeing NPCs will alert other NPCs as they flee.  Another feature is that NPCs will now switch between ranged and melee weapons according to the distance to the Player.
Aerelorn’s Less Annoying Guards
Stops the dialogue menu from popping up in the middle of combat with Guards.   If your weapon is drawn or a spell is readied, the guards will simply attack.  If you want to pay the fine, go to jail, or present writs just sheath your weapon or unready your spell and the guards will initiate dialogue and give you that option.  You can do this before or after they attack you.
Note: This can be tough on lower level characters. If you don't notice the guards coming towards you and you have your weapon out, they may kill you with just a few strikes. Be warned, and be aware of your surroundings when committing crimes.

Weapon/Armor Realism
Note: Those wishing for a list of armor and weapon mods can find them here.
LDone’s Armor Effects-LD v2.0-WD
Wearing medium or heavy armors now bring a cumulative Sneak Penalty and heavy armor will also cause a slight Agility Penalty, making light armor or going Unarmored more attractive.


Halo's MWE_ArmorEffects** v2.1
Makes Armor Effects MWE compatible.
LDone’s Armor Effects - Armor Balance Companion v1.0
Rebalances the in-game armors to address some inconsistencies.  Balance issues, Armor Rating, Weight, Health/Durability, and Gold Value have been tweaked for nearly all armor in the game.

Koop’s Blunt Weapon Tweak
Changes the "blunt two close" type weapons to "blunt two wide", making a blunt weapon attack look more natural.
M6n6M6’s Weapon Range Balance
Changes the length of the weapons in the game to be more realistic.
Edgewood Dirk’s Halberd Revamp v1.0
Changes the halberds in the game from a thrusting weapon to a slashing/chopping weapon.
Euthanasiologist’s Weapon Fix

Changes the stats of all the game’s weapons to match much more closely to their real world counterparts.  Also eliminates the “ignores normal weapon resistance” flag for many weapon materials making them ineffective against undead and Daedric creatures.
NOTE: Mod reduces the weight of the weapons to the point where it is possible to carry a vast arsenal of weapons, reducing its true realism.
Michael 'HelioS' Bennett's Assassins Armory v7.6
Adds dual-wielding weapons, with paired offensive and defensive weapons.   Defensive weapons differ from shields in that you block with a combination of your Block skill and the appropriate weapon skill.  
NOTE: Additional dual-wielding mods can be found here:

The Mad God's Assassins Armory - Unofficial Patch
Fixes two minor errors (missing icon and item placement) in Assassins Armory v.7.6


Jeremy's Knights of Tamriel
Adds six new and unique sets of armor and the quests to find and earn them.  

Marbred's MCA Knights of Tamriel Add-on v1.0
Adds the six released Orders of the Knights of Tamriel to the leveled lists used by Morrowind Comes Alive.   Requires Morrowind Comes Alive v5.2, and you must have all the Knights of Tamriel files installed.


P   Marbred's MCA CM Armory Add-on v1.0
Adds shields, swords, and armor from "CM Cutthroat Armory" to many of the NPCs added to Morrowind Comes Alive.
Note: Requires Morrowind Comes Alive 5.2, and CM Cutthroat Armory

Economy Realism
Indestructible's Bank v2.4a
Adds banking to the game.  Accounts, letters of credit, loans, collection agents, the works.
P   Piratelord’s Morrowind Economy/Trade Fix v1.8 (+ Difficulty Enhancement, Game Additions)
Eliminates the ability to take advantage of the “negative” items quirk. All Traders/Service class NPCs now have limited stocks, and have increased Mercantile and Speechcraft skills, making bartering and bribing more difficult.   Caravaners and Shipmasters will now have small random items for sale.   Pawnbrokers/General Traders will have a small chance of having rarer/more expensive items for sale, making it worth paying them a visit now and again.
PirateLord's Balance Adjustments v2.0
Reprices virtually every in game object to a "fair" price that is based the quality/power of the item as well as its level of availability in the game.   The rarer an item, the more expensive it will be.
P   Fliggerty's Improved Bartering v1.2++
Makes the trading system in Morrowind a more immersive experience.   Merchants will no longer have a predefined, specific amount of gold to barter with each day.  The amount will vary from none to twice the merchant's level.  Also adds the ability to convince almost any NPC in the game to barter with you by simply asking them.
Note: Requires Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE).
*Biges’ Economy: Merchants and Taxes v0.8*
Sets the mercantile and Speechcraft of merchants to appropriate level and keeps them rising along with the PC’s progress, requiring the player not to neglect his mercantile and Speechcraft skills.  Makes merchant behavior more rational.  No more selling items for less than their cost.   Introduces taxes to the game.  Taxes are based on character level.
HotFusion's Economy Adjuster
A series of modular plug-ins designed to reduce to amount of gold available in the game and make the economy of Morrowind more realistic.  The individual modules included increase penalities for crimes (including death warrants issued against the player when the Empire deems him/her a threat to society), balances the value of ingredients in relationship to their availability in the game, makes merchants act in a more rational manner and many other changes.
Taddeus Improved Inns 1.10
Fixes the renting scripts so that you cannot stay in a room rented "for 1 day" endlessly, updating the rental situation in real time.  If you're in your room when the renting time ends, the publican will kick you out!  Allows for 4 rental options: 1, 5, 15 and 30 days.


Business Sim
Josh's The Farmer Mod v4.3
Allows the player to begin a career in the farming business: hiring farmhands, purchasing farms and plantations, buying slaves, slavemasters, plantation guards and pack guars.  Adds the Farmer's Guild and allows the player to trade crops with crop sellers.
Graphite’s Erengard Mines
Allows the player to run a single mine for profit, buying equipment, hiring miners, providing food and drinks, hiring guards and building installations.
Nemon's Vvardenfell Co-operation
Allows the player to be the “Fed-Ex” guy/gal delivering packages and goods to traders in 19 towns in Vvardenfell.  Adds a massive warehouse and docks complex near Ebonheart that shuts down at night and has guards on patrol looking for intruders.   Ships come and go from the docks according to the time of day. Several new NPCs have been added with humorous dialog mixed in.
Fliggerty's Vvardenfell Druglord v2.0
Originally intended to be an entrepreneur/business mod, but grew into a series of quests involving the operation of an illegal skooma lab.  After all the quests are done, you have the option to automate the lab, making it entirely self-sufficient...all you have to do is stop every once in a while and collect your money.
HotFusion's Sim Manor Alpha III
Adds a dynamic and original ownable residence. This is no ordinary house mod!   Employ any number of employees in running the manor, making it into a thriving business - or driving yourself into debt!
Note: The authors warns, "This is an alpha version.  As in pre-beta.   As in incomplete.  Buggy."
AimeeKae's PC Clothier - Balmora v1.5
Allows your character to become the owner of a clothier shop just inside the gates of Balmora.   The shop comes with a in-game book that tells you how to run the shop.
NOTE: The author has released a patch for this mod.
Aimeekae's PC Smithy - Ebonheart v1.0
Allows you to become the owner of a smith shop that sells regular or enchanted weapons and armor.

Iridox's Dulsya Isle
Allows you to help develop one of two settlements into a sprawling metropolis on the Isle of Dulsya.  The expansions of the towns are related to the tasks you've carried out for the founders.
Nimrod Flamehair's The Broken Drum
Adds a new tavern near Ebonheart, including new characters, objects, dialogue, live music and new mini-quests.  You will have the opportunity to buy the tavern.
Baratheon 79's Wayfarer's Rest v1.21
Allows the player to gain an inn, located along the road from Pelagiad to Balmora, and earn a profit from it.  There is a quest to get this inn, and a couple more to improve it.
P   Baratheon79's Racer's Roost v1.1
Adds a small tavern in Hla Oad for the player to buy and make money from.


Thief-Class Realism
LDones' Thief Experience Overhaul-LD v1.3b
Increases the difficulty in opening locks and disarming traps, making the security skill much more valuable.  Increases the difficulty in casting open spells, again to make the security skill much more valuable  Adds sneak bonuses to allow player to take advantage of darkness and weather conditions.
Vanhikes & qwert_44643’s Light Based Sneaking v1.4
Makes sneaking more realistic and harder by making the sneaking skill dependent on light and distance from light sources: the closer you are to lights the less able you are to sneak.
Noirgrim's Weather Based Sneaking
Adds different sneak bonuses when sneaking at night time, dusk and dawn, and in different weather.
DragoonWraith's Assassination v2.0
Allows you to sneak up on enemies and kill them by snapping their neck.   The technique to assassination requires careful timing and sneaking abilities.
Kirel's Sneak Attack v1.0
Gives the Player an attack bonus after sneaking for a certain amount of time (default 20 seconds) with a weapon readied and without being hit, making a successful strike pretty much guaranteed.  Can be setup for marksmanship weapons as well.  The effect is reset after your first strike.
P   Jog's Enhanced Stealth v1.2**
Adds new features to the sneak skill including sneak attack bonuses.
NOTE: This mod requires Morrowind Enhanced (MWE).

Cliffworm's Morrowind Bandits Unlocked
Adds keys to every locked containers and doors in every NPC occupied cave, daedric ruins, vampire lairs and strongholds.  Creates new challenges for non-thief characters to use their security skills if they are unable to find and acquire the keys.
Cliffworms's Morrowind Cities Unlocked v1.0 (+ Game Bug Fix)
Adds a key to every locked doors or containers in Morrowind's cities.   Over 420 new keys added in all.  Creates new opportunities for thief characters to use their skills to find and acquire the keys.  Fixes several doors and chests that are missing their proper ownership assignments.


NPC Realism
Helios & Wrye's Living Cities of Vvardenfell v3.07
Adds schedules to the NPCs in many of the towns in Vvardenfell.  Many of the NPCs will go home at night, go to bars, go out at night, go shopping, go walking, and live their little lives on a daily basis.  More guards come out at night and the shops lock up for the night with various opening/closing times.
Emma's Children of Morrowind v1.0
Adds over 330 children to the game, of various ages and of all races throughout Vvardenfell, creating a more realistic feel to the game.  
Note: There are several add-ons for this mod, adding new Orc children and Elf teenagers.

Your Morrowind Family
Allows you to adopted a family of four children to take care of.   Nanny comes with the children.  Requires Children of Morrowind.

Tarnman's Elders of Vvardenfell v1.0
Adds elderly looking NPCs (all races and sexes) to the game using the NPCs not originally placed in the game despite being created by Bethseda.  These NPCs are scattered across the map.  Some are hostile.

Elders of Vvardenfell MCA add-on
Adds new NPCs with the faces from Elders of Vvardenfell to the leveled lists used in Morrowind Comes Alive.  The added NPCs are of the classes one would expect to find older individuals involved in (nobles, captains, priests, along with commoners, drunkards and others).

OSPA's NPC Gnisis
Gives the NPCs of Gnisis wandering outside a schedule: they will go home at night and seek shelter when it's raining.  Vendors go the Madach Tradehouseat at night.  Each NPC has his/her own schedule, so not all of them "retire for the evening" at the same time, and they will appear outdoors at different times in the morning.
Scrugg’s MW Inhabitants: Pickpockets! v1.0++
Add pickpockets to the game.  You can customize 4 aspects of their behavior, including spawn frequency, speed (relative to player's speed), what types of items are stolen (any items, or gold only), and toggle the time limit for recovering your stolen items on or off.  Items stolen can be recovered at nearby thieves' hideouts.   MWSE v0.92 or higher required.
Druidus' Genetics v1.3
Creates diversity in the Morrowind races so that all the NPCs of a single races do not all have the same attributes.  This mod only affects the default races.
Note: There are reports of low level NPCs turning up dead in the game where they should be very much alive.  Author promised an update to remedy this, but one has not been forthcoming.  A clean save is highly recommended before using this mod.
GhanBuriGhan’s Traveling Merchants v1.2
Adds "travelers" to Morrowind, NPCs that actually move between towns on set routes.  Adds a little life to the roads and provides new role playing opportunities.  There are 7 traveling merchants, all located in the western part of Vvardenfell.
Note: A Tribunal patch is available that fixes dialogue loops with Tribunal NPCs that use the "wait here" topic.
Cyrano's Traveling Merchants v2.2
Adds seven more traveling merchants in Vvardenfell in addition to the ones added by the original Traveling Merchants mod.
GhanBuriGhan’s The Regulars - Sitting NPCs v 2.02
Adds 27 NPCs to various pubs and clubs on Vvardenfell that are actually sitting down.   These NPCs won't do much - they have no quests for you and they will only get up when you fight them.  Makes the pubs look much more real.


Gameplay Realism
Duncan's Falling Down v2.01 – Tribunal
Makes you keep an eye on your fatigue. As you lose fatigue your strength, agility, speed, and endurance are reduced.  Let your fatigue go below 15% and you lose the ability to jump.  If your fatigue reaches zero you will fall helpless to the ground; easy prey for any nearby enemies.
Duncan's Sleep or Suffer v1.1
Sleep is now a necessity.  If you go too long without sleep, your character will feel the effects of sleep deprivation.
Tejón's Fatigue Effects v1.21
A collection of three mods, which can be applied individually or as a complete package which apply various penalizes as the player's fatigue decreases.
ModMan's Hunger Mod v2.0
Eating is now a necessity.  You must now eat once a day or suffer loss of physical attributes.  Adds 3 new vendors who sell new food ration items.  You can also eat over a dozen types of existing ingredients to sate your hunger.
Balor's Primary Needs
Adds to the game the need to eat, drink and sleep for your character.   If you don’t take care of life’s necessities, your character will have increasing penalties the longer that his/her basic needs are not met.
Sendai45's Blight Infections
Makes you no longer immune to blight storms.  If you are out in a blight storm you risk infection from all of the same nasty varieties of the blight that you can receive from diseased creatures.
Snakejawz’s Get Diseases
Makes the player contract a wider variety of the game’s diseases from the diseased and blighted animals, rather than a few as it is in the default game.
Vanhike's Service Requirements v1.41
Membership and ranks in the guilds and factions now mean something as they affect what services you can use.
Jesus Freak's Realistic Training - Combat
Adds a new way of training (the default method remains in the game).  Adds several NPCs who will spar with the player for a slight fee.  These trainers can be found at all of the fighters guilds and Imperial forts.
Caine's Guard Expander v1.1
Adds more variety to the guards of Morrowind.  Guards at the entrances of most towns/forts are armed with spears.  Patrollers walk the streets, making sure everything is in order.  Archers keep the peace from above.   Guards on ships have been changed to Sailors.
Eric's Better Vaults v1.0
Makes it so that if the Player enters one of the vaults of one of the Great Houses and does not hold a rank of master or above in that House, then a bounty is placed on his/her head and the Player is subject to attack by the vault guards.
Kirel's Fast Break v1.0
Allows you to sprint at increased speed in return for increased fatigue drain.   The higher your athletics skill, the more of a speed boost you'll get.   Drawn weapons/spells double the fatigue drain while sprinting.   Sprinting also lets you jump further, but beware, the large jumps usually come with a hard landing - the higher your agility the less impact the jump will have on your character.
Zappara's Temperature v1.0
Adds temperature values and effects to Morrowind.   Only the Player is affected.  Walking near lava is now highly lethal.  Use of fire and frost resistance spells in cold/hot environments lessens the effects of extreme temperatures.  Fur armors protect you in cold temperatures.   Temperature is calculated every 10 seconds, and there are no long-term temperature effects like hypothermia, but you can get killed if you stay too long in cold or hot extremes.
P   Yacoby's Swimming Realism v1.2
Adds realism to swimming (No more swimming in full deadric armor.    Wearing Medium of Heavy armor while swimming will deplete your fatigue level, depending on how much you are wearing and what (Helms, gauntlets etc).    You also lose 80% of your carrying capability while swimming.   Mod also affects weapon effectiveness under water.   Now only spears, daggers and hand-to-hand are effective against underwater foes.
Yacoby's Drug Realism v1.0
Adds realism to the way merchants handle drugs.  They will barter with you if are carrying drugs, but if you try to sell them drugs, as soon as you end the conversation, they will call the guards.
P   Yacoby's Pursuit Enhanced v1.2.1 ++
NPCs or creatures that are attacking you will now you follow you through load doors if you attempt to escape their "wrath".  The time it takes for them to go through the doors is based on factors like their distance away from the door when the player goes through it, and whether the enemy can see the player when he or she goes through the door.  Your enemies won't be able to follow you through the door if you lock it, unless they have a high security.  Those lock spells are now no longer useless.
Zennorious' Regionally Known Criminals v1.1
Makes crime on Morrowind region dependent.  This means that after you commit a crime in Balmora people in Caldera won't know about your crimes, but when you return to Balmora you will get your bounty back.  After a certain crime level people in other towns will also hear about your crimes.  The news of your crimes will only spread to towns that have the same kind of guards as in the town you committed the crime.
Sosthenes’ Fall Damage
Makes falling much more dangerous.  Even small falls can hurt you.
Sisco’s Fire Hurt
Fire now hurts you when you stand on it or walk through it.
SiNNeR's Unskilled Books
Converts all skill books to normal books and eliminates the ability to gain skills through reading rather than gaining them from practise and use.
Evilgreebo's Bathmod v2.0
Adds the need to take a bath to the game.  You need to wash every few days or you start to smell and suffer a Personality Penalty.  Bathing will make you smell better, adding a minor magic effect for 24 hours.  All of the towns have baths which add different effects depending on what type they are.  There is also 3 special baths which add extra effects.
Texture Freak’s Longboat Replacer
Replaces the sails on the ships in the harbors and ports with furled sails rather than the unrealistic unfurled ones
TheLys & others’ Complete Doors and Locks
Makes several NPCs go indoors at night and the shops lock up for the night.   Add lock bashing so you can bash open door and chest locks
VenomByte’s Goldweight
Gold coins now have weight: .01 per gold piece.  1,000 drakes weighs 10 units.   No more running around with tens of thousands gold pieces in your pockets.
Tonto's MWE Gold Burden**
Adds weight to gold pieces by placing a dynamic spell on the character.   For every 100 pieces of gold you carry, you will acquire a single point of burden.
Mal’isirion’s Realistic & Expansion Weather mod
Changes the weather in Morrowind to be more appropriate for the regions.   For example, the Bitter Coast gets more rain and fog because it is lowland.
Arsonide’s Endless Adventure: Primal
Several of the Morrowind creatures will now build lairs.  If you come across one of these, there will be a few creatures outside protecting it or simply milling about.   If you decide to attack the lair, the creatures will come out to protect it.   The lairs are often a source of ingredients.
Sal Maker's Animal Realism v1.0
A simple modification that makes for more believable animal behavior. No more suicide attacks by rats, fish, cliff racers, etc.  Blighted animals will still attack as normal because the blight has caused them to lose their internal instincts.   Also, 'stronger looking' animals have been made stronger.
Demosthenes’ Wooden Fort - Raven Rock
Adds a more realistic fortification to the Raven Rock colony.  You still must complete the colony quests in order to receive the full services of the new fort
Taddeus & Nymeria’s Necessities of Morrowind v2.12 (+ Role Playing Realsim)
Adds to the game the need to eat, drink and sleep for your character.   If you don’t take care of life’s necessities, your character will have increasing penalties the longer that his/her basic needs are not met.  Obviously, eating and drinking will eliminate the penalties.  Adds many features including cooking and building fires.  Adds optional features to get drunk by drinking alcoholic beverages.


Wrye's NoM v2.12-04
Cleans up and improves the NoM scripting as well as making a few changes.   Improves performance by reducing some of the possible FPS hits caused by NoM.


Role Playing Realism
Aerelorn’s Writing Enhanced**
Allows the player to write inside the game.  Adds blank books and blank scrolls sold in various locations all around Vvardenfell.  When one of the books or scrolls is equipped, the player can give it a name and then enter up to 3000 characters of text.  A quill and inkwell are required for writing.

Indestructible's Armorer v1.94
Adds blacksmithing to the game and allows you to create your own armor.
Jilin’s Smith Apprentice v1.1
An expansion of Armorer that allows you to create your own weapons in addition to your own armour.  Some materials must be smelted before they can be forged into armor and weapons.
*Cliffworms’ Role-Playing Classes, Stealth Pack v0.2*
Allows your character to perform multiple actions related to stealth characters such as beg for money, perform shows in inns, play gambling games with gamblers, enter houses using their windows (Nordic windows only), etc.   Also adds seven smuggling bases in which to fence stolen goods.
Endrek’s Sixth House v2.03
Allows the player to have the opportunity to join the Sixth House and perform tasks to rise through its ranks, gaining special powers along the way and enjoying some interesting quests and twists as you make the world a very different place than you were ordained to as the Nerevarine.
Endrek’s Gladiator v5.0
Allows the player to play as a gladiator, fighting battles in the Vivec arena, progressing through a series of increasingly difficult battles until finally becoming champion of the arena.
Tomas’ Freelancer v1.1
Changes several existing quests, dialogue and journal entries so that players can play as a freelancer and be able to get and complete quests.  Adds some new 'latest rumors' to point non-faction players towards quests.
Nevena’s Twin Lamps & Slave Hunters v1.5
Allows the player to join the Twin Lamps Faction and play as an Abolitionist working to free slaves and outlaw slavery in Vvardenfell.
Max Nobody's Complete Morrowind
Adds several realistic abilities for the player that allows possibilities to make new items, alter existing ones, or interact with the world. A list of the new abilities:

 Sewing (leather and cloth items)
 Weaving (straw items)
 Pottery Making
 Brewing poisons
 Fletching (making arrows, etc.)
 Building campfires.


NOTE: several of the features of Complete Morrowind (CMW) are not compatible with other mods such as Necessities and Armorer.  Several individual modules are available to use specific CMW features and avoid possible conflicts with other mods you might be using.


Blade Tail’s Morrowind Complete Full merged with Hunger Mod
Allows the player to eat the foods cooked in CMW to be used to satisfy the requirements for the Hunger Mod.  Both CMW and the Hunger Mod are required.

Toccatta and Drac's Morrowind Crafting v2.1
Like Complete Morrowind this mod allows the Player to engaged in crafting his/her own items in game and is compatible with Necessities of Morrowind.   Allows Player to sell his/her crafted items to several merchants as well as train in the crafting skills.
Adds the following skills and abilities:

  Glass Blowing
  Candle & Pottery making
  Weaving & Sewing
  Mining & Smithing
  Cooking & Brewing
  Jewelry making
  Poison making


Dialogue Realism

Less Generic NPCs Project’s Mods:

Ald'ruhn v1.02
Ald Vethohi v1.10
Gnaar Mok v1.0
Hla Oad v1.2
P  Indarys Manor v1.45
Khuul v1.16
Maar Gan v1.01
P  PAX Redoran v1.0

Pelgiad v1.06b
P   Secret Masters v1.1
Seyda Neen v0.31
Tel Mora v1.02
Vivec - Foreign Quarter v0.50
P  Vivec - Redoran Compound v1.3

Creates unique dialogue for every NPC for every generic topic in the cities and strongholds titled in their mods.   Adds special features like a story-telling NPC whom you have to impress progressively so she'll continue her story.  Adds dialogue based quests.

Brother Juniper’s Balmora/Ascadian Isles Dialogue
Adds unique dialogue for many characters in Balmora and the Ascadian Isles Region.

SeekerVI’s Almalexia Undialog
Alters the dialog topics for Almalexia so that where once all knew about Almalexia, now only those characters part of the Tribunal Temple will respond.

Difficulty Enhancement
Increasing the difficulty of the game

Puma Man’s Advanced Guards v4.0
Upgrades all of the generic guards in Vvardenfell to be the equals of the guards in Mournhold.   Using leveled lists, as the player levels up, so do the guards.  You will learn to respect the law!

Lancelot’s Hard Patch 2004
Adds a “continuously increasing level of difficulty” system to the game to match the player’s progression through the game, providing for a more challenging game.
Mephisto’s Rogues v1.51
Adds Rogues and Assassins that will attack the player at random places in the game.  Balanced by increased guard activity.
TrevorDemented’s Hostile Attackers v4.0
Adds NPCs to the level lists that are scripted to match the level of player and set to fight on sight.  Hostiles are rare at early level, but begin to appear with more frequency at levels 8 and higher.  Expect a greater challenge.
Blind Eye’s Bribery v1.0
Makes it difficult for the player to bribe the NPCs unless the player has a high Speechcraft skill.
Blind Eye’s Non-profit Alchemy
All player-made potions now have zero value, eliminating this “cash cow” for the player.
Granarinth’s Tribunal Fix v1.0 (+ Game Bug Fix)
Makes a trip to Mournhold more challenging for higher level characters. Changes the toughness of some creatures, and placed more of them so they can work in groups.   Gets rid of all the references to the "Robots" in the game.  Fixes “the pack rat not following you” error and a few dialogue errors.
Endrek’s Weather Effects v1.2
Adds negative effects to the player when traveling in areas with harsh weather conditions. Nothing drastic, but now you'll have an incentive to find a safe place to hide out when a storm hits.
SiNNeR’s Sixth House Advanced v2.1
Makes creatures and NPCs of the Sixth House far more formidable. Fixes and balances the creatures/NPCs of the Sixth House so that Dagoths are no longer weaker than their non-Dagoth counterparts.  Makes the final confrontation with Dagoth Ur to be a more difficult battle.
P. Vaira’s Unleveled Creatures v2.0
Makes all creatures appear from the start. This is much more realistic than seeing creatures "magically appear" when you reach a certain level. Now you really do run for your life, or fight to the death at the beginning of the game.
Fallen's Better Solsthiem Creatures v2.0
Adjusts stats of the creatures of Solsthiem, making trips in the wilds of Solsthiem much more challenging and interesting.
Tarnsman’s Hungers 1.1
Makes the Hungers into nocturnal predators that are to be feared.  They are now a much more formidable opponent, and the manner in which they conduct their attack is much more in keeping with their name.
Tarnsman’s No thieving start (+ Alternative Beginnings)
Eliminates the “thieving start” at the beginning of the game.  Places ownership on all items inside the Census and Excise office as well as all the outside containers in the cities, thereby eliminating an easy source of gold and items for the player. Balanced by giving extra gold and items to the Player at the start.  In addition, all the tutorial messages when you start a new game have been removed.
Hyzmarca’s Traps (+ Thief-Class Realism)
Increases the difficult to disarm traps. Some traps will be impossible to avoid.
VenomByte's Economy fix – Item Lists
Alters most of the leveled item lists in the game.  Notably, rare gemstones and high end equipment are now MUCH rarer
Jaxalot’s Artifact Level Requirements v2.0
Balances the game by preventing a low-level player from obtaining a powerful item and using it as a replacement for developing their skills.  Instead, the player must level up and become mentally and physically strong enough to use the item, so that it will augment their stats and skills, and not replace them.
Darkflame's Hardcore Factions v1.0
Makes it more difficult to join factions and guilds, and harder to rise to the top.   Players will no longer be able to join and head every faction and instead will gravitate toward the faction(s) that reflect the skills they started out with.  Factions have their own standards and criterion for membership and rank advancement.  The Temple is the easiest to join.  The Fighters guild is difficult to join, but easier to progress through.  The Mages guild is very strict with their standards.
Kazeiru Nannoki’s Advanced Save System v1.0
Does away with the "Save Anywhere" system and implements a "Save Point System" similar to many RPG games.  Changes gameplay style to be more cautious.  "Should I open this trapped door?   If I die, my last save was fifteen minutes ago..."   Save Points are located in most of the towns and cities.
NOTE: this mod unavoidably disables the hotkey menu.


Game Additions
Specialized additions to the game


NPC Additions

P   Neoptolemus’ Morrowind Comes Alive v5.2
Randomly adds over 1000 types of NPCs to over 300 cells to bring Morrowind to life, and remove the “stale” feeling of the game.
NOTE: this version includes the features of The Undead v2.2, which cannot be disabled.

P   AJB4’s MCA Names v5.2
Gives the NPCS added by Morrowind Comes Alive randomly generated names so they don't show up as "Sorcerer", "Acrobat", etc.   The names are lore correct, as well as race and gender specific.
Nevena's Assistants & Apprentices
Adds 80 new hirable assistants/apprentices to the game.  These servants are called Assistants & Apprentices because once hired, it's up to you to provide them with the opportunities they need to improve their skills and inventories.  The servants can be: Blacksmith, Chef, Brewmaster, Apothecary, Magister (Enchanter/Spellmaker), Guard or Seneschal.  Once trained these servants can provide the player with the same services and items as their other counterparts in the game.
Jimbob 11's Jiub Companion
Places Jiub, your fellow prisoner on board the Imperial Prison Ship at the start of the game, in the prison towers in Moonmoth Legion Fort.  He is awaiting execution, and would be quite grateful if you free him.... He will join you as a loyal companion if and when he is released.

Cutthroat Mods' Partners v3.0
Adds more than 70 NPCs to the game who may become your friends, companions, lovers, or partners.
Cutthroat Mods' Minor Quests v1.2
Adds 48 NPC's who will offer the player work in 10 different jobs: herb collecting, exterminating, fishing, gathering, ghosting, crab hunting, cliff racing, smuggling, skinning, and nix hunting.  The NPC's will pay the Player for the work, and the Player can continue in the job for as long as he/she wants.
Spawnos' Partners Travel v1.1
Adds a travel option to all friends/companions/partners in Partners including any custom partners you may have created with the instructions included in the Partners' readme.

SiNNeR’s Armingers at Ghostgate
Adds several new Buoyant Arminger guards to the Ghostgate.  The Ghostgate is supposed to be one of the most important places in Morrowind, yet it is almost completely unguarded in the original game.  This mod addresses that oversight.

Illtempered’s Arena
Makes the Arena of Vivec come alive: gladiator battles, spectators in the stands, merchants hawking their wares to the Arena fans.

*Dok Enkephalin's Friends and Rivals v0.7*
Adds NPCs that can be hired or "won over" to join the Player on his/her quests as a Friend, Companion and/or Partner.  Planned for future versions are Rivals, Enemies and Adversaries that will actively seek to act against the Player.  All very good reasons to surround yourself with allies.
Note: Author is looking for playtesters to look for bugs

Creature Additions
NOTE: This is only a small list of the creature mods available.  All but the last two increase the difficulty of the game. An expanded list of animal/wildlife mods can be found here

Eternalsteelfan’s Werewolf Lairs v1.2
Adds 4 werewolves to Vvardenfell. Each has their own unique lair and adds a new danger to the wilds of Vvardenfell.
Mephisto’s Creature Pack v1.1
Adds new undead and host of other creatures to the game that test even the mightiest of heroes
Neoptolemus’ The Undead v2.2
Adds 140 new types of undead enemies to the leveled lists of Vvardenfell, Solstheim, and the Mournhold Sewers.  They will appear in the tombs, and outside at night.
RR_Raptor65’s Wild Durzogs
Adds Durzogs to the wilds of Vvardenfell.
Razhkul's Reign of Fire: The Attack of the Dragons v1.1
Adds dragons into Vvardenfell and gives you the opportunity to fight them, as well as capture a baby dragon and train it so that you ride through the skies of Vvardenfell.
BlackAssailant’s Dremora Archer
Adds a third Dremora, the Dremora Archer, to the leveled lists.  Each is equipped with a Daedric Longbow and fifteen Daedric Arrows.
JL Polson’s Diamondback Kagouti
Adds a more powerful, poisonous species of Kagouti, the Diamondback, to Vvardenfell.
Catherine’s Blighted Animals v1.1
Replaces the textures for the blighted animals.  All blighted animals now have a grayish texture.  You can now actually tell when creatures are blighted before they attack you.

Lochnarus’s Silt Striders are in Vvardenfell
Adds wild Silt Striders to Vvardenfell.

Mega Creature Additions
NOTE: These mods add a large and varied number of creatures to game.

Puma Man’s GIANTS v2.7.1 "Ultimate" (+ Difficulty Enhancement)
Adds Giants,scorpions, giant spiders, golems and host of other nasties.

HelioS’ GIANTS Ultimate Patch v2.0
Removes and/or replaces several of the least popular creatures from GIANTS.  Read the readme before deciding to use.
Mod was not created by the Puma Man team

Pehoh’s GIANTS Ultimate (no monsters in cities)
Removes all the GIANTS creature spawn points in the cities, villages and plantations.
Mod was not created by the Puma Man team

Puma Man’s GIANTS Creature Remover + Tool kit v1.1
Plug-ins designed to remove specific creatures from GIANTS.

Puma Man’s Wilderness v2.1
Adds birds, fish, sea creatures, mythical beasts and host of other creatures to the wilds of Vvardenfell.  Some, like the pumas and saber-toothed tigers, are aggressive.  Cats, dogs and other domesticated animals have been added to the cities and settlements of Vvardenfell.  Adds over 60 new alchemy ingredients to the game.

P   PirateLord’s Creatures v9.0 (+ Difficulty Enhancement)
Adds new creatures based on the existing Morrowind creatures.  Adds several new types of Dreamers to make visits to the Sixth House bases a bit more interesting, and challenging.

P   Abot's Where are the Birds Going? v1.9
Adds birds, bats and flying insects to the game that are placed dynamically by script.

P   Abot's Water Life v1.1
Adds fish and marine animals to the seas around Vvanderfell using a unique scripting method to place the creatures in the world to make them seem more "alive" and natural.

Miscellaneous Additions

Srikandi’s Alchemy v3.0607 (+ Gameplay Tweak)
Adds new alchemy ingredients to the game and makes numerous changes to the alchemy system, including removing the exploits.

Magic Nakor’s Bloated Morrowind
Adds the source of bloat spores into the game.  They are found along the marshy coastlines and in dank caverns.

DaDuke’s Rings and Amulets v2.1
Adds an additional 241 amulets and 130 rings to the game.

Tarnsman’s BEER! v1.12-04
Adds beer and other alcoholic beverages to the game.  Also adds four new taverns to the game outside of the cities.  Designed as a companion to Necessities of Morrowind (NoM) , but does not require that mod.

Misty Moon's Javelins and Throwing Axes
Adds Javelins and Throwing Axes that you can throw instead of using them as a melee weapon.

Felix’s Tribunal Integration
Adds various items from Tribunal to Vvardenfell, as well as makes several game adjustments to integrate the expansion for more seamless play.

Felix’s Bloodmoon Extras v1.2
Adds various items that were part of Bloodmoon expansion but that were not put in the game.

Byblos’ Traders 300
Adds new Leveled Item lists to the game that add random merchandise to most of the shops in Vvardenfell that change with every visit.

Blockhead’s Tribunal & Bloodmoon Ingredients v1.0
Adds two new Item Leveled lists to the game so that there is a chance of finding Tribunal or Bloodmoon alchemy ingredients in Vvardenfell.

Tomb & Ruins Additions
Note: Those wishing for an expanded list of tomb and dungeon mods can find them here.

Ivza’s Haunted Tombs v1.06
Add special effects to the tombs and barrows. You will hear sounds every now and then. There are some flying objects here and there. Some of the enemies have had their AIs scripted.

CrazyBoy’s Dwemer Ruins Fix v2.5
Allows you to use the Dwemer satchels to blow-up cave-ins to explore new hidden passages in several of the Dwemer ruins.

Poodemon’s Dwemer Loot
Adds new Dwemer-style loot (repair items, new pick, probes, etc.) to the leveled lists in the Dwemer ruins.

Zappara’s Disturb the Dead v3.31
Adds possible treasure to the urns in the tombs and barrows.  Adds the possibility that if you open the urns that you might up wake some nasty undead creature or be cursed.  If you loot too many urns and tomb chests you will be marked as a Gravedigger and then the undead will start to disturb you.

Zappara’s Tombs Expanded v1.1
Expands every tomb in Vvardenfell by adding 1-6 new dungeon levels to them, creating over 300 new dungeon levels to search. Every tomb has also new loot and new undead monsters.

Alternative Beginnings
Starting the game differently

Evermoon's Alternate Beginnings
Eliminates starting the game inside the prison ship and gives the Player five different choices as to where to start the game.  Your character will have different things in their inventory depending on where they start but nothing of any real value.  They will also have less money than is available with the standard beginning, so things might initially be more difficult.   The new starting situations do not have their own storylines.  The background of how the character got into that situation is left to the player's imagination and they will not be given any guidance on where to go after starting.   The original Morrowind Main Quest is still playable and can be started by talking to Sellus Gravius in the Seyda Neen Census and Excise office.   Makes minor changes to dialogue.

Jman0warS and ManaUser's Privateer's Hold v1.0
Adds the dungeon from Daggerfall as the starting point into the game.

Zerocyde's Alternate Start: Delayed Orders
Eliminates starting the game inside the prison ship, starting the Player in a shack in Sedya Neen.  In addition to the normal CharGen phase, players are given the option of choosing a starting weapon and a starting set of armor.  All of the starting equipment is low-end and does not unbalance the game.
NOTE: There are reports of the CharGen messageboxes appearing if you go into the Census and Excise Office.  Annoying but not fatal.

Zerocyde's Character Maker v1.1
Allows you to have a greater amount of control over the creation of your character. Set any of your stats from 10 to 60 from the 330 points you have to distribute.  For skills you have 45 points to distribute, in the form of 5, 10, or 15 point bonuses.

Gman21's CharGen Revamped v1.4
Combines Alternate Beginnings and Character Maker and increases the number of possible starting locations to 30.  The original starting location is still available by declining the spawn editor.

Marbred's Chargen Werewolf
Allows you to become a werewolf at the start of the game.

Kekvit Irae's Paths of Life v1.5
Replaces the birthsigns with lifestyles during the CharGen phase.   Instead of choosing which sign you were born under, you choose which lifestyle you lived (or were best suited to) before you became a prisoner and sent to Morrowind.   Many provide an interesting challenge to the game.

Mark Hamilton's Randomized Stats
Randomly adjusts the starting stats and skills during the CharGen phase.   Stats and skills are based on both race and sex of the Player (the difference between the sexes is very slight).  You will get to see the stats and skills at the usual review point in the character creation process.  If you choose not to accept your character and change any feature at the review point you will then receive the usual (non random) stats and skills.

Cid88's Advantages/Disadvantages v1.3
Adds a version of Daggerfall's advantages/disadvantages system to the CharGen phase. There are seven advantages and seven disadvantages to choose from.   Players need a disadvantage before they can choose an advantage.

Glassboy's No CharGen Message Boxes
Eliminates the annoying message boxes during the CharGen phase.

Glassboy's Unique Birthsigns
Adds 14 new birthsigns.
Brian W's Playable Classes
Allows the player to play all game classes rather than just a few.  If you want to play the game as a commoner or bookseller you now can.
Cutthroat Mods' Races and Classes v2.5
Adds 41 new classes and 2 races (Dwarf and Hobbit).  A few classes have been added to makeup for their glaring omission or just to fit some favorite playing styles. A number of existing classes were also made playable just to provide more variety, but no other changes were made to them.  The standard Birthsigns have also been modified to a certain extent.
Blake's Nerevar Say Nerevar v1.01
Removes the main quest from the game and makes Jiub the Nerevarine, who appears to travel around Vvardenfell, telling stories about being the Nerevarine.

P   Xeth-Ban's Chargen at Night v1.0
Starts the game at night for a different feel / atmosphere.

Lochnarus' Meaner CharGen
Makes the intro on the Imperial Prison ship a bit livelier with more NPCs who berate you as you leave.

Tenaka's The Prison Ship Escape
Allows you find out about the location of the Imperial Prison Ship and rescue Jiub the Dunmar, your fellow prisoner on board the ship at the start of the game.

Playing the game as a vampire
Note: An expanded list of vampire mods can be found here

Marbred's Chargen Vampire Birthsigns
Allows you to pick from the 3 vampire clans birthsigns, and become a vampire at the start of the game.

Dark Lord Sigma's Vampire Blood v1.1
Allows you to easily become a vampire by adding 3 vials of Vampiric Blood that once drunk infects you with Porphyric Hemophilia, and thus turn into a vampire.

Jaxalot’s Vampire Realism v2.2 (+ Difficulty Enhancement, Game Additions)
Increases the “realism” for players playing as vampires and for non-vampire players alike.  New limitations and strengths for Vampires.  All NPC vampires are much stronger than they were in normal Morrowind.  They are now worthy adversaries that can only be killed by staking them.

Zennorious' Vampire Hunger III v1.2
Adds the need for blood to the vampire character.   Without it the vampire character becomes progressively weaken, but will not die.
Note: Requires Vampire Embrace and is fully compatible with Vampire Realism.

Cortex's Vampire Embrace v2.4
Allows you to have many of the abilities of the vampires of lore, from drinking victims' blood, enslaving victims and creating thralls among its many features.

Kal Choedan's Vampiric Levitation Fix
Makes it so that the power of Vampiric Levitation is correctly added to the player when you become a vampire, and removed when (if?) you find a cure.  Bethesda originally intended that Vampires were supposed to be able to fly (a sort of limited levitation), and the power was included but never was implemented in the game.

Pseudopath's Vampire Dream Reduction v1.0
Reduces the chances of the player being awoke by the Vampire Dreams while resting.

Shaminar the Dragon's Vampire Quest Repair v1.1
Fixes the dialogue of the vampire clan leaders so that many of their quests now can be completed.

Yacoby's Vampire Doors Bugfix
Removes the red ring around the screen acquired when Vampire characters move inside from the outside when taking sun damage.

AlienSlof & Peter's Vampiric Mods


Cattle Fix v1.0
Fixes an oversight in the cattleScript that results in you being punished for killing the cattle of other Vampire clans.  The punishment now will only happen if it happens in your own clan HQ.  So if you kill Berne or Quarra cattle as an Aundae, or vice versa, nothing will happen.

Scent of Blood v1.2
Allows your vampire character to distinguish the clan of other vampires by their scent.   This ability is part of a vampire's blood magic and comes at no cost.   It will happen automatically once you are in the vicinity of other vampires and requires no special action.

Vampiric Illusion v1.4++
Allows your vampire character to disguise himself from NPCs through the use of the "Vampire Mask" spell.   The spell will always succeed and costs no magicka, but the effect is paid in blood and magicka as long it lasts.  The blood costs are calculated in game time, not real time.   Designed to enhance the vampire experience within the game, this mod also increases the difficulty of playing as a vampire.
Note: Requires Vampire Embrace and Vampire Hunger III.

Vampiric Regeneration v1.2
Adds a spell "Vampiric Regeneration" that gives vampires regenerative abilities.   Speed of regeneration is dependent on age and current blood level: fully fed giving the fastest regen, to bloodless giving no regen at all.   Ideal for players using Vampire Realism with the no-restore health option enabled.

VE Companion Control v1.2
Adds a ring that allows you to set up quick commands for your vampiric companions, making it easier for you control them in battles.  Additionally, mod allows you to command a single NPC at a time by pressing the sneak key ('c' or whatever key you configured).  Only the NPC in the crosshair is affected instead of all the companions in the cell.  Without sneak key, it works as before: Everyone obeys.

Improvements or modifications on the game-playing features


Magic Tweaks
Note: Those wishing for an expanded list of mods geared toward the mage/wizard character can find it here.

Cortex’s Scripted Spells v1.5
Adds new scripted spells to the game.  These include shape shifting spells, mind reading spells that steal spells from enemies, explosive strike spells, and elemental wall spells.

*Tonto's MWE Telekinesis Beta**
Causes objects to float towards the player when they are activated while the player is using telekinesis.  Once the object gets close to the player, it will automatically be activated.  The whole process is fast, but it does add an element of timing to stealing objects with telekinesis.  If someone is patrolling the room, you run the risk of being seen when the object finally lands in your possession.
WeTWareV7’s Beasts of Burden: Necromancer
Allows the player to raise 17 different undead creatures, with no limit to number of raised creatures, through a mixture of ingredients and spell casting.   The undead creatures take an “investment” of the player’s health and fatigue, thereby limiting the number he/she is able to raise.
Lap’s Infernal Summoning v1.1
Allows the player to summon and forever bind 25 different creatures to his/her service.   Adds new creatures and dungeons.  Player is able to summon only one creature at a time.
Note: Patch for this mod can be found here

Argent’s Soul Summon v1.5 & v2.0
Adds a single, unique soul gem that is capable of resurrecting the creature trapped inside. This creature will then follow and fight for you. Version 2.0allows for the capture of the soul of a NPC inside the special soul gem.

Torgulf's NPC Soultrapping v1.0
Allows the Player to soultrap NPCs in the game after finding special books and soulgems.  Soul points of captured NPC souls are based on their level.

Wegtam's Resurrection v1.0
Allows the Player to resurrect any NPC killed in combat to become an Undead servant.   Undead servants can be upgraded.
NOTE: There are reports of problems with mannequins from other mods and CTDs with this mod.  A clean save is highly recommended before using.

Talonhoff’s Extended Spell Effects (+ Difficulty Enhancement)
Modifies many of the offensive spells to make them last longer while reducing amount of damage they inflict.  Makes fighting with magic more challenging because the effects take a little longer to work.

Talonhoff's Multiple Summoning Spells v1.1
Creates new spells that can allow you to summon multiple creatures of the same type to fight for you at the same time.  Spells are balanced by their magikca and gold (to purchase) costs.

Talonhoff's Skeleton Necromancer
Allows the player to summon bone wolves, skeleton mages, and skeleton archers.   But necromancy comes at a heavy price.  The Silence spell will now be placed upon the caster whenever any undead creature is summoned for the duration of the summoning spell.
VenomByte’s LichCraft
Allows the player to play as a Lich by find a forgotten book in the Secret Library of Vivec that leads the player to a series of tasks which must be completed in order to perform The Ritual Of Becoming.  Special new powers and the ability to temporarily disguise your true form to interact with the world as normal.   Becoming a lich is an irreversible process.

Fukuro’s Mana Regen v1.3
Restores Magicka according to a formula based on the player's willpower.

Fredrik Edberg’s Spell Target Speed Mod (+ Difficulty Enhancement)
Increases the speed of targeted spells to slightly above that of arrows and bolts, making it much more difficult to evade spells.

Veet’s The Missing Bounds (+ Game Bug Fix)
Adds the spells for the two pieces of bound armor that do not appear in the original game: pauldrons and greaves

Oh-Dee’s Turn Undead Fix (+ Game Bug Fix)
Adds an alternative spell that “fixes” the “Turn Undead" spell that is *broken* in the game.  “Turn Undead” now affects the player, and works for a set amount of time. Undead creatures will be repelled from you based upon your Conjuration skill. The higher the skill, the easier it is to turn them.

CD Cooley's Improved Teleportation v2.0++
Allows you to keep your companions and other followers with you when you use teleportation magic. Also allows you to use up to nine Mark points for Recall spells.
NOTE: The author has done a major revision with version 2.0, improving how the mod works.

Slategrey's Apprentice Scrolls & Mystic Quills v1.4
Changes all of game's magical scrolls so that the Player can use them either to learn their spells or to cast their spells once as normal.  The ability to learn the spell is based on the player's skill in each of the six schools of magic.   If you fail, the scroll changes into the normal cast-once scroll.  If you have another scroll of the same type you may try to learn the spell again.  Also add special quills that can be used to write your own magical scrolls. Fully compatible with Inscription v2.0

*Scruggs' Melee Missiles v 1.2++*
Allows any weapon that is enchanted with a Cast-On-Target-When-Strikes enchantment can now be used without switching to menu mode.   Simply take aim at a target, then swing your weapon.  You will see the spell fly from your weapon toward the target on a straight trajectory until it hits something.   You can fire the spells at any angle, even allowing you to hit targets directly below you while levitating.
NOTE: There is an issue with not being able to start a new game with this mod loaded.   It is listed as a beta as the author has promised an update.


NPC Tweaks

Raejak’s Healers v1.0
Gives Healers (NPCs of class "Healer Service") a function in the game: healing the player. Healers are found in the temples and at the Imperial Cult altars.  Adds healers to Dagon Fel, Suran, Vos and Tel Branora.  Almsivi Intervention can now take you to the Vos Chapel.

Nevena's Ex-Slaves & Partners v1.5
Allows players to turn newly freed slaves into companions.  The attributes of the Slave Class have been altered so that they can wear armor and the player can trained them in skills for a fee.
NOTE: There are reports of conflicts with other companion mods by preventing needed dialogue/journal topics from appearing.

Ghostwalker71's Slavers v1.01
Slavers allows you to claim slaves as your own if you have the key to their bracers.    You can also capture the smugglers and other NPCs that are considered criminals or outcasts and then sell your slaves at most slave markets.   Adds new slave markets in Seyda Neen and Balmora.
Note: There are reports of bugs with this mod.   Also, will conflict with the many mods changing Sedya Neen and Balmora.   A clean save is highly recommended with this mod.

Brianith's Slave Mod
Enhances the slavery system by adding a feature to the slaves you can purchase in Tel Aruhn.  You can now send your slaves on missions to various places throughout Vvardenfell, as well as obey all companion sharing commands.


Skill & Attribute Tweaks

Andoreth’s Advanced Herbalism
Adds the herbalism skill to the game.  You now collect plants, roots, etc. rather than ‘open’ them. When you collect plants they disappear (they will respawn in a month).   No more ‘opening’ a plant only to find out that you had done so earlier
NOTE: This mod is an updated version of Balor's Herbalism.

GhanBuriGhan’s The Vertical Limit - Climbing mod
Adds climbing to the game, in a way similar to Daggerfall.  You can now climb almost every obstacle with a more or less vertical surface if you have the skill.

HotFusion’s State-Based Hit Points v1.1
Alters the way that Morrowind calculates hit points for the player.  Hit points are now based on the CURRENT value of your Endurance, instead of the value of your Endurance when you leveled up.  Fortify Endurance spells will have a dramatic and immediate effect on hit points, making Fortify Endurance spells and items more value.  The bonus hit points will vanish when the spell expires.   Spells that damage Endurance are now more dangerous.  If you're already wounded, Endurance drain can kill you.

*HotFusion's Magicka Based Skill Progression v2.0
Makes magical skill progression based on the amount of magicka used, rather than the number of spells cast.  Under the default magic system you are actually encouraged to use weaker spells, even when more better alternatives are available in order to have your magical skill progress quicker.  Now you are rewarded for casting the more difficult and powerful spells.
Note: There are significant reported bugs still being worked out with this mod. Read the readme before using and it is highly recommended that you save a clean save before using this mod.

Azrael's Magicka Based Spell Advancement v1.0a (MWE)**
An update of Magicka Based Skill Progression scripted to use Morrowind Enhanced for a more seamless integration.

Galsiah's Character Development v1.07c
Changes the leveling system.  Limits are removed from skills and attributes, and skill gain is slowed down exponentially to preserve game balance.  Skills influence attributes, health and magicka directly.  Strengths and weaknesses are dependant on initial skill choices, skill increases and racial factors.   Includes optional magicka regeneration and birthsigns.  GCD is easily and extensively customizable.
Note: There have been reports of "unwanted" skill adjustments to players' characters. Read the readme before using and it is highly recommended that you save a clean save before using this mod. Also, there is a 1.08 version available (Morrowind only).

Piratelord's Improved Skilled Magicka v1.0
Improves your rate of gaining your magic skills, based on how expensive the spell is and how skilled you are at casting it.  Requires GCD if you want the skill gains to go towards your leveling, without GCD it will just be a bonus that doesn't affect your leveling.

Shanjag's Alchemical Warfare
Adds the ablility to create explosive projectiles by combining certain ingredients and adding the new mixture to hollow arrows. Creating these new types of arrows is based on the Player's alchemy skill and has an element of risk. Too low of an alchemy skill and mixing the wrong elements together can result in a massive explosion.

The DopeHatMan’s Inscription v2.0
Adds a new learned skill, Inscription, which allows you to make scrolls based off of your magic skills using special paper and magical ink made from gems.   Player must make both the scroll paper and ink from certain ingredients.

Halo's MWE Sneak Eye**
Grants you a small bonus to your night-vision while in stealth mode.   The bonus is dependent on your stealth skill and proximity to light sources, very useful for thief characters.  The bonus varies between 0 & 25 points.   25 points of night-eye is only achieved in total darkness with a very high stealth skill.
Note: There is an annoying flash when your night-eye spell is updated. Author has been unable to resolve this.

Game Tweaks

Ivza’s Blight Bounties v1.01
Gives you a small bounty for each blighted creature you kill.  You can collect the bounties from certain Temple representatives in a few places around Vvardenfell.

Lurlock's Morag Tong Writ Fix v1.1
Changes the writs so that they will bear the name of the persons they are for, as well any info you get when you are first given the writ, saving time searching through your journal to find the directions if you've forgotten.  In addition, the Morag Tong masters now take the writs back and pay you an extra reward for completing the writ without needing to present your papers to the authorities.

*Marbred & Max Nobody’s Death v2.2*
When you die you now become a spirit and are transported to a semi-random location on Vvardenfell.  You cannot interact with the NPCs.   You can't attack or use magic.  You cannot access containers.   You can, however, fly and have the freedom to explore Vvardenfell.  In order to “return” to the game you have to find your corpse and reclaim your body.   Game play returns to normal, until you die another time.
NOTE: there are reports of errors with this mod: being unable to reclaim your body and returning to regular game play.

Bravo's Marksman Enhanced v1.2 (+ Misc. Game Additions)
Adds new crossbow models/textures as well as tweaking the stats of the marksman weapons.

Blindeye's Enchanted Renaissance v1.0
A revamp of the enchanted rings, amulets and robes in the game, increasing their enchantments and the number of their discharges.  This is offset by making them more rare in the game and by making the use of soul gems the only way to recharge them.

AnnoyedDragon’s Cloth Bracer mod (+ Game Bug Fix)
Changes the stats of the cloth bracers so that they can be used to get around the unarmored bug which requires the player to be equipped with a small piece of armor in order for the skill to take effect.  Cloth bracers stats now have a defensive value to 0, while their enchantment and durability have been raised.

Boethiah539’s Mining mod v1.5
Gives the miner’s picks a purpose in the game. Raw glass, raw ebony, diamond, and adamantium can now only be extracted with a miner’s pick.   A muck shovel is now required in order to extract muck. Adds picks and muck shovels to several traders inventories.

Super 17’s Paper v1.2
Creates varying qualities of scroll paper, with varying enchantment points, the highest with 60 points. Allows players to create their own magical scrolls.  Several merchant NPCs now sell the scroll paper.

Nymeria’s Faster Walk
Increases your walking speed by 10%.
NOTE: Included as an option with Necessities of Morrowind (NoM)

HotFusion’s Dreamers Awakened v1.0
Allows you to rescue the Dreamers that are stationed in the various Sixth House bases rather than kill them.

*Nickels' Moon Sugar Enhancement v0.5*
Allows players with to sell Skooma and Moon Sugar to 'drug dealers'.  Modifies Skooma's alchemy properties and adds Refined Moon Sugar as a new ingredient/ narcotic.

Neoptolemus’ Unboarable Rieklings
Riekling Raiders and their boars will no longer die simultaneously.  Instead, once they get down to about 45% health, the Riekling will fall off, and either survive while the boar dies, or die while the boar survives.

Neoptolemus’ Improved Cursed Items
Alters the "BILL MarksDaedraSummon" script so that a variety of creatures are summoned when the offerings on the altars of Daedric shrines are stolen, not just Dremora Lords.

Game System Overhaul
NOTE: These mods completely revamp the game in a many areas so read the readme before deciding to add them to your game.

Stromgarde’s Morrowind Advanced v1.82 (+ Difficulty Enhancement, Game Additions)
Adds new creatures, dungeons, weapons and armor.  Adjusts the leveled lists, making it more difficult to find the powerful items.

Adventurers 3 v3.02 (+ Difficulty Enhancement, Game Additions)
Make numerous changes to the game for a more challenging game.

Wakim’s Game Improvements v9.0 (+ Game Bug Fixes, Tweaks)
Makes a wide range of changes to the game from changing skill increase rates to balancing weapons and spells.  Includes individual modules for those wishing to specialize the changes.

Dialogue/Command Tweaks

Sean’s Apologies
Allows the player to apology to NPC to raise their disposition. The highest you can raise their Disposition through these means is up to 35. After that you will need to go back to Admiring, Intimidating, or Charming them.

* TheLys’ Give Us Your Orders v1.3
Allows the player to make requests or give orders to some NPC based on their relation with the player.  Designed as a companion to Dracandros' Voice, but does not require that mod.

WC Picker’s Imperial Leader v1.0
Allows you to issue orders to Imperial troopers once you attain the rank of Imperial Knight Errand.

Dracandros’ Voice Mods


Voice v2.71
Allows the player to hire mercenaries, buy slaves and packguars, and command them.   Also allows the player to command the lower ranked members of factions.
Hortator's Voice
Allows you to issue orders to the Guards of the Great Houses once you become the Hortator.
Archcanon's Voice
Allows you to issue orders to the Ordinators once you attain the rank of Patriarch in the Temple.

*NOTE: there are reports in the forums of warping issues with companions for these mods.   Gives Us Your Orders is known to conflict with the dialogue of many mods, preventing needed dialog/journal topics from appearing.  This maybe true with all of these as well.  A clean save is highly recommended before using these mods.

Game Enhancements
Visual, audio and gameplay enhancements/improvements to the game

NOTE: Excluded here are the numerous face and texture replacement mods available.   A list of those and other mods can be found here.   For those wishing to compare the different texture packs available, a side-by-side comparison is found here.

Signs and Banners

Nigedo's Authentic Signs: Inns and Taverns
Replaces the signs for the six Imperial taverns and inns found in Vvardenfell.   Each sign is unique and reflects the name and location of the inn or tavern it represents.

Franzhauer’s Textured Signs v1.0
Changes the road signs to include both English location names and their correspondent daedric names in the sign.

Misty Moon's Enhanced Signs & Banners
Replaces the original signs, banners & tapestry with enhanced and retextured ones that mantain the original feel of the game.

Faylynn's Signs v1.0
Replaces the textures for the merchant and tavern signs as well as the signs for the Fighters and Mages Guilds.

Tarnsman's Vivec Canton Signs v1.0
A simple retexturing of the Vivec Canton signs to give each canton a distinctive color for its sign and allow you to tell them apart.  The Redoran, Hlaalu, and Telvanni canton signs are in the colors of each of those factions.

Notelaers’ Unique Banners and Signs v1.1
Replaces the banners and signs of 21 establishments across Vvardenfell with unique, appropriate designs.

Skyfire76’s NF Signs Replacer v1.1
Replaces several of the in-game signs and banners with new ones.

Visual Enhancements

Schwaa’s Scroll Upgrade v1.0
Adds more detailed textures for the in-game scrolls. Replaces two rare in-game books and the rolled paper with new models.  Six different icons for scrolls makes locating scrolls easier to find in your inventory.

Infectious Moon’s Soul Gems
Retextures NelothsMouth's original Soul Gems, making their appearance more in keeping with the original textures.

Qarl's Bottle Replacer v1.0
Replaces all the bottle meshes with better meshes and textures.  The models are the same size, shape and position so they seamlessly replace the old ones.   All the bottles are reflection-mapped and translucent with pseudo liquid inside the corked ones.

Qarl's Miscellaneous Items Replacer v1.0
Replaces many of the misc items with new meshes and textures.  The models are the same size, shape and position so they seamlessly replace the old ones.   Many objects are reflection-mapped and translucent with animated textures and particle effects.

Qarl's Flask Replacer v1.0
Replaces the four flasks in Morrowind with new meshes and textures.  The models are the same size, shape and position so they seamlessly replace the old ones.

Blake's Paper Retexture v1.0
Replaces the textures for the parchments, notes and plain paper sheets with higher resolution ones.

Daduke’s Key Replacer v1.4
Replaces the game’s only two keys designs with 50 new key designs.

Sir Luthor's Tools
A simple, but beautiful retexturing of the tools (probes, repair hammers and lockpicks).

Astion's True Gems v1.1 (+ Game Additions)
Replaces all the gems in the game with faceted, reflective versions.  In addition, it replaces the model for Ebony and adds two new gems - the Topaz and the Amythest.

Scifiguy52's Gauntlets, Bracers and Pauldrons v1.1
Changes all the standard gauntlets, bracers and pauldrons in the game from single pieces into matching sets.  This allows players to use the sheath, quiver and clothing mods that use one of the wrists slots and not lose any armour rating, nor any of the look.  Each set has the same armor rating, price and enchantment level as the two individual pieces used together would have.

Dimitri Mazieres' Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer v2.0 (+ Game Tweak, Game Additions)
Changes the appearance of the Dark Brotherhood assassins' armor.  The appearance of DB armor differs (with appropriate higher stats) between the different ranks of Dark Brotherhood assassins.  Also add new weapons to replace the original Dark brotherhood's arsenal.

Millinghordesman's Clear Glass Equipment *
Changes the solid textures of the glass weapons and armor so that they now contain translucent blades and details. The Raw Glass ingredient now also has translucency.

Millinghordesman 's Clear Ice Equipment
Changes the solid textures of the Ice weapons so that they now contain translucent blades/spikes. The Raw Stalhrim ingredient now also has translucency.

Sapphron's Steel Broadsword Fix v1.0
Fixes the steel broadsword so that its appearance is not exactly the same as the Imperial broadsword, and better matches the rest of the steel weapon set.

Khan Raider's Weapon Collection v3.0 (+ Game Additions)
Changes the textures and meshes of most of the iron, steel, silver, dwemer and glass swords and axes.   Adds new maces, warhammers and sabres.
Taffer’s Better Books v1.0
Replaces all the old blurry book textures with sharp and more colorful textures.

Sgaileach's Illustrated Book of Alchemy
Adds a beautifully decorated in-game book that contains general information on alchemy, as well as an alphabetized list of all effects achievable through the craft and the ingredients required to harness them.  Ingredients are color coded based on the region they may be found.

Stalker's Guide to Replacer v1.0
Replaces all the "Guide to..." scrolls with an open version showing the map of the region.

Hendalf’s Gold v.1.1
Replaces the original models and textures of imperial coins with a more detailed and shiner texture.

P   Rob B.'s Alternate Enchanted Item Icons v1.1
Changes the stock enchanted item icons to something a little more aesthetically appealing.

Shanjaq’s Meteors
Meteors will now occasionally streak across the night sky.  Meteor showers happen on occasion as well.

Soar182’s Red Eyed Skeletons v2.0
Adds red color to the entire eye socket area of all the skeletons in Morrowind.  Does not change skeletons that use creature IDs other than the original Morrowind IDs.

Mad DJ’s New Fire Damage Effect v1.1
Adds new fire damage effect to fire-based attacks.


Sensei’s TLM - The Lighting Mod (Complete Version)
Makes extensive ambience and lighting modifications.  Adds sneak modifiers (for light levels and circumstances).  Adds SneakEye spell.   Makes modifications to torch, candles and other lights.

Spuzzum's Interior Daylight Plugin v1.0
Interior windows now glow based on the time of the day.

Mod Man’s WindowLights Full 2.0
Adds Atmospheric window lighting for most exterior windows on Vvardenfell. Lights also go off during the daytime.

DrkAngl66's Illuminated Windows v1.0
Adds illumination to both interior and exterior windows and doors, with scripting to turn them on and off during the day.  Some exterior windows now have randomized lighting to create the illusion of activity inside.

Vanhike's Light Based Sneaking Add-on v1.4
Makes the world much darker and makes lights actually look like they are a major source of light in a cell. The dark version has all non-city cells with an ambient light of 0.

Byblos' Lights 300
Reworks all the lights in the game to be more colorfull, dynamic, magical and realistic.   For example, red candles now have red flames and give off red light.  Merged with True Lights and Darkness and Light Based Sneaking.

Duncan’s Atmospheric Sound Effects v3.0
Adds new 220 sound effects, many randomly picked with random volume and pitch, throughout the game’s environments.   3 ASE updates add new sounds to new environments, including weather sounds to interiors.

Piratelord's Expanded Sounds v1.1
An alternative to ASE, with most of the sounds but with less intrusive scripting.  Includes tweaks to the weather.

Leon 'pancreas' Medado’s Sound Mods


Morrowind Sound Enhancement
Adds new sounds to the game, including ones that came with the game but weren't used.
Light Sounds
Adds more sounds to the various illuminating object in Morrowind.   Features two new sounds and two previously unheard ones that came with the game.   Adds a greater sense of ambience to the interiors of the game.
Fatigue Effects (+ Gameplay Realism)
Adds a new panting and heart beating sound effects when your character becomes fatigued, as well as an increasing blindness penalty as the player’s fatigue level gets below 40%.


Puma Man’s Wilderness Sounds v3.0
Places realistic nature sounds throughout Vvardenfell.

Kirel's Interior Weather v1.0
Allows you hear the exterior weather from inside buildings.  Adds weather sound effects to interior cells both from the stock game and from any mod without the need for patches or editing.  Fully customizable in game.

Lucypher's Magic Sound Effects Replacement
Replaces the generic sounds for the magic spells with new and improved ones.

Qarl's Bones
Adds bone-like sounds for the footsteps of skeletons, adding atmosphere and now you can hear them coming!

MP*Canus’ Improved Blizzard Sound Effect
Changes the game’s standard blizzard sound effect for one that conveys the sheer inhospitable nature of a full-fledged blizzard.

Aerelorn’s Journal Enhanced
With a quill and inkwell, the Player is able to add his/her own notes into the journal from within the game.

Monica21’s Shield Placer
Allows shields to be placed on walls, floors, doors, wherever, and stay that way. Simply drop the shield in front of you, click on it, and follow the instructions.

Scifiguy52’s Rotations
Allows the player to rotate weapons, armor and miscellaneous items horizontally and vertically in the game.

Maboroshi Daikon & Others' Item Manipulation Mods


Book Rotate v5.3
Allows you to place books in the game both horizontally and vertically for a tidy collection.
Bottle Rotate
Allows the player to place empty bottles and jugs along with alcoholic beverages on their sides.  Works great for placing bottles in wine rack.   Does have one drawback: the bottles no longer stack in the inventory.
Weapon Rotate v1.1
Allows you to arrange your weapon collection and adds several new weapon racks you can buy from various vendors.

Wrye's Patches v1.0
Rationalizing names for all of the games items so that they are more accessible both in inventories and in the spell menu.  Individualize patches allow for customization of the changes.

P   Fliggerty's Gravedigger v1.0++
Allows you to completely get rid of a corpse immediately without being weighted down with whatever junk was on it.  All you have to do is get close enough to a corpse that you would be able to activate it, and hold down the apostrophe key until it disappears.  The corpse and its entire inventory will be removed from your game.
NOTE: This mod is dependent upon Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE).

Raveren's Rotate Enhanced++
Adds a special spell "- Rotate Enhanced" to the player's spell list.   Cast it on *any* inventory item in the game and a 'rotate-position-scale' menu will appear.  You may then adjust the position, angle and even size of the object of your choice.
NOTE: This mod is dependent upon Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE).

Dialogue and Voice

Spiney’s Strip For Me
Allows the player to make a request for an NPC to disrobe.  Those that love you, gladly comply.  Those that don't know you, or don't think much of you, will be slightly offended, and the player is given a disposition penalty.

Blindeye’s Alternate Messages v1.4
Changes many of the in-game messages making them more role-player friendly.

Glassboy’s Persuasion Response Expansion v4.0
Adds a total of 703 new responses (some are quite comical) for when the player bribes, taunts, or admires an NPC.

Glassboy’s Nudity Greeting Expansion v1.0
Adds new nudity greetings for npcs.  You will no longer just hear "Cover yourself! Are you mad?  Have you no decency?"  Adds several random greetings that will be given to the player based on the npc's disposition, and whether he/she is of opposite sex.   Almost all of the greetings are comical in some way.

Felix's Voice and Greetings v0.96
Enables greetings, sounds and responses that were shipped with the game, but not used. Six esp versions.

Kirel's How are you? v1.0
Adds the topic "How are you?" that appears on NPCs you'd already met in the game.   The topic has some 80 or so unique responses based on the NPCs disposition.

Skydiver’s Voice Add-on Mods


Almalexia Voice Add-on
Allows Almalexia to speak all of her dialogue.  Read and listen as you interact with the Goddess of Mournhold.
Barilzar Voice Add-on
Adds voice to the lich Barilzar when he speaks to you during the quest for the Mazed Band in Tribunal.

MrTS & Lord Gabryael's Voice Add-on Mods


Dagoth Gares Voice Add-on
Adds voice to Dagoth Gares, one of the faithful minions of Dagoth Ur.   His blessing to you will not only be felt, but heard as well.
Dagoth Ur Voice Add-on
Adds a voice to Dagoth Ur more worthy of an evil god.  Now you will be able to feel the evil power flow from every word that you hear Dagoth Ur say.
Vivec Voice Add-on - Tribunal
Allows Vivec to speak his dialogue!  Now you can hear the god Vivec speaks to you in his 'divine' voice.



P   Kieve's Beast Animation Replacer v4.2
Replaces all of the beast animations with smoother, more realistic ones.   Among the new anims: Kicking in combat, more interesting idle anims.

Oshiel's Animation Replacer Beta 2
Replaces most of the Player's third person animations with new anime/ninja influenced animations.
NOTE: This mod is a beta.

Game Bug Fixes
Fixes errors and bugs in the game

Game Fixes

Thepal’s Unofficial Morrowind Patch v1.6.3b
Fixes most of the bugs, spelling/grammar mistakes and other problems in Morrowind.   Without a doubt the most comprehensive bug-fix mod.
NOTE: This mod is very much a "work in progress".

Baldurdash’s Morrowind Text Patch v1.3
Corrects nearly 3,000 textual errors in the game.

Lurios' Bug Fixes
Corrects numerous dialog and quest bugs often overlooked.  Read the readme for a complete listing.

Teppo Lehtonen's Typo Fix
Fixes more than 160 dialogues and journal typos. Also fixes an infinite 'Continue' loop in the "law in Morrowind" topic.

Kobu's Daito & Stamina Fix
Replaces the references to 'dai-katana' with 'daito' (the correct Japanese usage) and renames the derived attribute 'Fatigue' to 'Stamina' and replaces all other incorrect references to 'fatigue'.

DinkumThinkum's Unarmored Corrector v1.0
A workaround for the Unarmored bug which makes the skill completely ineffective unless the character is wearing at least one piece of armor.  An invisible helm is automatically equipped when the PC is not wearing any armor, making the Unarmored skill work correctly.

Zennorious’ Month Bugfix v2.0
Changes the months’ days to be like in real life and it will make leap-years.  Adds the “missing” month Morning Star to the game.

Havokk’s Beds for rent v1.1
Adds previously missing rentable beds to the towns of Dagon Fel, Gnisis, Suran and Molag Mar and fixes one of the doors in the End of the World Inn in Dagon Fel.

Shiva7663’s Bug Fix01 v1.0
Fixes several minor ownership and dialog errors.  Fixes the shrineDagonFel script to correctly restrict participation in the Four Corners quest to high-ranking members of the Tribunal Temple faction.

Shiva7663’s Magic Effects Bug Fix (shvBugFix02)
Corrects the visual and sound effects for over 40 spells.  Fixes several description typos and school assignments mistakes.

Stewart's Ghostgate Shrine Fix
Fixes the Ghostgate Shrine script so that the shrine will take only one soul gem instead of taking one of every type of soul gem you have in your inventory.

Paktu's King's Oath Fix
Fixes the King's Oath sword so that it does fire damage to your enemy ..and not to you.

Alex Denman-Brice's Dren Balance
Reduces the 'uberness' of some of the items at the Dren plantation.

Mashin's Writ Bug Fix
Fixes the game's crime system so that the player's goods flagged as stolen goods are not automatically removed when handing in a Writ after a successful assassination.   Any additional bounties from kills not covered by the writ will still cause the items to be taken.

HitokiriOTD's Master Trainers Fix
Fixes several of the master trainers so that all master trainers will now train you.

Kicker's Secret Master Fix
Makes it so the Armorer Secret Master will now train you, and the Medium Armor Secret Master now exists.

Enmesharra’s Mournhold Sewer Fix
Fixes the Goblin Bucklers bug that causes game crashes when the player enters certain sections in the Mournhold sewers.

Nymeria’s Mages' Guild Fix
Fixes an error in Sadrith Mora Mages’ Guild, where the potions’ chest was not assigned to Tusamircil, the alchemist, but to another character.  It also adds a Supply Chest to the Caldera Mages’ Guild, where it was missing.

Puma Man’s Gnisis Guard Fix
Changes the guards in Gnisis so they are equipped with the proper swords in relation to their skills.

Srikandi’s Bloodmoon Ammo Fix
Fixes the problem with the Bloodmoon leveled item lists in which only a single arrow, bolt or thrown weapon was in them.  Increases this number to increments of 5, 10, 15, or 20.

Lurlock's Key Namer
Gives all the in-game keys names describing either where they're used or who owns them rather than the generic "Small Key", "Rusty Key", "Ancient Daedric Key", "Shiny Key", etc.  The Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and 3rd-party mod keys are unchanged.

*Lurlock's Arrow Damage Display*
Allows the player to kow how much damage the various different types of arrows and bolts actually do, by adding the damage in brackets after the name of each of the arrows and bolts in the game.

Glassboy's Glass Arrow fix
Changes the weight of glass arrows so that they weight less than steel arrows.

Quest Fixes

Nathan Strong's Morrowind Quest Fix v1.2.5
Fixes 21 Morrowind quests including the glitches that prevented the Player from becoming the Arch-Mage (Mage's Guild) and the Archmagister (Telvanni).

Max Nobody’s Quest Fixes
Fixes several of the quests: Sul-Senipul's Longbow Quest (Morrowind), Cloudcleaver (Morrowind), Museum Of Artifacts (Tribunal), Airship (Bloodmoon)

Max Nobody’s Tribunal Crimson Plague Quest Tweaker
Fixes the bug with the Crimson Plague quest, where you could not get the right dialog after killing the rats.

Stephane Geney's Ralen Hlaalo Quest Reward Fix
Eliminates the possiblity of getting an unlimited amount of 1000 gold rewards from Nileno Dorvayn for completing the Ralen Hlaalo murder quest.  The reward is only given once now.

Ciante's False Incarnate Fix
Fixes the bad journal entry for the Moon and Star portion of the False Incarnate Quest (Temple).

Emprint's Golena Sadri Hidden Player Fix
Fixes a scripting bug in the Golena Sadri quest (Tribunal) which in effect makes sneaking, Chameleon, and Invisibility useless against Sadri.  Now Sadri will no longer greet and attack a player she cannot see.

Robin's Master Aryon Fix
Fixes a bug in the Milyn Faram quest given by Master Aryon so that he gives you the scrolls he promises at the end of the quest.

Robin's Sadrith Haunting Fix
Fixes the Haunting in Sadrith Mora quest so that the dialoge topic about the haunting ends without the Player having to kill the person that caused it.

YrthWyndAndFyre's Dandras Fix
Fixes a scripting bug in the Dandras Quest (Tribunal) that only allowed you to kill the head of the Dark Brotherhood if you knocked the last 50 points of his life out in a single strike.  Failure to do so results in the game going into an infinite loop (it hangs, repeating that NPCs dialog over and over again forever).

Psychosavant's The Huleeya Fix
Fixes the problem of Huleeya not talking to you the way he should, and preventing you from going any further to becoming a grandmaster for the Morag Tong.

Wormlore's Uupse Fyr Bug Fix
Fixes the missing dialog option concernng the guar-skin drum you find and bring to Uupse in the Tel Fyr Corprusarium to "calm the inmates".

P   Monica21's Hasphat's Books v1.0
Adds the four books Hasphat Antabolis recommends you buy at the end of his first quest to Dorisa Darvel's shop.

Enmesharra’s Tribunal Quest Fix
Prevents the dialog/journal breaks if you did the Mazed Band Quest before the Journalist (The Common Tongue) Quest, causing you to miss certain important topics ('whom you may trust' and 'Plitinius Mero') when you are sent to talk Barenziah.

Raejak’s Devil Tanto Noncombat Fix
Fixes the Anareren's Devil Tanto quest so that the guard patrols the entire Mage’s Guild rather than stand by the entrance, thereby allowing the player to use stealth to steal the blade, rather than fight the guard for it.

Farlor's Colony Spriggan Fix
Fixes a bug in the East Empire quest where you have to kill the spriggans in the colony.  If you kill the spriggans in the wrong order and remove the corpses the quest will break and it will be impossible to complete.  This fixes that bug.

Display Bug Fixes

Lee Matthias' Female Ice Gauntlet Fix
Fixes the display bug that causes female characters wearing Ice armour gauntlets to have their arms appear invisible while in 1st person mode.

Random Name's Ring Texture Fix v1.0
Fixes the black ring textures to the colorful textures that Bethesda intended you to see.

Scruggs' Sinking Gondola Fix
Stops the 'sinking' gondolas in Vivec.

Enmesharra's Light the Way v1.1
Gives the transport NPCs torches or lanterns, so they dont just stand out there in the dark.  The Caravaners (Silt Strider) get torches, the Shipmasters and Gondoliers get lanterns (open torches on wooden boats aren't a good idea).

Lurlock's Left Gloves v1.0
Fixes the display bugs for several of the default Morrowind models.  Flips the icons and models of all left and right gloves, bracers, gauntlets, and pauldrons so that you can them apart.  No changes were made to the Tribunal or Bloodmoon models

Aedroth’s BM Wolf Greaves Fix
Fixes the “ass-backwards” wolf greaves that came with Bloodmoon.  They now fit the right way.

Sapphron’s Ebony Armor Fixes
Fixes the look of Ebony Armor, replacing the mismatched greenish texture of the Ebony pauldrons with the regular "Ebony" gold and black textures.   Adds a stock texture to the previously untextured groin of the Ebony greaves.

Dialogue Fixes

Glassboy’s Nerevarine Greeting Tweaks
Stops the Nerevarine greeting "e-e-excuse me sera...." from blocking all the other Nerevarine greetings from occurring so that you get the variety of Nerevarine responses that you were supposed to get.

Shiva7663’s Fast Eddie Fix
Fixes a dialog bug where Fast Eddie mistakenly doesn't do chores after the player becomes the Telvanni Archmagister.

Shiva7663’s Buoyant Class Fix
Corrects the Class information for the Buoyant Armigers so that they properly mention their faction and rank in dialog.

Game Improvements/Fixes
Fixing aspects of the game that bug most players

Baratheon 79’s Mournhold Teleportation Fix
Fixes teleportation between Mournhold and Ebonheart to be more companion friendly for those who have favorite companions they want to take with them to Mournhold.   Modifies the two NPCs who offer travel back and forth so they will now provide regular mage guild guide type transportation.

Case’s Fort Frostmoth Restoration
Restores Fort Frostmoth on Solstheim to its original glory when you complete the final mission of Bloodmoon's main quest rather than being left partially destroyed as it is in the original Bloodmoon.

Master Sam's Mournhold Plaza Fix v1.0
Restores Plaza Brindisi in Mournhold to its former glory when you complete the main Tribunal quest instead of leaving it ruined as it is in the original game.

Raptormeat’s No More 'Excuse Me, Nerevarine'
Makes dialog changes so that NPCs greet you with the “Excuse me, Nerevarine” line only the first time they meet you after you have completed the main quest.   After that their greetings become normal.

Noirgrim’s NPC Move Command
Ever been blocked by a NPC standing in front of a doorway for too long? A 'move' command will now be available in the topics list. If the NPC likes and respects you enough, they will move out of your way.

*Lurlock's Improved Followers v1.3*
Adjusts the scripting for several of the default Morrowind NPCs so that they will be less likely to get “lost” when following the player.  3rd party companion mod NPCs are not affected.

Lurlock's Intervention Plus
Adds Almsivi and Divine intervention destinations in places that were woefully lacking them before.

SeekerVI’s Solstheim Undialog
Makes dialog changes so that the topic of Solstheim only appears in the dialog of the NPCs in the western regions of Vvardenfell and the Imperial Legion rather than all over Vvardenfell.

ManaUser and Wrye's Less Lore v0.02
Adds "not local nolore" tests for a number of generic responses.   These changes will likely not be visible in the stock game, but will/should remove lore from nolored characters, particularly companions and Morrowind Comes Alive NPCs.    Removes generic responses that the user is likely to already know, or which is no longer relevant since the quest has been completed.

Hellwolve’s The Dark Brotherhood Attack v2.0
Dark Brotherhood attacks commence only after your character has gotten enough political influence to come to the attention of the king such as being named Hortator by at least one Great House.

Jintao’s Anti-Shock SFX Mod v2.0
Stops the 2X-volume bug (you hit Take All or move and drop an object too fast, it takes the sound effect it's supposed to play for that event and then does so twice, overlapping itself, thus creating a 2X-volume sound effect) and decreases the sound volume for certain combat events.

Fetus X’s Dark Brotherhood Assassins Fix
Changes the Dark Brotherhood assassins’ equipment to match their level and rank.

Puma Man’s Passive Healthy Wildlife v 2.0
Changes most of the non-diseased animals to passive state in which they do not attack unless attacked first or "bothered".

Magic Nakor’s Shimmer Reduction
Reduces the "seran-wrap" look that the original enchanted items come with to a nice shimmer.

Andoreth's Blue Dot Magic Icons v1.0
A simple tweak that changes the large "blue swirl" icon that denotes magic items with a small bright blue dot in the upper left corner.

TakeMeToYourLizard’s Fashionable Merchants v1.0
All merchants who buy armor will no longer equip it when they do so.   Changes the entries for merchant and enchanter NPCs, and makes very small (invisible) changes to the cells they inhabit.

Elspet's Merchant Unequip v1.0
Makes it so that the merchants that buy armor to no longer equip the armor that they buy.   No more smiths disguised as Dark Brotherhood assassins!   Does not apply to the merchants added to the game by Tribunal and Bloodmoon, as well as any third party mod.

Nedlum’s Improved Shrine Journal Entries
Fixes and improves the journal entries for each of the Temple shrines.

Unknown's No Greet
Changes the GMST value of iGreetDistanceMultiplier so that NPCs won't greet you anymore when you only walk by.

Claudekennilol's Index Fix
Renames the 10 propylon indexes so that they are easier to find in your inventory.

P   Glymfeather's Realistic Ashpits v2.0
Makes the ashpits a source for both Gravedust and Skulls. Be forewarned that the Temple priests and Ordinators "frown" upon the ashpits being disturbed.

Jaxalot's Hunt Cliff Racers to Extinction v2.0
Removes cliff racers from leveled lists after the player has killed two hundred of them, simulating their being hunted to extinction.

MadPauly's Tribunal Realistic Ingredient Weights
Alters the weights of various alchemical components from Tribunal to be more consistent with their Morrowind cousins.

Glassboy’s Combat Angle Adjustment
Reduces the angle of attack from a 60 degree arc in front of the player to a 30 degree arc, thus reducing the chance of hitting companions while engaged in combat.

Iainbazca’s Drug Acceptance v1.0
Stops refused services when you are carrying narcotics (moon sugar and skooma).

Kirel's Illegal Summoning v1.0
Makes it so that you can no longer stroll through town with a squad of summoned creatures and no one bats an eyelid.  Now guards will confront you if you have any summoned creatures and demand a fine - paying it or not is up to you.

P   Petrus Octavianus' Spell Fix v1.0
Sets all spells to not auto-calculate. This means that NPCs will cast only the spells that are in their spell inventory.  By default NPCs have access to all spells set to auto-calculate, which means they can cast any spell if they have enough magicka, regardless of their skills or class.  Now NPC will cast spells that make sense for their class and skills.

Tripweed’s Adamantium Fix

Changes Adamantium weapons so that they are not subject to the normal weapons penalty.

Dan's Weight Fix
Reduces the weight of many of the miscellaneous items.

P   Crustacean's Sadrith Mora Closed City v1.2
Makes Sadrith Mora an off-limits city to non-Telvanni, as it is frequently described in game.  You have to either join House Telvanni, or purchase Hospitality Papers from the Gateway Inn to enter the city.

Rob B.'s Lockpick & Probe Weight Fix v1.0
'Fixes' the weight of the picks and probes so that they are now below 1 unit of weight.

XmirroR’s Plain Paper Fix
Single sheets of paper no longer weigh more than scrolls, and as much as some complete books.  You are no longer forced to read plain page in Scroll context and then click on TAKE from the Scroll before it can be placed in your inventory.

Claudekennilol's Plain Paper Fix ckl v1.0
Makes it so the Player is not forced to "read" sheets of plain paper whenever it is picked up.  This version uses scripting rather than changing the plain paper's ID to bypass the forced "read".

Game Utilities
External programs that extend and/or enhance the game’s features

Morrowind Enhanced (MWE)
An external utility used by mods to do things that would normally be impossible using normal Morrowind scripting.  MWE itself is not a mod, but is a required component of others.  Morrowind Enhanced.exe must be run concurrently with Morrowind.

Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE)
Another external utility used by mods to do things that would normally be impossible using normal Morrowind scripting.  MWSE is a required component of some mods.  Like MWE, Morrowind Script Extender must be run concurrently with Morrowind.

Alexander Stasenko's Morrowind FPS Optimizer
An external program that improves Morrowind performance by adjusting its viewing options (View/AI Distance) to keep a desired FPS range (customizable for exteriors, indoors and combat).  Supports N-Patch (TruForm) and the Matrox Parhelia Surround Gaming System.

Horatio's Morrowind Leveled List Merger v1.12
This tool allows you to generate a "Master leveled list" plugin that combines the leveled lists from two or more mods.  Because the game will only recognize the leveled lists from the last mod loaded, this utility is essential when using two or more mods that alter the leveled lists.  Otherwise, you will lose the many of the desired modifications to these lists and to the mods you are using.

GhostWheel's TESTool
This utility allows you to manage your active mods by changing their load order and generating detailed conflict reports. In addition, it has several merge functions for creating Master Lists.

Wrye's Mash v0.78
Useful utility that manages your mods and saved games. Allows you to add and remove mods without getting doubling/deletion problems. Fixes most broken reference problems.

Mental Elf's TESFiles v3.04
An automated tool for tracking all files in a Morrowind Mod. Can be used for packaging or uninstalling a mod.
NOTE: requires Morrowind be patched to v1.6.1820 (Bloodmoon).

NFITC1's Alchemy Compendium v1.0
A program designed to quickly test ingredients and generate the resulting potion's effects  Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon ingredients are hard-coded into the program and the list can easily add in modified/new ingredients from custom mods.

Timeslip's Exe Optimizer v1.7
A CTD prevention tool, but will also give an fps boost if you have an intel processor.
NOTE: Requires .NET v1.1  Also for some users the application is extremely slow.  You may have to wait around 20 minutes in order for it to finish its processes.  The application DOES work, so please be patient.

P   Timeslip & others' MORROWIND GRAPHICS EXTENDER (MGE) v3.3.2
Enhances your game by allowing a greater number of graphic, sound, and input options, including the option to enable 'Infinite View Distance'.  It also interfaces with MWSE to make even more functions available.
NOTE: Requires NET 2.0 and can be used with FPS Optimizer.

Empirical Morrowind’s Mod Wish List
Mod Project Ideas/Suggestions for the Community to make come true

NOTE: Presented here are ideas and working titles open to the community to explore and develop. Some may not be possible due to scripting limitations or the limits of the game engine itself. That's perhaps why they are currently only "wish" mods. One can dream, though.

Realistic Swimming (RS)

One of the major 'failings' of Morrowind is the ability of players to be able to go swimming while wearing a full suit of Daedric armor and/or while carrying a horde of weapons and other items. RS would impose a weight penalty (burden curse?) for players entering the water, thereby limited what they could carry while swimming. This would force players to strip down to an unarmored state (or light armor) and carry a minimum of weapons. Just like in real life. RS needs to incorporate one or more of the companion or pack animal mods (for inventory sharing). Also RS should force the Player to use spears or short blades in water by modifying the weapon skills. In real life slashing and chopping weapons would be useless underwater. Using a orcish warhammer on a dreugh underwater would, and should, be useless.

Note: Yacoby has fulfilled this "wish" here

Realistic Potions (RP)

Magical potions should be small vials, not the quart-size bottles as they appear now in the game. RP would simply resize the current potion meshes to appear smaller in the game and reflect a more realistic appearance.

Realistic Inventory (RI)

Another 'failing' of the game is the ability for players to be able to magically pull a seemingly endless supply of rings, potions and arrows, along with a couple of shields and half a dozen swords out of one's 'pockets'. In real life, one would find it really hard doing battle carrying more than the armor on one's back, with maybe an extra long sword or shield slung on his/her back. Maybe a dagger or two in the belt and perhaps a couple pouches of rings and other small items. There several RPGs in which the player is limited in what he can carry. For example, in Diablo one has a grid that one fills up with items and once full you can't carry anything more. Any backpacker can tell you that weight alone doesn't determine what you can carry. How much space an item occupies and how it has to be carried also determines what you take with you and what you leave behind. None of this is accounted for in the game, and has been one of its most glaring weaknesses.
RI would limit what the player is able to carry by assigning "space" to two areas of the player's character (the back and the belt) and would use the features of one of the portable container mods. On the back the player would be able to carry a backpack, a quiver or bedroll (for CM or NoM users) and either a shield or a single 'long' weapon (in a sheath). For the belt area the player would be allowed to carry up to two daggers or tantos, a sheath for a long or short sword, and two pouches. The backpack, pouches, sheath and quivers would be portable containers that would be limited by the number and type of items they would be able to hold rather than their weight. Pouches would be limited to a finite number of rings, amulets, gold pieces, gems and other small ingredients (potions? Which cries out for RP to be made). For example, a hundred pieces of gold should be the limit for a pouch. The quivers would carry only arrows and bolts and would be limited to 36 arrows and/or bolts. For throwing knives and stars there would be 'bandoliers' that would be worn instead of the quivers, up to two, with a limit of 12 stars and/or knives for each. The sheaths would of course hold only one blade and players would be limited to carry three swords at any one time (one in his/her hands which couldn't be sheathed). The backpack could carry the equivalent of whole full suit of armor or that of dozen pouches or a finite number of other items. Items prohibited in the backpack would be all 'long' weapons and shields. Players would still be limited to the amount of weight they could carry as it is currently in the game.
Needless to say, limiting the available inventory for players would radically alter their playing style and force them to make tactical decisions on what to carry with them into a tomb or dungeon, and limit what they could carry out. Both the Bank mod and the companion or pack animal mods would be essential mods to use with this one.

Note: given that no one in the community has addressed this issue before it may be that the scripting is a tad on the complex side of things.

Blood Feud (BF)

Currently players can wield their weapons with little regard for who they strike down. BF would introduce penalties for killing members of factions and guilds. Whenever the player kills a member of a faction or guild there would be a random chance that a blood feud would be declared against the player. It doesn't matter if the player acted in self-defense or not, there still is the chance a blood feud will be called (though there is less of chance for self-defense). Factions like Morag Tong, Camonna Tong and the Thieves Guild would be more likely to call a blood feud. The Imperial Legion or Knights would have a near certain chance of declaring a blood feud if the player killed one of their own.
The player would then face either a single assassin or team of assassins sent to "even the score". Of course, killing the assassin(s) sent to dispose of the player could generate another blood feud. There would also be the chance that the entire faction/guild would declare the player an enemy and its members would attack the player on sight until either the player is killed, or he/she makes amends to the faction/guild, and the blood feud is declared at an end. Only leaders of factions/guilds can call to the end of a blood feud. A truce would have to be declared and arranged through an intermediator (perhaps Temple representatives?) in order for the player to meet with a representative of the faction/guild and discuss how to make amends (quests?).

Tough Justice, Hard Time (TJHT)

A realistic criminal justice system would be introduced into the game and a feature from Daggerfall would return: trials. Committing crimes would now have serious penalties. Guards would now be armed with maces with paralyze spells and the player would have the same option of surrendering or fighting to the death. Players, however, would not be able to pay fines to the guards, although they could attempt to bribe the guards to gain their freedom. Failure at bribery would add to the charges against the player. Once arrested the player is sent before the constable in the local jail. TJHT would introduce new jails in the cities and villages, two new Imperial forts on Vvardenfell's east coast and the dreaded Blackmoth Prison (think somewhere in the Molag Amur would be fitting). Players arrested on petty theft, bribery or assault charges would be allowed to pay their fines and served their time in the local jail. Jail sentences would be automatic, and players would be sent to a jail cell for the allotted time. Player's magic skills and inventory would be disabled while under arrest. Players would have the option of attempting a jail break. Failure adds to the player's sentence. Success means that the player is now an outlaw and subject to immediate arrest by the Guards.
Players charged with murder (3rd, 2nd or 1st degree) or grand larceny would be transferred to the nearest Imperial fort or to Blackmoth Prison itself. There the player would be arraigned and given the option of having an advocate (lawyer) argue his case for him or defend himself. The trial would occur in a special courtroom cell before a panel of three judges and the player would have two options before these judges: plead guilty or plead innocent. If pleading guilty player would have the option (with random success) of pleading to a lesser count. Use of the advocate increases the likelihood of the player being able to negotiate his sentence. Advocates would be generate via the leveled list like in MCA. Some advocates will be highly skilled, others mediocre at best. Player's Personality and Speechcraft skill level would determine whether he argues his case for himself, or uses the services of an advocate. If the player pleads innocent, a trial occurs (possible use of Dialog generated random events here). Outcome of the trial is random with the player's luck also playing a factor. Players will be unable to access their inventory or use their magically skills while under trial. If found guilty Player is send to Blackmoth Prison to serve his/her time. Sentences would range from 180 days in prison to death. Killing an Imperial or Royal Guard or an Ordinator recieves an automatic death sentence if found guilty. Players sentence to death would be sent to the courtyard of Blackmoth Prison and would stand on the scaffolds next to an executioner wielding a double-bladed axe (player's health would be reduced to one and all player controls would be disabled). Player would be given the option of saying any last words before the death sentence is carried out.
Mods to be incorporated into TJHT would be Advanced Save System (to prevent players from doing quick saves before commissioning their crimes), Less Annoying Guards, and Advanced Guards. Other ideas for this mod would be to make disposing of the bodies of the player's victims a necessity as their 'discovery' could generate an arrest warrant for the player. The longer that a body lies around; the greater the chance of 'discovery'. Disposing of a body in the cities or inhabited areas would generate a random chance of discovery and an automatic arrest warrant. Another idea is for undetected player thefts to generate random 'discoveries' and arrest warrants.

Imperial Narcs (IN)

Moon Sugar and Skooma are supposed to be illegal in the game. Yet a player can walk around and deal great quantities of the drugs with little or not consequence, other than the occasional refused services. That in itself is ridiculous as how would a merchant know you were carrying say Moon Sugar unless you attempted to sell it? Iainbazca's Drug Acceptance addresses that issue, but creates another issue. If you attempt to sell Moon Sugar or Skooma to a merchant that doesn't accept Moon Sugar (and could be outraged that you attempted to sell it) nothing happens other than "I'm sorry, I don't want any trouble." Imperial Narcs would bring consequences to walking around with drugs on you as well as attempting to unload your stash on strangers. Special guards, called the Imperial Narcotics Police (INP) would appear from time to time in the cities and villages (and perhaps out on patrol in the wilderness), and using forced greeting would subject the player to a random "strip search" using a "GetItem" command in the dialogue. If the player is carrying any narcotics he would be declared a criminal and subject to arrest. When dealing with merchants the player would have to be careful who he attempts to sell his/her stash to. Drug Acceptance would be incorporated into IN and merchants would be given a special disposition toward drugs. Some will gladly take the drugs, others will immediately report the player to the authorities, and thus subject the player to arrest on sight by any guard. Even asking around about which merchants accept Moon Sugar and Skooma could land the player in trouble. Of course, members of the Thieves Guild and other underworld factions would be safe to ask. Going to the known and trusted dealer to unload you stash would not be risk free. There would be the occasional drug raid with teams of INP showing up. "Arrest everyone and ask questions later" is their motto. If the player is not carrying any narcotics then he is released. If not, he is arrested or fights the guards to escape. IN could be an add-on for Tough Justice, Hard Time.

The I.R.S. (Imperial Revenue Service)

Property taxes would be introduced into the game. I.R.S. would, of course, incorporate the Bank mod or vise versa. Setting up residency in a house or manor that you have stolen or "squatted" would now be costly. Imperial tax collectors (teams of two or three very high level guards) would from time to time inspect dwellings and demand proof of ownership. If you don't have the deed you will be declared a criminal and attacked. You will have to pay fines and/or go to jail to clear your name. If you are the rightful owner you will be required to prove that you have paid your property taxes (1% of the home's value every six months). If you have not paid the amount require you will be given ten days to do so, and will be declared a criminal and your home seized if you do not. Property taxes would be paid to the bank branch managers or the commanders of the Imperial forts.
Taking over caves, ruins and other hideaways would be less dangerous, but you would encounter rogues, thieves, Sixth House members, and assorted creatures looking to set up residency as well (using the leveled lists). And then there would be the occasional Imperial Legion patrol who might mistake you for a criminal. This would give players the incentive to legally buy their homes and not to lose their home's deed to say the least!

Lock the Doors and Post the Guards (LDPG)

One of the unrealistic features of the game is that the Player can acquire a vast treasure trove of goods and leave it essentially unguarded in a world whether the Thieves Guild exists. LDPG would require that the Player lock his doors when he leaves, or come back and find his nice comfortable home ransacked. But even locking the doors is no guarantee that an enterprising thief wouldn't break in. The level of the lock and if it was trapped would factor into the odds of a break-in as well as the Player's reputation and faction/guild membership. To further insure against thefts the Player would have to station guards to protect his hard-earned treasure. Again a single guard would not be total insurance against theft. More guards equal less possibilities for a thief as would locked and trapped containers. LDPG could also have a feature that would allow the Player to track down the thief or thieves, recover his goods and deal out justice.


Recently Added / Updated Mods

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Books          Cortex    Scripted Spells
Bottle Replacer                Vampire Embrace
Bottle Rotate          Craig Stewart    Ghostgate Shrine Fix
Bribery          CrazyBoy    Dwemer Ruins Fix
Broken Drum, The          Crustacean    Sadrith Mora Closed City
Bug Fix01          Cutthroat Mods    Minor Quests
Bug Fixes                Partners
Buoyant Class Fix                Races and Classes
             Cyrano    Traveling Merchants
Cattle Fix          D
Character Development          Daduke    Key Replacer
Character Maker                Rings and Amulets
Charge          Dan    Weight Fix
Chargen at Night          DrkAngl66    Illuminated Windows
CharGen Revamped          Darkflame    Hardcore Factions
Chargen Vampire Birthsigns          Dark Lord Sigma    Vampire Blood
Chargen Werewolf          Demosthenes    Wooden Fort - Raven Rock
Children in Vvardenfel          Dimitri Mazieres    Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer
Clear Glass Equipment          DinkumThinkum    Unarmored Corrector
Clear Ice Equipment          Dok Enkephalin    Friends and Rivals
Cloth Bracer          Dracandros    Archcanon's Voice
Colony Spriggan Fix                Hortator's Voice
Combat Angle Adjustment                Voice
Combat Enhanced          DragoonWraith    Assassination
Combat Moves          Druids    Genetics
Complete Doors and Locks          Duncan    Atmospheric Sound Effects
Complete Morrowind                Falling Down
Creature Pack                Sleep or Suffer
Cursed Items, Improved          E
             Edgewood Dirk    Halberd Revamp
D          Elspet    Merchant Unequip
Dagoth Gares Voice Add-on          Emma    Children in Vvardenfell
Dagoth Ur Voice Add-on                Your Morrowind Family
Daito & Stamina Fix          Emprint    Golena Sadri Hidden Player Fix
Dandras Bug Fix          Endrek    Gladiator
Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer                Sixth House
Dark Brotherhood Assassins Fix                Weather Effects
Dark Brotherhood Attack, The          Enmesharra    Light the Way
Death                Mournhold Sewer Fix
Devil Tanto Noncombat Fix                Tribunal Quest Fix
Diamondback Kagouti          Eric    Better Vaults
Disturb the Dead          Eternalsteelfan    Werewolf Lairs
Dodge          Euthanasiologist    Weapon Fix
Dreamers Awakened          Evermoon    Alternative Beginnings
Dremora Archer          Evilgreebo    Bathmod
Dren Balance            
Drug Acceptance          F
Drug Realism          Fallen    Better Solstheim Creatures
Dulsya Isle          Farlor    Colony Spriggan Fix
Dwemer Loot          Faylynn    Signs
Dwemer Ruins Fix          Felix    Bloodmoon Extras
                   Tribunal Integration
E                Voice and Greetings
Ebony Armor Fixes          Fetus X    Dark Brotherhood Assassins Fix
Economy Adjuster           Fliggerty    Gravedigger
Economy fix - Item Lists                Vvardenfell Druglord
Economy: Merchants and Taxes          Franzhauer    Textured Signs
Elders of Vvardenfell          Fredrik Edberg    Spell Target Speed
Elders of Vvardenfell MCA add-on          Fukuro    Mana Regen
Enchanted Renaissance            
Endless Adventure: Primal          G
Enemy Hand to Hand Damage          Galsiah    Character Development
Enhanced Signs & Banners          GhanBuriGhan    Combat Moves
Enhanced Stealth                The Regulars - Sitting NPCs
Erengard Mines                Traveling Merchants
Ex-Slaves & Partners                The Vertical Limit - Climbing
Expanded Sounds           Ghostwalker71    Slavers
Extended Spell Effects          Glassboy    Combat Angle Adjustment
                   Glass Arrow fix
F                Nerevarine Greeting Tweaks
Fall Damage                No CharGen Message Boxes
Falling Down                Nudity Greeting
False Incarnate Fix                Persuasion Response
Farmer Mod, The                Unique Birthsigns
Fashionable Merchants          Glymfeather    Realistic Ashpits
Fast Break          Gman21    CharGen Revamp
Fast Eddie Fix          Granarinth    Tribunal Fix
Faster Walk          Graphite    Erengard Mines
Fatigue Effects            
Fatigue Effects (sounds)          H  
Female Ice Gaunlet Fix          Halo    MWE- Armor Effects
Fire Hurt                MWE Sneak Eye
Flask Replacer          Havokk    Beds for rent
Fort Frostmoth Restoration          Helios    Assassins Armory
Freelancer                GIANTS Ultimate Patch
Friends and Rivals          Helios & Wyre    Living Cities of Vvardenfell
             Hellwolve    The Dark Brotherhood Attack
G          Hendalf    Gold
Game Improvements          HitokiriOTD    Master Trainer Fix
Gauntlets, Bracers and Pauldrons          Hitto    Air Attack
Genetics                 Backstab
Get Diseases                Books
Ghostgate Shrine Fix                Charge
GIANTS Creature Removers                Subtitles
GIANTS Ultimate          Horatio    NPC Enhanced
GIANTS Ultimate (no monsters in cities)          HotFusion    Dreamers Awakened
GIANTS Ultimate Patch                Economy Adjuster
Give Us Your Orders                Magicka Based Skill Progression
Gladiator                Sim Manor
Glass Arrow Fix                State-Based Hit Points
Gnaar Mok          Hyzmarca    Traps
Gnisis Guard Fix            
Goldweight          I  
Gold          Iainbazca    Drug Acceptance
Golena Sadri Hidden Player Fix          Illtempered    Arena
Gravedigger          Indestructible    Armorer
Guard Expander                Bank
Guide to Replacer          Infectious Moon    Soul Gems
             Iridox    Dulsya Isle
H          Ivza    Blight Bounties
Halberd Revamp                Haunted Tombs
Hard Patch 2004            
Harcore Factions          J
Hasphat's Books          Jaxalot    Artifact Level Requirements
Haunted Tombs                Hunt Cliff Racers to Extinction
Healers                Vampire Realism
Hla Oad          Jeremy    Knights of Tamriel
Homeopathic Alchemy          Jesus Freak    Realistic Training - Combat
Hortator's Voice          Jilin    Smith Apprentice
Hostile Attackers          Jimbob 11    Jiub Companion
How are you?           Jintao    Anti-Shock SFX Mod
Huleeya Fix, The          JL Polson    Diamondback Kagouti
Hunger Mod          Jman0warS and ManaUser    Privateer's Hold
Hungers          Jog    Enhanced Stealth
Hunt Cliff Racers to Extinction          Josh    The Farmer Mod
I          K  
Illegal Summoning          Kal Choedan    Vampiric Levitation Fix
Illuminated Windows          Kazeiru Nannoki    Advanced Save System
Illustrated Book of Alchemy           Kekvit Irae    Paths of Life
Imperial Leader          Khan Raider    Weapons Collection
Improved Cursed Items          Kieve    Beast Animation Replacer
Improved Followers          Kicker
   Secret Master Fix
Improved Inns          Kirel    Fast Break
Improved Shrine Journal Entries                How are you?
Improved Skilled Magicka                 Illegal Summoning
Improved Teleportation                Interior Weather
Indarys Manor                Sneak Attack
Index Fix           Kobu    Daito & Stamina Fix
Infernal Summoning          Koop    Blunt Weapon Tweak
Interior Daylight          L  
Interior Weather          Lancelot    Hard Patch 2004
Intervention Plus          Lap    Infernal Summoning
             LDone    Armor Effects
J                Armor Effects - Armor Balance Companion
Javelins and Throwing Axes                Dodge
Jiub Companion                Thief Experience Overhaul
Journal Enhanced          Lee Matthias    Female Ice Gauntlet Fix
             Leon 'pancreas' Medado    Fatigue Effects (sounds)
K                Light Sounds
Key Renamer                Morrowind Sound Enhancement
Key Replacer          Less Generic NPCs Project    Ald Vethohi
Khuul                Ald'ruhn
King's Oath Fix                Gnaar Mok
Knights of Tamriel                Hla Oad
                   Indarys Manor
L                Khuul
Left Gloves                Maar Gan
Less Annoying Guards                PAX Redoran
Less Lore                Pelgiad
LichCraft                Secret Masters
Light Based Sneaking                Seyda Neen
Light Based Sneaking Add-on                Vivec - Foreign Quarter
Light Sounds                Tel Mora
Light the Way                 Vivec - Redoran Compound
Lights 300          Lochnarus    Meaner CharGen
Living Cities of Vvardenfell                Silt Striders are in Vvardenfell
Lockpick & Probe Weight Fix          Lucypher    Magic Sound Effects Replacement
Longboat Replacer          Lurios    Bug Fixes
             Lurlock    Arrow Damage Display
M                Improved Followers
Maar Gan                Intervention Plus
Mages' Guild Fix                Key Renamer
Magicka Based Skill Progression                Left Gloves
Magicka Based Spell Advancement (MWE)                Morag Tong Writ Fix
Magic Effects Bug Fix (shvBugFix02)            
Magic Sound Effect Replacement          M  
Mana Regen          M6n6M6    Weapon Range Balance
Marksman Enhanced v1.2          Maboroshi Daikon & others    Book Rotate
Master Aryon Fix                Bottle Rotate
Master Trainers Fix                Weapon Rotate
MCA CM Armory Add-on           Mad DJ    New Fire Damage Effect
MCA Knights of Tamriel          MadPauly    Tribunal Realistic Ingredient Weights
MCA Lore Correct Names           Magic Nakor    Bloated Morrowind
Meaner CharGen                Shimmer Reduction
Melee Missiles          Mal'isirion    Realistic & Expansion Weather mod
Merchant Unequip          ManaUser & Wrye    Less Lore
Meteors          Marbred    Chargen Vampire Birthsigns
Mining                Chargen Werewolf
Minor Quests                MCA CM Armory Add-on
Miscellaneous Items Replacer                MCA Knights of Tamriel Add-on
Missing Bounds, The          Marbred & Max Nobody    Death
Month Bugfix          Mark Hamilton    Randomized Stats
Moon Sugar Enhancement          Mashin    Writ Bug Fix
Morag Tong Writ Fix          Master Sam    Mournhold Plaza Fix
Morrowind Advanced          Max Nobody    Complete Morrowind
Morrowind Bandits Unlocked                Quest Fixes
Morrowind Cities Unlocked                Tribunal Crimson Plague Quest Tweaker
Morrowind Comes Alive          Mephisto    Creature Pack
Morrowind Complete Full w/ Hunger Mod                Rogues
Morrowind Crafting          Millinghordesman    Clear Glass Equipment
Morrowind Economy/Trade Fix                Clear Ice Equipment
Morrowind Inhabitants: Pickpockets!           Misty Moon    Enhanced Signs & Banners
Morrowind Quest Fix                Javelins and Throwing Axes
Morrowind Sound Enhancement          Mod Man    Hunger Mod
Morrowind Text Patch                WindowLights Full
Mournhold Plaza Fix          Monica21    Hasphat's Books
Mournhold Sewer Fix                Shield Placer
Mournhold Teleportation Fix          MP*Canus    Improved Blizzard Sound Effect
Multiple Summoning Spells           MrTS & Lord Gabryael    Dagoth Gares Voice Add-on
MWE_ArmorEffects                Dagoth Ur Voice Add-on
MWE Gold Burden                Vivec Voice Add-on - Tribunal
MWE Sneak Eye            
MWE Telekinesis          N  
             Nathan Strong    Morrowind Quest Fix
N          Nedlum    Improved Shrine Journal Entries
Necessities of Morrowind          Nemon    Vvardenfell Co-operation
Nerevar Say Nerevar          Neoptolemus    Improved Cursed Items
Nerevarine Greeting Tweaks                Morrowind Comes Alive
New Fire Damage Effect                Unboarable Rieklings
NF Signs Replacer                Undead, The
No CharGen Message Boxes          Nevena    Assistants & Apprentices
No Greet                Ex-Slaves & Partners
No More 'Excuse Me, Nerevarine'                Twin Lamps & Slave Hunters
No thieving start          Nickels    Moon Sugar Enhancement v0.5
Non-profit Alchemy          Nigedo    Authentic Signs: Inns and Taverns
NPC Enhanced          Nimrod Flamehair    The Broken Drum
NPC Gnisis          Noirgrim    NPC Move Command
NPC Move Command                Weather Based Sneaking
Nudity Greeting Expansion          Notelaers    Unique Banners and Signs
             Nymeria    Faster Walk
P                Mages' Guild Fix
Paper Retexture          O  
Partners          Oh-Dee    Turn Undead Fix
Partners Travel          Oshiel    Animation Replacer
Passive Healthy Wildlife          OSPA    NPC Gnisis
Paths of Life          P
PAX Redoran          P. Vaira    Unleveled Creatures
PC Clothier - Balmora          Paktu    King's Oath Fix
PC Smithy - Ebonheart          Pehoh    GIANTS Ultimate (no monsters in cities)
Pelgiad          Petrus Octavianus    Spell Fix
Persuasion response          PirateLord    Creatures
Plain Paper Fix                Expanded Sounds
Plain Paper Fix ckl                Improved Skilled Magicka
Playable Classes                Morrowind Economy/Trade Fix
Price Adjustments                Price Adjustments
Primary Needs          Poodemon    Dwemer Loot
Prison Ship Escape, The          Pseudopath    Vampire Hunger III
Privateer's Hold           Psychosavant    The Huleeya Fix
Pursuit Enhanced           Puma Man    Advanced Guards
                   GIANTS Creature Removers
Q                GIANTS Ultimate
Quest Fixes                Gnisis Guard Fix
                   Passive Healthy Wildlife
R                Wilderness
Races and Classes                Wilderness Sounds
Racer's Roost             
Ralen Hlaalo Quest Reward Fix          Q  
Randomized Stats          Qarl    Bones
Realistic Ashpits                Bottle Replacer
Realistic & Expansion Weather mod                Flask Replacer
Realistic Training - Combat                Miscellaneous Items Replacer
Red Eyed Skeletons            
Regionally Known Criminals           R  
Regulars - Sitting NPCs, The          Raejak    Devil Tanto Noncombat Fix
Reign of Fire: The Attack of the Dragons                Healers
Resurrection          Razhkul    Reign of Fire: The attack of the dragons
Rings and Amulets          Random Name    Ring Texture Fix
Ring Texture Fix          Raptormeat    No More 'Excuse Me, Nerevarine'
Rogues          Raveren    Rotate Enhanced
Role-playing Classes, Stealth Pack          Rob B.    Alternate Enchanted Item Icons
Rotate Enhanced                Lockpick & Probe Weight Fix
Rotations          Robin    Master Aryon Fix
                   Sadrith Haunting Fix
S          RR_Raptor65    Wild Durzogs
Sadrith Haunting Fix            
Sadrith Mora Closed City          S  
Scent of Blood          Sal Maker    Animal Realism
Scripted Spells          Sapphron    Ebony Armor Fixes
Scroll Upgrade                Steel Broadsword Fix
Secret Masters          Schwaa    Scroll Upgrade
Secret Master Fix          Scifiguy52    Gauntlets, Bracers and Pauldrons
Service Requirements                Rotations
Seyda Neen          Scruggs    Melee Missiles
Shield Placer                Morrowind Inhabitants: Pickpockets!
Shimmer Reduction                Sinking Gondola Fix
Signs          Sean    Apologies
Silt Striders are in Vvardenfell          SeekerVI    Almalexia Undialog
Sim Manor                Solstheim Undialog
Sinking Gondola Fix          Sendai45    Blight Infections
Sixth House          Sensei    TLM - The Lighting Mod
Sixth House Advanced          Sgaileach    Illustrated Book of Alchemy
Skeleton Necromancer          Shaminar the Dragon    Vampire Quest Repair
Slave Mod          Shanjaq    Alchemical Warfare
Slavers                Meteors
Sleep or Suffer          Shiva7663    Bug Fix01
Smith Apprentice                Buoyant Class Fix
Sneak Attack                 Fast Eddie Fix
Solstheim Undialog                Magic Effects Bug Fix (shvBugFix02)
Soul Gems          Shoujo    Wound Effects & Penalties
Soul Summon          SiNNeR    Armingers at Ghostgate
Soultrapping                Sixth House Advanced
Spell Fix                Unskilled Books
Spell Target Speed          Sir Luthor    Tools
State-Based Hit Points          Sisco    Fire Hurt
Steel Broadsword Fix          Skydiver    Almalexia Voice Add-on
Strip For Me                Barilzar Voice Add-on
Subtitles          Skyfire76    NF Signs Replacer
Swimming Realism          Slategrey    Apprentice Scrolls & Mystic Quills
             Snakejawz    Get Diseases
T          Soar182    Red Eyed Skeletons
Tel Mora          Sosthenes    Fall Damage
Temperature           Spawnos    Partners Travel
Textured Signs          Spiney    Strip For Me
Thief Experience Overhaul          Spuzzum    Interior Daylight
TLM - The Lighting Mod          Srikandi    Bloodmoon Ammo Fix
Tombs Expanded                Homeopathic Alchemy
Tools          Stalker    Guide to Replacer
Traders 300          Stephane Geney    Ralen Hlaalo Quest Reward Fix
Traps          Stromgarde    Morrowind Advanced
Traveling Merchants          Super 17    Paper
Traveling Merchants v2.0            
Tribunal & Bloodmoon Ingredients          T  
Tribunal Crimson Plague Quest Tweaker          Taddeus    Improved Inns
Tribunal Fix          Taddeus & Nymeria    Necessities of Morrowind
Tribunal Integration          Taffer    Better Books
Tribunal Quest Fix          TakeMeToYourLizard    Fashionable Merchants
Tribunal Realistic Ingredient Weights          Talonhoff    Extended Spell Effects
True Gems                Multiple Summoning Spells
Turn Undead Fix                Skeleton Necromancer
Twin Lamps & Slave Hunters          Tarnsman    BEER!
Typo Fix                Elders of Vvardenfell
                   Elders of Vvardenfell MCA add-on
U                Hungers
Unarmored Corrector                No thieving start
Unboarable Rieklings                Vivec Canton Signs
Undead, The          Tejón    Fatigue Effects
Unique Banners and Signs          Tenaka    The Prison Ship Escape
Unique Birthsigns          Teppo Lehtonen    Typo Fix
Unleveled Creatures          Texture Freak    Longboat Replacer
Unofficial Morrowind Patch          The DopeHatMan    Inscription
Unskilled Books          TheLys    Blood and Gore
Uupse Fyr Bug Fix                Give Us Your Orders
             TheLys & others    Complete Doors and Locks
V          The Mad God    Assassins Armory - Unofficial Patch
Vampire Blood          Thepal    Unofficial Morrowind Patch
Vampire Doors Bugfix          Toccatta & Drac    Morrowind Crafting
Vampire Dream Reduction          Tomas    Freelancer
Vampire Embrace          Tonto    MWE Gold Burden
Vampire Hunger III                MWE Telekinesis
Vampire Quest Fix          Torgulf    Soultrapping
Vampire Realism          TrevorDemented    Hostile Attackers
Vampiric Illusion          Tripweed    Adamantium fix
Vampiric Levitation Fix            
Vampiric Regeneration           U
VE Companion Control           Unknown    No Greet
Vertical Limit - Climbing, The            
Vivec Canton Signs          V
Vivec - Foreign Quarter           Vanhike    Light Based Sneaking
Vivec - Redoran Compound                 Light Based Sneaking Add-on
Vivec Voice Add-on - Tribunal                Service Requirements
Voice          Veet    The Missing Bounds, The
Voice and Greetings          VenomByte    Economy fix - Item Lists
Vvardenfell Co-operation                Goldweight
Vvanderfell Druglord                LichCraft
W          W
Water Life          Wakim    Game Improvements
Wayfarer's Rest          WC Picker    Imperial Leader
Weapons Collection          Wegtam    Resurrection
Weapon Fix          WeTWareV7    Beasts of Burden: Necromancer
Weapon Range Balance          Wormlore    Uupse Fyr Bug Fix
Weapon Rotate          Wyre    Patches
Weather Based Sneaking            
Weather Effects          X
Weight Fix          XmirroR    Plain Paper Fix
Werewolf Lairs          Xeth-Ban    Chargen at Night
Where are the Birds Going?             
Wild Durzogs          Y
Wilderness          Yacoby    Drug Realism
Wilderness Sounds                Pursuit Enhanced
WindowLights Full                Swimming Realism
Wooden Fort - Raven Rock                Vampire Doors Bugfix
Wound Effects & Penalties          YrthWyndAndFyre    Dandras Bug Fix
Writ Bug Fix            
Writing Enhanced          Z
             Zappara    Disturb the Dead
Y                Tombs Expanded
Your Morrowind Family                 Temperature
             Zennorious    Month Bugfix
                   Vampire Hunger III
             Zerocyde    Character Maker
                   Alternative Start: Delayed Orders

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