Treasure Mods

Updated September 22, 2006

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This is a list of mods that add " . . . bars of gold, silver, shiny goblets and cutlery, giant diamonds and other precious stones, more jewellery, ornaments, etc." The words are Lord Domino's, whose useful and now missing Treasure Mods, Are there any? thread and Sorceress_Zahra's informative reply were the basis of this list. The toys n'trinkets just crept in. As many treasure items are added via levelled lists, there is some overlap with other lists: see also harborgolfer's excellent Levelled Loot Lists, Mods that expand them thread. And the list of Pirate Mods for suitable treasure hunting garb and the like. Please carefully review these Cautions if you are new to mod use or using this list for the first time.



    Lord Domino and Sorceress_Zahra for the original list. APY, Alexxx, Arkngt, Beardo, bjam, Bryss Phoenix, Dragon32, etherealemblem, HeyYou, KorJax, Larissa Mem, lochnarus, Lyssia, Monica 21, Nadiene, OldeCow69, redwoodtreesprite, Speaker_for_the_Dead, Starcon5, Telesphoros and Rogue_Shadow for help, direct and indirect, and encouragement with this version. And always: Bethesda, the many magnificent Morrowind mod and model makers, and the sites that host their creations, the three Great Houses.

Mythic Mods  >>   Theme Mod Lists  >>   Treasure Mods  |     |   Mod Forum